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Cleansing and Smudging

DIY Rosemary Smudge Stick: Step-by-Step Guide

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Written by: Tina Caro

When we enter a new place or we first meet a new person, we create a sensation based on what our intuition suggests about that person that determines our impression of them.

It may happen that, in a room, you breathe heavy air or that a person is not pleasant. We could say that we perceive the energy that permeates them, an energy that does not resonate at a good frequency with ours. Among Native American peoples and many indigenous peoples, smudge sticks are used in rituals to purify environments. What is this all about?

Smudge sticks are ritual tools adopted by some peoples and during religious ceremonies that aim to purify the environment, the person, or the object with which they come into contact. Smudges are composed of plants, flowers, or other substances of vegetable origin dried and then assembled together.


To make Rosemary smudge sticks, you can follow these steps:

  1. Gather fresh Rosemary sprigs during the growing season.
  2. Bundle several Rosemary sprigs together, making sure they are of similar length.
  3. Secure the bundle tightly with natural twine or cotton string, leaving a handle at one end.
  4. Hang the bundle upside down in a dry, well-ventilated area to air dry for several weeks. Once dry, trim the ends and optionally add other herbs for enhanced properties.
  5. Charge the smudge sticks with your intentions before using them to cleanse and purify your space. Light the bundle, let it smolder, and waft the smoke to cleanse your surroundings.

Each element has its own beneficial property that is released through combustion. Smudging, according to the native belief, creates a direct way of communication with the spiritual realms and with the world of energies, which permeates the whole world, so when darkness and negative energy are around you, you can create a spiral of fresh new energy with smudge sticks, sending the negative energy away.

Between the many different cleansing herbs we can use, rosemary is a great one; it is very easy to find and it protects from negativity in a powerful, easy way. How can you make a rosemary smudge stick at home? Let’s see together with this article!

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How to make a rosemary smudge stick?

  1. Harvest fresh rosemary. In my home in Italy, I have a plant of rosemary and it’s very easy to take care of! You can buy it in a pot or plant it in a garden to make your own harvest. Rosemary is a great magickal tool but also a great ingredient to spice your foods with a delicious mix of fragrance and taste! Try it if you haven’t already!
  2. Rosemary has tough branches that are very hard to cut with scissors, so try to use clippers to cut them and collect them. Bless the clippers with some oil of your choice. In this case, I often use rosemary essential oil to connect with the plant and let it live the cutting experience in a less traumatic way.
  3. Prepare dry sprigs of rosemary by intertwining them and then tying with a string.
  4. When doing this, it is important to have positive thoughts of light and love. This part is so important as it gives the energy the right direction to cleanse the space.
  5. The twigs can also be tied with colored ribbons that take on a particular value depending on the color.
  6. Purple: purification from energies, entities, negative thoughts.
  7. Yellow: purification from thoughts of envy, enemies.
  8. Red or pink: purification from negative thoughts caused by quarrels, jealousies, loves gone badly.
  9. The twigs should be left to dry upside down for a while. As I said before, don’t rush this process. Let the rosemary dry out completely in a dark and dry place.
  10. Once dried, they are ready to be used.
Step 1: Gather Rosemary SprigsCollect a bundle of fresh rosemary sprigs, ensuring they are clean and dry. Remove any damaged or discolored leaves.
Step 2: Trim the SprigsUse scissors or pruning shears to trim the rosemary sprigs to a uniform length, typically around 4-6 inches. Remove any excess foliage from the bottom portion of the sprigs.
Step 3: Prepare the StringCut a length of cotton string or twine, approximately 2-3 times the length of your trimmed rosemary sprigs.
Step 4: Bundle the SprigsGather the trimmed rosemary sprigs into a tight bundle, aligning the stems at one end. Ensure the foliage is evenly distributed.
Step 5: Secure with StringStarting at the bottom of the bundle, tightly wrap the string around the rosemary sprigs, working your way up to the top. Secure the string with a knot.
Step 6: Trim Excess StringTrim any excess string, leaving a small tail for hanging or burning purposes. Ensure the knot is secure and the smudge stick is tightly bound.
Table 1: Step-by-Step Assembly

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How to use the rosemary smudge stick?

We proceed to burn the tip and then blow it out so that the flame goes out and the smoke remains. With a plate or with the sprig in a cup in order to prevent embers from falling out with the risk of a fire, we proceed to purify our aura first with three turns clockwise and then purify the house along its perimeter.

In a clockwise direction, with the smoke of our sage and rosemary, we will go to every corner and make rotational movements. It is important to purify every room and every corner. While doing this ritual, your intention must be clear and determined.

If you prefer to give further strength to the ritual, you can say your intention aloud and invoke the help of a spirit animal, the universe, or a deity you feel connected with.

Once you have finished the tour of the rooms, place the sprig in a bowl and let it burn until it is consumed. After cleaning, always remember to open the windows to remove the negative energy released. After cleaning the house, if you need something more or you feel a bit off, take a bath with salt.

What is rosemary?

Rosemary is a very common but still very powerful herb.

Due to its balsamic and invigorating properties that have a resonance also from the energetic point of view, it is rightly considered effective in protection rituals, for the purification of environments, to ward off evil, and to bless the home and work activities.

It is said that keeping a sprig under the pillow ensures good, restful sleep.

Its infusion is also useful for washing hands, because it releases energy and frees you from the negative influences accumulated during divination or a pranotherapy treatment. Being a perennial and evergreen plant, it is a good omen every time you start an activity or a relationship, of any type, to ensure its long duration.

It is used in spells to strengthen memory and to preserve youth.

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When do I need to rely on rosemary for smudge sticks?

If you feel negative energy is taking over and you want to raise up your vibrations, rosemary for smudge sticks is the perfect tool to do it. You can even use it to cleanse your bedroom if you are having nightmares or insomnia due to dark energy or presence. If you are into magick and you think you attracted negative energies around you, rosemary smudge sticks are just great.

What if I cannot find rosemary? What if I don’t want to make it on my own? Can I buy it online?

You can grow a plant yourself after buying it online, or you can definitely buy rosemary online and then create your own smudge sticks. The most important thing to take care of when buying rosemary and other cleansing herbs online is relying on organic products.

If you don’t want to create your own smudge stick, you can check one of the thousands of websites offering cleansing tools and smudge stick to cleanse your space. The only thing is to be careful and try to choose a verified website! Check the reviews and choose what feels best for you.

I smudged but nothing happened. What should I do?

You can boost the smudge by adding some sage to your rosemary and see how it goes or you can repeat the rosemary smudge stick ritual for a few days in a row. Repetition sometimes is the better call to let the energy truly flow properly and cleanse you and your space.

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