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Working With The Powerful Venus Energy (Witchcraft Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Working with Venus can be such a great idea for your personal life but also for your magickal practice. Today we are going to learn all we need to know about Venus, its energy, and how to work with it to help us get amazing things!


This energy is associated with love, beauty, harmony, and creativity, making it a valuable tool for enhancing one’s spiritual growth and personal development.

Witches and practitioners often harness Venus energy in their rituals and spells to manifest desires related to love, relationships, and self-confidence.

To effectively work with Venus energy, it’s essential to align your practices with the planet’s astrological cycles, such as the Venus retrograde period, to maximize its impact on your life.

Whether you seek to improve your relationships, enhance your artistic abilities, or boost your self-esteem, understanding and tapping into the powerful Venus energy can be a transformative experience in your spiritual journey.


Many consider Venus the planet of love. It certainly is, but Venus is so much more. In the myth, Venus was not so a divinity “with easy morals” but was the archetype of the great mother and of nature. In short, she was the source of life capable of generating infinite living beings.

Venus is a special energy, different from the other energies of the inner planets that push us to grow (Sun) to communicate with our enlightened aspects and to create relationships (Mercury) or to bring out strength and will (Mars). Venus is an introjecting planet, its energy awakens to the highest degree the ability to absorb energy.

When you think of Venus, imagine a seed in the earth, which absorbs the life force from the soil in winter and concentrates it within itself to prepare for the next step, germination in spring. Venus is the aspect of inner recollection, of accumulating energy and vital force at all levels before the great leap that will take place with your newly acclaimed energy.

How Venus energy affects us?

Introjecting, absorbing, Venus stimulates the ability to absorb and receive energy. It is the energy recharge par excellence and the command that says “absorb energy” to the subtle body. But use it wisely; when we take energy from the outside to recharge we first need to transform it because as it is there are also frequencies in it that are dysfunctional. This is why it is easier to “recharge” when we are in the middle of a forest!

The Venus energy is different from the others, it resonates little in the 1st dimension and excels in the range of frequencies. Together with the Moon-energy, the Venus energy also resonates with the past and can open doors for re-elaboration of past events.


How to use it for spiritual growth?

the energy of Venus is the magnetic and fascinating force of attraction that attracts by similitude and establishes relationships with everything we like, creating beauty, harmony, and well-being in our life.

It is also the strength of creativity, the fervent creative flair, or the fertile womb from which a new form in art or love springs. Venus, both as the deity of love and as a conspicuously luminous celestial body, has many names that reflect the particular perspective developed by each civilization towards its gifts.

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How do witches work with Venus?

  • You can work with Venus energy by casting love spells, beauty spells, or spells to enhance your creativity.
  • You can work with Venus energy by casting fertility spells or performing fertility rituals to enhance your chances of getting pregnant.
  • You can chant a prayer for Venus to let its energy surround you
  • You can cast friendship spells while working with Venus energy or you can use it to get a friend back in your life.
  • You can work with Venus energy while rebalancing your heart chakra, the chakra connected with Venus. You can do it with meditation, the best tool to balance your chakras.
  • You can create a sigil for beauty, love, fertility and more and dedicate it to Venus.
  • You can use Venus energy to heal any emotional wounds from the past with some spiritual work with journaling and other introspective practices.
  • You can work with Venus energy with activities like dancing, crafting, singing and more. Ask Venus to guide your creativity and your artistic vibes to express yourself!
LoveLove spells, self-love rituals, attracting soulmate, fostering harmony in relationships.
BeautyBeauty spells, glamour magick, self-confidence rituals, enhancing physical appearance.
AbundanceAbundance spells, prosperity rituals, attracting financial opportunities.
HarmonyRelationship healing, resolving conflicts, promoting peace and balance.
CreativityInspiring artistic endeavors, invoking creative energy, promoting artistic expression.
Table 1: Venusian Correspondences for Spellwork

When should you work with its energy?

The best day to work with Venus energy is on Fridays, the day connected with Venus energy! Besides that, you can work with Venus energy when you feel you need it the most.

A few signs that can be interpreted as you needing Venus energy is feeling a bit lost when it comes to the relationships in your life, both friendly and romantic.

Another sign it’s time for you to work with Venus energy is when you think you need some support when cultivating self-love, attracting beauty, and honoring the things you like in life. Venus is also great if you want a baby but it’s taking a bit too long it is becoming draining. Ask Venus to bless you with its energy and you will have more chances to finally get what you want!

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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