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The Power of Friendship Symbols: Exploring Their Meaning

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Written by: Tina Caro

Friendship, that emotional bond between two or more people, manifests itself in many ways and is accompanied by an inherent symbolism. The symbols of friendship have originated in different parts of the world, but today they are known to all and have for the most part a universal meaning.

The symbolism allows us to express the great and deep affection we feel for another person, by associating the values present in the friendly relationship (love, loyalty, commitment, unconditionality, among others) with symbols commonly identified by people of all ages.

Symbols below are those that represent the feeling shared by people who have a very strong emotional bond. Let’s find out about the best symbols of friendship.

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Friendship symbols have been used across cultures for centuries, with each symbol carrying a unique significance and meaning that strengthens the bond between friends.

The infinity symbol, representing eternal friendship, is a powerful emblem, while the knot symbolizes the unbreakable connection between friends, much like the unending threads of a rope.

Yellow and pink roses, symbolizing joy and appreciation, are often exchanged between friends, deepening their emotional connection. Similarly, arrows symbolize protection and are given to friends as a gesture of safeguarding their bond.

Exploring these friendship symbols transcends cultural boundaries, showcasing the universality of the human desire for meaningful connections.

A List of friendship symbols


A geometric curve with a continuous line that represents the non-existence of the beginning and the end, is the symbol of infinity. It appears as a symbol of friendship insofar as it establishes the relationship of eternity between the love of friends.

Wear an infinity symbol when meeting up with a friend you love endlessly, use it to cast a friendship spell or give it as a gift to someone special to you.


The symbol of the knot emerges as a strong and lasting union. Therefore, it is common for people to use the expression: “friendship knot” to express true friendship.

When casting a friendship spell, you can use this symbol to tie someone to you.

Yellow or pink rose

The meaning of a rose depends entirely on its color. Red roses are associated with passion, while yellow and pink ones symbolize friendship and happiness.

Pink and yellow roses can be used as a special ingredient for spells to rekindle a friendship or you can give these flowers as gifts.


Native Americans often passed signs and symbols from generation to generation to communicate their rich culture, history, ideas, and dreams. The friendship arrow symbol is one of the most popular ways to convey friendship.


Depending on the position or arrangement, the arrow symbol can mean different things at different times, for example, an arrow pointing left connotes warding off evil, while an arrow pointing right connotes peace.

However, two crossed arrows represent the friendship or union of two clans or two different people. It also symbolizes a deep commitment.

It is a symbol of friendship that two friends may have tattooed to show their strong will to retain and strengthen the bond of their friendship. You can decide to have it as a tattoo together with your best friend as a sign of your commitment in your friendship.

Pink candle

A pink candle is a symbol of friendship rich in powerful friendly and loving caring energy for you to work with to attract new friends or to strengthen a bond with a friend of yours.

You can use pink candles during friendship spells or you can light one when some friends come over to create a soothing, friendly energy around you.


The Lapis Lazuli, an intense blue semi-precious stone, is a universal symbol of truth and friendship. In addition to promoting clear thinking, healing, and wisdom, the stone is said to promote balance and harmony in human relationships.

The Rhodonite Ball is a stone in the shape of a sphere, with an appearance similar to pink marble, representing deep-rooted and lasting friendship.

You can use crystals and stones top enhance your friendships, keeping them with you when meeting up with a friend. They can also help settle arguments if you hold them between your hands during meditation.


The Claddagh is an Irish symbol of friendship, love and loyalty, represented by two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. They say this symbol depicts the surrender of the heart with the hands and loyalty with the crown.

You can use this symbol to attract a loyal friend in your life when you feel a bit lonely and you seem not able to surrender to emotions. You can give it as a gift in form of a ring to a new friend.

Jade plant

The Jade plant, with its beautiful and delicate white and light pink flowers and its strong deep green leaves, symbolizes true and deep friendship and the positive energy it brings into our lives.

You can use it as an ingredient in a friendship spell but you can also take care of this plant at home, nourishing it as you would nourish the friendship it represents to you. It is a special gift idea as well.


The Pikorua is a Maori symbol of eternal union, loyalty and love between friends. It is represented by arms that intersect in a twist to form the figure of an eight. In Maori tradition, this symbol has been used as a gift of friendship between tribes.

After an argument with a friend, this symbol can help you ease the tension and finally find a solution. You can use it during a prayer to channel the loving caring energy to bring peace between the two of you or you can give it as a gift to someone you love.

Friendship bracelet

Woven wool bracelets in different colors originate from Native Americans. Bracelets are given in honor of friendship and what it means. This bracelet should be worn until it wears out and breaks, since taking it off means that the friendship is over. Some say that by breaking the bracelet naturally, you can make a wish and that it will be fulfilled.

Wear it together with a friend and make a wish related to your friendship. Choose a friendship bracelet both you and your friends like.

Other friendships symbols

InfinityRepresents an everlasting and unbreakable bond between friends.
CladdaghSignifies loyalty, friendship, and love, often associated with Irish culture.
BirdsSymbolize companionship, freedom, and shared journeys.
Hamsa HandRepresents protection, good fortune, and friendship.
Heart HandsSymbolize love, affection, and close friendship.
Celtic KnotSignifies an eternal bond and interconnectedness between friends.
SunflowersRepresent loyalty, adoration, and lasting friendship.
Double HeartsSymbolize the deep connection and mutual affection between friends.

Cultural friendship symbols

Native AmericanDreamcatcherSignifies protection and filtering out negative energy from friendships.
ChineseRed ThreadRepresents an invisible thread that connects destined friends.
AfricanCowrie ShellsSymbolize prosperity, fertility, and strong bonds of friendship.
IndianBindiSignifies the third eye and spiritual connection between friends.
JapaneseCraneRepresents loyalty, longevity, and harmonious friendships.
CelticCladdaghSymbolizes loyalty, friendship, and love.
HawaiianMaile LeiRepresents friendship, respect, and aloha spirit.
MexicanSugar SkullsSymbolize remembrance and the celebration of friendships.


All these symbols continue to be used today, especially as pieces of costume jewelry, art, or as tattoos. Make sure you choose a symbol you like, a symbol that makes you feel deeply connected to your friends.

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