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Working With The Powerful Mercury Energy (Witchcraft Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

As you might know, each planet has its own distinct energy which is able to affect our life. This energy can be harnessed to enhance our witchcraft! But how do you work with this energy? Today I am going to share with you all you need to know about Mercury and how to work with its energy!


Mercury is associated with communication, intellect, and adaptability. It’s represented by the element air and the color yellow. Its planetary hours are Wednesday

Mercury’s energy influences our thought processes, enhancing our mental agility and communication skills. It promotes quick thinking, sharp wit, and the ability to adapt to changing situations.

To harness Mercury’s energy for spiritual growth, engage in activities that stimulate the mind, such as meditation, journaling, or studying. Create a dedicated sacred space with yellow or mercurial symbols to amplify its energy. Seek balance and clarity in your thoughts and intentions.

Work with Mercury energy through spells and rituals aimed at enhancing communication, divination, or manifesting their desires. Mercury’s planetary hour on Wednesday is especially auspicious for spellwork.


Mercury has always been associated with communication due to its connection to the messenger of the Gods but in order to communicate you need to first listen. The vocal cords only work by imitating that which we hear.

This fact is also true on a subtle level, after all, Mercury was the messenger of the Gods and not of men. And how do you receive divine messages? In silence and meditation, because in this way it is possible to listen!

Correspondences of Mercury

Zodiac SignGemini, Virgo
Day of the WeekWednesday
ColorsYellow, silver, gray
SymbolsCaduceus, winged helmet, winged sandals
HerbsLavender, peppermint, fennel, caraway
CrystalsCitrine, clear quartz, agate, fluorite
Tarot CardThe Magician
Planetary HourMercury planetary hour on Wednesday

How Mercury energy affects us?

Mercury allows us to receive Divine messages and stimulates the ability to communicate them. In a broader sense, Mercury helps us to transmit energy-information from one entity to another and is primarily ascension energy that uplifts us. When used correctly, it can activate processes of interchange and relationship with the higher dimensions.

CommunicationEnhances communication skills, including speaking and writing
IntellectBoosts intellectual abilities, learning, and mental agility
FlexibilityPromotes adaptability, versatility, and open-mindedness
Quick ThinkingHeightens mental speed, agility, and problem-solving abilities
TravelFacilitates travel, both physical and mental
CommerceSupports business endeavors, negotiation, and financial matters
TrickeryEncourages cunning, persuasion, and cleverness
Table 2: Mercury Planetary Energies

In the light body, it activates many structures, including all the Crown Chakras, the Ajna-Nuca axis, the Lesser Nape, the Throat-Neck axis, the Anterior Solar Plexus, and the Base Chakra. Organically, it has a good resonance with the pineal gland and with the communication on a chemical level in the body from cell to cell.

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How to use it for spiritual growth?

The energy of Mercury fails when we swear ourselves to secrecy because when we bow to such logic we are giving power to the fears of other human beings, under the logic that “it must not be said because otherwise, it loses power”.

The Divine does not have secrets, it simply communicates with everyone but some do not believe the messages they receive, while others do not hear them for lack of “training” or understanding. The people who receive communication with the Divine are therefore only those who believe in it, who decides to talk about it openly, and who have a suitable mental order.

It is often typical of some people that if they spread “their” information someone will steal it, and for this or for business purposes they create closed groups.


This was a widespread practice in past centuries, but now we are far from the times where such information would get us burned at the stake. We can now come into the light. Indeed, doing so helps all of humanity to grow.

How do witches work with Mercury?

  • You can cast communication spells
  • You can cast call me spells
  • You can use Mercury’s energy to spread confusion to the enemy
  • You can use Mercury’s energy to manipulate someone
  • You can chant a prayer to Mercury to connect with it and its energy
  • You can ask some questions to the stars and use some divination tool to deduce the answer
  • You can meditate to listen to your inner voice and open up to the divine
  • You can do some soul searching if you want, asking Mercury to show you the way

When should you work with its energy?

The best day for you to work with Mercury energy is Wednesday! Besides that, you can work with its energy when you feel you can’t express yourself and you are struggling with communicating your thoughts, opinions, and feelings. When you feel you need to connect with divine energies, that’s another sign you might need to work with Mercury.

Tina Caro

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