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What is Moon Water Used For? [A Witchy Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Moon water is an easy-to-create magickal tool that you can use in your craft and in your daily life for many different things.

Do you know what moon water is used for? If you are intrigued by this topic let’s dive into it and learn all we need to know about this powerful tool and its usages.


Moon water is water that has been charged with the energy of the moon during its lunar cycle.

It is believed to harness the moon’s energy and can be used for various purposes in spiritual and magical practices.

Common uses for moon water include cleansing crystals, tools, and sacred spaces, enhancing spells and rituals, and promoting emotional and spiritual healing.

Additionally, some people use moon water for drinking or in beauty and skincare routines, attributing it with revitalizing and purifying properties.

What is moon water?

Moon water is an element widely used in white magic spells, easy to prepare, and very powerful. It is water that has been exposed to the light of our natural satellite and is charged with magical energies.


  • You can use moon water to enhance a spell or a ritual but you can also use it to improve your meditative practices in order to attract wealth, purify the house and consecrate crystals.
moon water by Tina Caro
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What is moon water used for in general?

Moon water is basically used in two cases:

  • When we want to emphasize the energy of a certain moon phase during a spell or ritual
  • When various reasons can’t cast a spell during a specific moon phase, but we still want to have the support of that type of energy

Moon water infusion types and their purposes

Moon Water Infusion TypePurpose and Intended Use
Full Moon WaterEnhancing spiritual practices, charging crystals, and empowering spells.
New Moon WaterSetting intentions, starting new projects, and inviting fresh energy.
Elemental Moon WaterConnecting with the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and their energies.
Zodiac Moon WaterAligning with the specific energy of the zodiac sign for various purposes.
Sabbat Moon WaterInfusing water with the energy of seasonal celebrations and rituals.

What is moon water used for in witchcraft?

Let’s see the most common usages of moon water so you know exactly how to use this powerful tool at its best in your witchy craft.

To improve your meditation

The first step in strengthening one’s intuition is to recognize its existence. Being aware of your powers is the key to realizing your full potential during meditation.

In this regard, lunar water can help develop this awareness; an easy way to make the most of this tool’s potential is to light a blue or purple candle on your altar and then apply a drop of moon water on the Third Eye chakra before starting a meditation aimed at awakening one’s intuition and inner knowledge.

Attract wealth

To attract money into one’s life flow more easily, lunar water can represent a very powerful ally. It is possible to use a few drops of moon water on the wallet and imagine the arrival of new revenues.

To purify the house

Cleaning your sacred space is very important. No spiritual work can be done in an environment filled with stagnant energy.

The safest way to use lunar water to purify domestic environments (and, of course, the altar) is to spray a small amount on the surfaces using a sprayer. A tip: You can add a handful of salt to the moon water directly into the sprayer for even more effective action.

To consecrate crystals

Hard stones and crystals are powerful tools that can be used to store, absorb, or amplify energy.

Most crystals can be safely purified in lunar water to remove any energy stagnation.

Moon water: one for each phase

Usually, moon water is made under the full moon, but you can rely on a different lunar phase too! As you might already know, each moon phase brings a certain kind of energy with it.


If you prepare your moon water during a specific moon phase, you can attract a certain kind of energy and blessing your way.

New moon water

The new moon is the perfect moon phase to create a moon water to favor spells like a new beginnings spell. It boosts your intentions and help you send all the energy the right way. New moon water is amazing for:

Crescent moon water

This moon phase is all about growth, evolution, and development in both the spiritual and material parts of your life. That’s why crescent moon water is useful for your craft for:

Full moon water

The energy of the full moon is helpful to cast all kind of spells, like:

Water of the waning moon

Waning moon water is the best magickal tool to boost spells about:

Can I buy moon water?

Yes, you can buy it online but it’s quite expensive and, I firmly believe that being something very easy to create requiring only two simple ingredients and the energy of the Moon, it is something you can try on your own! If you are into moon rituals, this is a wonderful way to connect with the Moon in a deeper way and, if you are into spell castings, you can definitely use moon water as an extra ingredient to boost your craft.

If you decide to buy moon water, you have to buy a handmade product with at least a certification of guarantee that it’s a real magical tool and try to read as much feedback as you can from previous buyers to see if it’s a real thing or it’s a scam.

Dawn’s Thoughts on Moon Water

Moon water is water that has been charged with the energies of the moon. It is a popular way to charge water to be used during a ceremony or spell working or to brew magical potions and may be used for anything you are directed to use water for.

While moon water is charged with lunar energies, it may also be charged with the energies of the zodiac sign the moon is passing through at the time and thus may be used to enhance magical workings related to the sign.

Creating Moon Water

To create moon water, simply collect water from an appropriate source and place it in a transparent glass or silver container that has been washed well and cleansed in whichever way you see fit. Set the container outdoors as the moon rises so that the moon shines onto and into the container. You may say a few words of your intention at this time. After the moon has set or before the sun rises, retrieve your container and store it appropriately.

Moon water is usually created beneath the full moon, but it can be created beneath other moon phases as well. The full moon will give you the most lunar light in the absence of sunlight, producing the most well-charged water. However, if you expose your water to moonlight several nights in a row (preferably during the waxing period, you can still achieve a signification charge.

Many witches will insist that the water collected and used for ritual come from a living source, such as a spring or a stream or collected directly as rain. If your moon water is going to be ingested, you will want to make sure it is safe by filtering it and possibly boiling it, though many will insist that this renders it “dead”. Some people simply have no choice but to use distilled or bottled water due to water safety issues in their area.

Charging it

Charging water beneath the moon helps restore some of the energy lost in the purification process and some folks will leave it out for a charge beneath the sun as well, though some believe that the two energies will cancel each other out. If you prefer to charge your water with solar energy rather than lunar energy, that’s fine too.

Take care though to protect your charging water from unauthorized drinkers, bathers, breeders (mosquitoes) and anything else that might threaten its purity.

Water can be charged for more specific purposes by choosing to charge your moon water during a specific sign of the zodiac. See spell timing for information on what energies are at work when the moon is in different signs and refer to a lunar calendar app, like to find out when the moon will in the sign whose energies you wish to collect in your area.

Herbs, oils and stones can be added to moon water to enhance its energies as well. Herbs and oils are usually added as a finishing touch, but stones can be placed in the water at the start of the process.

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