How to Make a Mojo Bag for Love? [Step-By-Step Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We can’t deny that love is basically all we want from life! Especially at some point, when we feel we have it all but a special one by our side is missing, we have this feeling, this need. Even though love is so important, it can be challenging and very hard to find.

But guess what? Magic has the answer and the mojo bag for love can be the tool you need to attract and manifest love in your life.

Why should I make a mojo bag for love?

You should make a mojo bag for love if you need love in your life, if you want to bring an ex back, or simply if you want some new love coming your way. You can customize your own craft to attract a specific person or love in general as a concept! It’s your call!

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How to make a mojo bag for love?

When it comes to mojo bags, many people get scared or confused by this ancient but yet powerful practice. I want to create a list of the steps you need to follow to make a mojo bag for love in an easy, practical, and effective way.

Set your goal

Before embarking on this creative witchy project, you need to clear your mind and set a goal. This might seem like a simple step but trust me, actually, this is the hardest one! Especially if you are confused, stressed, or you are leaving your love life in a negative way, it might happen that you don’t have a clear mind and a fixed goal.

You cannot start creating your mojo bag for love if you feel this way! So, try to relax and focus on what you truly want. What do you want?

Love from someone, love from an ex, love from someone you have a crush on? Love in general as soon as you are happy and joyful? Think about it and then focus on the reason why you want all this.

That would be the kind of idea that will lead to your commitment and dedication for creating your mojo bag.

If you don’t know how to set your goal, you can do a few things. You can meditate on your love life and see who shows up to your mind when connecting with your inner loving energy and work on that, or you can journal about it. Do what feels best for you to unveil your true self, your true soul, and your true heart.

Choose the right ingredients to attract love

Besides having a red mojo bag, as it’s the kind of color that attracts love, you need to gather all the ingredients you are going to put inside your mojo bag for love. When it comes to love, there are so many different aids from nature, from herbs to essential oils, so you only have to choose what resonates the most with you and your intentions and vision.

Check out my article about the best herbs to attract love here! Natural ingredients like flowers, plants, seeds, and oils are powerful resources, but you can definitely use your creativity to add a few other ingredients to your mojo bag for love and make it even more powerful and successful.

You can add a special love charm using one that makes you feel connected to the idea you have of love and to the target of this bag (if you have one). You can find a list of the best, most powerful love charms here.

Then you can get personal! You can add a picture of the person you want to attract, his/her name written on a piece of paper, or even use his/her name to create a sigil! Add an item that belongs to him/her and use a little bit of sigil magick to create your own sigil to attract love. Learn how to do it with this guide about love sigils!

I love being in love sigil
Sigil: I love being in love

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Fill the mojo bag for love

The filling process is a very important one! You need to put each item or ingredient into the bag mindfully, being truly present and committing to what you are doing and, most of all, why are you doing it. If you feel like it, give thanks to each ingredient, and visualize your goal manifesting and you finally enjoying it while filling the mojo bag.

Wear it

Wearing the mojo bag for love right after having created it is very important because this is what will charge the mojo bag with your energy and your essence. You can wear it all night long and keep it next to your skin.

I highly recommend continuing wearing the mojo bag for love, especially if you want to attract love in general, so it can find its way to you! If, for example, you want to win your ex back and you are going to meet up, wear it for that special occasion!

Feed it

Feeding your mojo bag might sound creepy, but actually it’s not at all! You need to consider your mojo bag as a pet, a pet that needs magic and its ingredients to support it, so feed it and give it the chance to let love manifest to you.

Do this once or twice a week. Feed it when you think it needs more ingredients and do it like a small ritual to connect with your mojo bag for love.

I highly recommend you name it! Say some sweet words to it so it can feel your energy and your dedication even more.

Connect with your mojo bag for love and love will come your way sooner than you think!

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Final thoughts

If mojo bags for love are not your thing, don’t forget that magic offers a ton of options to attract love and change your life! If you want to attract more love into your life and you need a professional spell, don’t forget I can cast a love spell for you!

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