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Cleansing and Smudging

How to Make Smudge Sticks with Flowers? [DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Making smudge sticks with flowers is fun, amazing, and powerful!

If you are curious to know what the main properties of this practice are and how to make smudge sticks with flowers, keep reading this article!

What are smudge sticks with flowers?

Smudge sticks with flowers are a 100% natural incense composed of plants and flowers or other substances of vegetable origin dried and assembled together. Among Native Americans and many indigenous peoples, they are used as ritual tools to prepare the places where religious ceremonies will be held, to purify the environments, people, and objects with which they will come into contact.


Creating smudge sticks with flowers is a simple yet meaningful ritual.

Start by gathering fresh flowers, herbs, or plants that resonate with your intention.

Bundle them together and bind them tightly with twine or string. Allow the smudge stick to dry for several weeks in a cool, dry place.

Once dried, you can ignite the bundle and use the fragrant smoke for smudging rituals.

This process not only purifies your space but also infuses it with the energy and intention of the flowers you’ve chosen.

It is possible to prepare these incenses in an artisanal way, taking leaves or twigs of the chosen plant approximately 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm) long and arranging them all on the same side. Using a cotton cord or natural material, tie the stems, spiral the cord up tightly, and then tie it at the other end.

The result is a sort of “cigar” which will be placed to dry in a basket for about twenty days or as long as necessary.

It is recommended to prepare these incenses in between July or August when the plants generally used are in their “balsamic time” at the maximum degree of their power.

To use them, just light the smudge on one side and extinguish the flame; the twigs will continue to burn, spreading their aroma, which we can direct towards the point to be purified using our hand or a feather.

The smudge stick is a bunch of aromatic herbs and dried flowers that are inspired by those used by the American Indians during their ceremonies and sacred rites; their function was that of incense.


The tradition of burning herbs and incense during ceremonies and sacred rites has very distant roots; even the ancient Egyptians used them, and we find evidence of it in the representations present in their temples.

Even if you don’t have to do strange ceremonies or rituals, the smudge stick is an excellent natural perfumer for your home, and if you really don’t want to burn it, it will still be able to release its scent in the environment in which you place it. If you then prepare one enriched with flowers, the smudge stick can also become a beautiful and fragrant favor for a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Preparing it is also a fun activity, at almost zero cost, and can be done with children; just go out on the terrace, to the windowsill of the house, or in the garden and collect the herbs and flowers you have available.

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How to make a smudge stick with flowers?

Let’s see how they are prepared:

What do you need:

  • Various aromatic herbs of your choice with an intense aroma. In mine, I used rosemary, sage, thyme, and lavender. Preferably organic.
  • Various flowers of your choice, untreated and preferably organic.
  • Natural twine or cotton thread.
  • Scissors.

How to do it:

  • Cut and harvest the herbs and flowers while keeping the stem long enough.
  • Combine herbs and flowers in a bunch and tie it all with string.
  • Place the bunch to dry upside down in an airy place away from direct sunlight.
  • Once dried, the smudge stick is ready for use.
  • Now burn your bouquet, then let the flame go out and let it consume slowly; you will smell the perfume.

Which flowers do I recommend?

Rose, the flower of a thousand meanings

We are faced with a flower that, more than all, is defined according to its color. Queen of the gardens and love flower par excellence, a rose is ideal as a gift for your partner, but pay attention to the message you want to communicate. Red symbolizes passion, pink for sweetness, white for purity, yellow for jealousy, and pink for desire.

It’s the best flower to cleanse negativity while restoring love and passion.

Lily, the flower of friendship

The lily is a symbol of friendship and deep and sincere esteem. White, a symbol of purity, and its shape, so elegant and particular, also suggest nobility and refinement, which is why it is often chosen for special and important events, such as baptisms, weddings, and communions.

It is ideal for expressing esteem, admiration, and sincere friendship. If you are dealing with miscommunication or problems with a friend, you can burn lily to restore balance.

Daisy, carefree and simple

The daisy is a symbol of simplicity, good humor, and sunshine, typical traits of children; that is why, by extension, it symbolizes the purity and naivety of childhood. It is said that this flower has prophetic faculties, which is why it has always pushed lovers to leaf through it to know their love destiny.

It is ideal for spreading kindness. You can burn daisy if you want to cleanse negativity while reconnecting with your past and restoring easiness.

Peony, shyness

The peony is a fascinating and grandiloquent flower that touches the many shades of pink and purple and hides the meaning of shyness and shame within itself. Even its shape, first enclosed in itself and then open, underlines the initial closure and its propensity for an introverted and shy soul.

For this reason, it is the ideal flower for lovers who cannot find the courage to declare themselves. If you need to cleanse negativity to restore self-confidence, burn peony!

Primrose, to set new intentions and make plans

The primrose is the flower of rebirth, hope, and a new beginning. It’s great to cleanse negativity and plant new seeds for a brand new start, especially when performing a new moon ritual.

Are flower smudge sticks as effective as sage sticks?

Yes! Even though they have more widespread powers and can do way more than just cleansing negativity as each flower has the chance to attract a certain kind of energy and bring it into your life.

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When should I use it?

When you feel you need an extra boost, especially in certain areas of your life. If you feel like your love life is not that good, use a rose; if you need some guidance to focus on your new intentions, burn primrose, and so on! Easy, right?

What should I do next?

When the tip is lit with a fire, the flame goes out immediately and it is allowed to burn, spreading the smoke into the surrounding space. When it stops emitting smoke, we can relight it in the same way. After consuming the smudge stick, it is advisable to open all the windows to let out the smoke and all the negative energies with it and attract fresh new energy!

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