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Here’s How to Consecrate a Talisman [Wiccan Method]

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Written by: Tina Caro

When we speak of the consecration of something, whether it be of altars, of ritual instruments, of divining instruments, of fetishes, talismans, amulets, statues, candles, water, and even herbal preparations, consecrating simply means making sacred.

For me, it means to purify and bless something and charge it with a purpose. If you wonder how to consecrate a talisman, you’ll find the answers here.

A skull is only a skull, but when it is consecrated it becomes a house of the spirit. A statue of Odin is only a statue until it is consecrated as a vessel for divinity. A candle is just a candle until it is greased with oil and loaded with its purpose for a spell. A stick is only a stick, but once cut, fumigated, sprinkled with oil, sprayed with holy water, chosen its purpose as a stick of art, and loaded with the desired powers and blessed then it becomes a powerful tool of magic.

To facilitate the consecration process, the more an object is actively used for its purpose, the more power it can exercise. There are many ways to consecrate something. Here are some I think are the best ones.


To consecrate a talisman, begin by defining its intended purpose and choosing an auspicious time for the ritual.

Create a sacred space, light a white candle, and hold the talisman in your hands, focusing on your intention.

Speak words of power or recite affirmations that align with your goal.

Optionally, pass the talisman through incense smoke or herbs for purification.

Visualize the talisman radiating with your intended energy, gently touch it to a candle flame, and place it on a clean surface to cool.

Maintain the talisman by periodically recharging it and using it for its intended purpose.

How to consecrate a talisman?

This can be simple or complex depending on your preference. It can take five minutes, or it can take an hour. You can do it at midnight with the full moon, on your altar by candlelight, incense burning, singing, with long loose hair falling on your bare breasts or in the morning on the kitchen table with a little water, salt and olive oil and then go back to watching TV with your cup of coffee.

Phase 1: Cleaning

Physically clean (if possible), the object to consecrate, with soap, water, and herbs for purification (lemon, evergreens, rue, hyssop, mugwort). Then spiritually cleanse by fumigation, incense sticks or smudge.

If the object cannot be washed, sprinkle with blessed water and then fumigate. Move the object between your hands so that the smoke touches every corner.

While cleaning the object visualize eliminating the dirt and negativity, or say aloud “I will cleanse you”, or you can sing a song of purification.

Phase 2: Anointing

Oil! Oil on everything! It is unnecessary to have a particularly elaborate oil, olive oil or sunflower oil will be fine. Or if you prefer, you can dilute some essential oils with a little olive oil, almonds, sunflower, jojoba etc.

Then dip your index finger in the oil and from the center of the object slide your finger up once. Go back to the center and slide your finger down once. Ta da, Anointed!

This method works well with candles, jewelry, skulls, bottles, boxes, chopsticks, sticks, statues, chalices, candlesticks, etc.

Phase 3: Rebirth

Take a black cloth or piece of leather and wrap the object. This will act as a grave and uterus. Your ritual object will have a magical initiation (idea taken from Nigel Pennick). Its old self will die so that his new life as a ritual tool can be born.

Nigel Pennick
Nigel Pennick
Thank you: Goodreads

Open the cloth and welcome the object like a new born. Sprinkle the earth on it, spray with blessed water, pass over a candle flame and blow incense smoke with a plume and it is blessed with the elements of earth, water, fire and air.

Phase 4: Upload

Now it’s time to load the object for its destination. So, to clarify, gather the items and lets proceed. A protection ring and a tarot deck will not have the same purpose, therefore they will need to be loaded differently.

Simplify the consecration

If you feel the need to do something elaborate for a candle, a bottle of wine for the Sabbath, or a bag of herbs, then no problem. Sprinkle them with blessed water, grease them with oil, or simply blow them over. Then whisper a prayer of purpose so that the breath from your prayer touches the object or objects in question. That’s it!

Tools and materials for consecration

Altar clothProvides a sacred space for consecration
Cleansing herbsUsed for purifying the talisman before consecration
Elemental representationsSuch as candles, incense, and bowls of water or salt
Anointing oilUsed to bless and empower the talisman
Crystals or gemstonesOptional for additional energy amplification

Post consecration advice

Once your sacred objects have been consecrated and used for their purposes, they will occasionally need cleaning. Make a magical wash (for items that can get wet, such as jewelry, skulls, swords, knives, sticks, statuary items and some divination tools). Over time, dust and dirt accumulate.

Ritual instruments of unpainted wood require special care; gently clean them with a damp cloth, with a little linseed oil, Danish oil, and gently rub them with a little beeswax or wood conditioner. If you have leather goods, use a wax or balm for saddles and this will make the leather soft (obviously this treatment is not good for synthetic leather).

For both wood or leather, allow the oil or conditioner to dry overnight before putting your ritual instrument back on your altar.

For furs, rugs, mats, etc. sprinkle them with a little baking soda, let stand for 15 minutes and then shake. This way, besides having cleaned them, you will also have eliminated odors. If you prefer, you can add essential oils to the baking soda before use to make them beautifully scented.


For tarot or wooden runes, a good fumigation works well as some prefer to place crystals on tarot cards and then let them rest for a week or a month. Still others prefer to bury them.

Once or twice a year, replace the sachets, amulets and temporary talismans.

Consecration for amulets and talismans according to the Wicca method

Required materials:

  • A candle
  • Incense
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Altar

How it’s done:

In front of your altar raise your amulet to heaven and say:

“I consecrate this 4-element amulet. It is now a magical tool, which will honestly serve the wearer.

Light the incense, pass the amulet or talisman 3 times over the smoke, turn to the east and say:

“O ancient gods of air, and you all creatures of the elements, and you all spirits of the east, I ask you to load this amulet (or talisman) with the mystical energy of the air and with your divine light”.

Now light the candle, let the amulet or talisman make 3 turns around the flame, turn to the south and say:

“O ancient gods of fire, and you all creatures of the elements, and you all spirits of the south, I ask you to load this amulet (or talisman) with the energy of the sacred flame and with your divine light”.

Put the amulet or talisman on your altar pour 3 drops of water on it, turn to the west and say:

“O ancient gods of water, and you all creatures of the elements, and you all the spirits of the west, I ask you to load this amulet (or talisman) with the vital energy of the source of life and with your divine light”.

Now put the amulet (or talisman) in the salt, turn north and say:

“O ancient gods of the earth, and you all creatures of the elements, and you all spirits of the north, I ask you to load this amulet (or talisman) with living energy and with your divine light”.

Hold your amulet with both hands, lift it above your head and say 3 times:
“So be it”.

Remember to choose an amulet or talisman that you feel is yours and that is basically everything.

A necklace, a doll, a small bag, a tarot card, it can be any kind of item as long as you respect it and you charge it with magic.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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