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Here’s How to Feed a Mojo Bag [DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

If you are into mojo bags you might know how crucial it is to feed them! If you want to do so but just don’t know how to get started, this is the guide you need to read! So, get comfy, and let’s learn together how to feed a mojo bag.


To feed a mojo bag, clarify its intention, select an appropriate oil, and cleanse the bag’s energy.

Choose a feeding frequency and anoint the bag’s exterior with the selected oil while visualizing it filled with energy.

Recite a prayer or chant that reinforces the bag’s purpose, express gratitude, and seal the bag.

Carry it with you to enhance its influence, and continue to feed it periodically to maintain its potency.

What does feeding mean?

Feeding a mojo bag means you will give it a boost in energy using the ingredients you used to create it so its power will be stronger and ready to manifest what you wanted in the first place. A mojo bag is not an unanimated tool. It’s like a magical creature that needs care, love, and kindness to work at its best.

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How to feed a mojo bag?

Feeding MethodDescription
Smoke CleansingPass the mojo bag through the smoke of sacred herbs or incense to cleanse and energize it. Visualize the smoke carrying away any stagnant or negative energy from the bag.
Anointing with OilUse a few drops of an appropriate magical oil to anoint the mojo bag. Gently rub the oil into the fabric or pouch, infusing it with the desired energy and intention.
Charging with CrystalsPlace the mojo bag on a crystal cluster or grid to absorb the energy of the crystals. Alternatively, bury the bag in a bowl filled with cleansing and charging crystals for a few hours or overnight.
Moonlight BathingPlace the mojo bag under the light of the full moon or new moon to cleanse and recharge its energy. Allow it to absorb the lunar energy for a few hours or overnight.
Table 1: Feeding Methods for Mojo Bags

Esoteric oils

Maybe you’ve seen them online, they are basically all over the place! These phantom “esoteric oils” that you would like to buy (who knows how much they ask for it) are nothing more than simple mixes of elongated essential oils with a base (a neutral oil) and added with herbs but, most of the times, they are created with no care, no respect for magic and the elements involved and with low-quality ingredients. The best thing to do is to create it on your own!

Do you want to make an oil yourself? All right, here’s how.


But remember, there are two important rules:

  1. Do not use poor-quality products! No cheap oils and no “supermarket” spices (as far as possible). To get a quality product you will have to spend. The positive thing is that you will be able to collect a good set of essential oils a little at a time (please read the quality label well) that can also be used on other occasions, not just magical ones.
  2. Get yourself a good list of magical matches. They are often found in appendices to magic manuals, or there are several articles on my website!

So, to make esoteric oils you need these things:

  • Base oil: necessary to dilute essential oils (so you can make a good amount without spending too much). It must be a neutral oil (like perfume), for example, almond oil. Olive oil is fine too – in case you can’t find anything else – however, it has a bit of a strong aroma and may clash with essential oils.
  • Various essential oils can be found in herbal medicine. I recommend that you pick those of good quality (!) because if burned they do not give off harmful substances and, above all, in contact with the skin they do not cause irritation (unless you are allergic). If you used them to fill your mojo bag in the very first place, go for it, use them or you can use essential oils linked to the goal of the mojo bag.
  • Various herbs (which are not necessary) but can be used to “enhance” the effects of the oil, use the same herbs you used to fill your mojo bag.
  • Amber bottles, are the dark ones and are used to store the oil you have prepared.

Choosing the right ingredients

IngredientSymbolic Significance
Herbs and RootsVarious herbs and roots can be used in mojo bags, each with their own symbolic meanings and properties. Examples include basil for protection, cinnamon for abundance, lavender for peace, and patchouli for attracting love and prosperity.
OilsEssential oils or magical oils can be used to anoint the mojo bag and infuse it with specific energies. Choose oils based on their properties, such as rosemary for mental clarity, frankincense for spiritual connection, or sandalwood for grounding and protection.
CrystalsCrystals can enhance the energy of a mojo bag. Select crystals based on their metaphysical properties, such as clear quartz for amplifying intentions, amethyst for spiritual growth, citrine for abundance, or black tourmaline for protection.
CharmsCharms or talismans can be added to the mojo bag to enhance its energy and purpose. Choose charms that align with your intentions, such as a key for unlocking opportunities, a heart for love and harmony, or a pentacle for protection and spiritual connection.
Table 2: Mojo Bag Feeding Ingredients

Choosing the right ingredients is important and it’s not that difficult! I recommend using the same ingredients you used to create your mojo bag. Just refill them! If you don’t think it’s the right call for you, you can choose your own ingredients to feed your mojo bag by using essential oils or herbs for love, money, protection, and so on, according to the goal of the mojo bag you created.

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Feed it with the right attitude

You should not fill it while doing something else or rushing things because you have such a crazy schedule. You need to use this moment as a chance to connect and show your mojo bag love, kindness, and respect. Don’t forget it’s like a living creature!

Talk to it while feeding it

If you named it, use its name to address some sweet words, just as you would do with a baby! You can explain what you are feeding it with and why, just let it be part of this moment of connection and amazing things will come!

How often should you feed a mojo bag?

I would suggest you do it at least once a week but, if you feel like it, you can even do it more often. Try to listen to your mojo bag vibes and you will know when it’s time to feed it!

Feeding FrequencyRecommendation
DailySome practitioners prefer to feed their mojo bag daily to maintain a strong and active energy connection. This is especially recommended for mojo bags used for ongoing intentions or spiritual work.
WeeklyFeeding the mojo bag once a week can be a good practice to keep its energy refreshed and potent. Choose a specific day or time each week to perform the feeding ritual.
MonthlyIf the mojo bag is used for long-term intentions or less frequent needs, feeding it once a month can be sufficient to maintain its energy and connection. Choose a specific day each month for feeding.
IntuitiveTrust your intuition and the guidance of your spiritual practice to determine the feeding frequency that feels right for your mojo bag. You may find that certain situations or intentions require more frequent feedings.
Table 3: Frequency of Mojo Bag Feeding

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