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What is a Binding Spell: Positive or Negative

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

A binding spell is a spell that symbolically ties the target up restricting his, her or its actions or keeping him or her (or it) tied to another individual, object, place or situation.

Types of Binding Spells

A binding spell can be positive or negative.

A positive binding spell joins two things together. For example, if you were particularly fond of a ring, you might bind it to you so that it wouldn’t get lost or would always return to you. You could bind a pet to you, to be a familiar or just a lifelong companion.

Or you could bind a spirit to an object (like a genie in a lamp). You could bind yourself to a place so that you will always return there or you could bind yourself to your job so that you do not lose it. Two people can be bound together as well. One form of this is known as handfasting.

A negative binding spell is one that takes something away, usually someone’s ability to do something. Someone may cast a binding spell on someone who is hurting or harassing them to make them stop. You may cast a binding spell on yourself to help you break a bad habit, stop calling that guy who is just using you, stop going to the bar, and stop biting your nails.

It is important to note that not all bound situations are the result of spellwork. A person can bind themselves with their own fears, loves, obsessions. Individuals who spend a great deal of time together can become bound without any outside manipulation. You can be bound by guilt, by obligation, by fear, by love, by a promise. There are many ways binding can happen, naturally, accidentally or on purpose; the result is the same.

Spell TypeDescription
Positive BindingUsed for protection, healing, and positive purposes.
Negative BindingUsed for restraining, limiting, or controlling someone or something.
Ethical ConsiderationsFactors to consider when performing binding spells, such as consent and harmlessness.
Table 1: Types of Binding Spells

The Ethics of Binding Spells

Binding spells have ethical implications. They always involve restricting or controlling someone’s actions but in some cases, everyone involved has consented and in other cases, an individual may be deemed dangerous enough that restricting his or her actions is a necessary evil. Some traditions forbid binding spells altogether while others embrace them wholeheartedly, but most make the assessment on a case by case basis.

Ethical ConsiderationsDescription
ConsentEnsure all parties involved are willing and consenting to the binding spell.
HarmlessnessAvoid causing unnecessary harm or interfering with someone’s free will.
Karmic repercussionsConsider the potential consequences and take responsibility for your actions.
Ethical spellworkUse your judgment to determine whether a binding spell aligns with your personal ethics.
Table 2: Ethical Guidelines

Binding Spells

Binding spells usually involve symbolic action of binding, wrapping, tying or otherwise containing a representative object. In handfasting rituals, the hands of the two individuals to be bound are usually literally tied together with a cord or ribbon.

The freezer spell involves placing a taglock or representative image of the target in the freezer to “freeze” their actions. Other spells involve nailing or pinning a representative image or taglock to a surface, sealing it inside a container or wrapping it around with cords. Spirits are usually bound to a container that is symbolically sealed with wax or wrapped around with a cord.

Some binding spells, those which bind two individuals together, involve the exchange of body fluids. A kiss, braiding together locks of hair, smearing blood on an object you wish to bind to you, etc.

Self-protectionTo create a shield or boundary of protection around oneself.
Relationship harmonyTo promote understanding, harmony, and healthy communication in a relationship.
Breaking bad habitsTo bind and release oneself from negative behaviors or addictions.
Restraining harmful individualsTo prevent someone from causing harm to themselves or others.
Table 3: Intent and Purpose


Many witches create protective binding spells with an “off” switch to end the spell when the danger has passed, but some spells are meant to be permanent and these can be trickier. Unbinding often involves a physical reversal of the action of the binding spell, untying or cutting the cords, removing the symbolic object from the container it was placed in, etc.  If the spell involved an exchange of body fluids, it may be more difficult to undo the binding. If an object was involved (rings, locks of hair braided together, etc.) this object can be destroyed to undo the binding. These should be followed up with a generalized cleansing.

If the spell object is not available or if the binding has come about from some method other than via a spell, a more involved cleansing or banishing spell may be necessary. An astral exercise involving cutting the energetic bonds can be effective for those who have the skill and ritual baths are also useful here.

A combination of methods may be required over a period of time to achieve full relief from a bound condition.

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I am a homesteading hearth witch who grew up along the shores of the Hudson River and has lived among the Great Lakes for the past 20 years. Together with my musical husband and youngest child, I steward a one-acre mini homestead with herb, vegetable and flower gardens, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits, and areas reserved for native plants and wildlife. 

I have three children; two are grown, and I have been practicing magick alone and with family and friends for over 30 years.

43 thoughts on “What is a Binding Spell: Positive or Negative”

    • Every action has a consequence, whether magical or not. Absolutely something negative could happen if you attempt to place restrict another person’s activities. You have to decide if the end justifies the risk. Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t.

  1. Is binding someone with their worst nightmare possible if yes then will I also have to face any consequences ???how dangerous can the consequences be ????

    • *sigh* Whatever energy you work to create will cling to you to a certain extent. So whatever energy you are sending out, you get to keep some of it. Whatever it is. At least for awhile. And no, you’re not describing a binding spell. A binding spell restricts activity. Look, we have articles about curses and things, if you’re trying to hurt someone with no repercussions, I can’t promise you there won’t be and I can’t promise you there will be. You could be a lucky bastard and get away with all sorts of things, there are slippery people like that. Other people get caught up in their own junk all the time.

  2. I wish to bind my adult son from causing harm to himself and others. He argues constantly on social media, so much so that I get messages from people he has offended with screen shots of his messages. They are just terrible.
    I don’t want this to be permanent, but I need him to stop, for himself, my family and others.

    • You can do a binding spell with an exit clause or termination condition. when you write it, be specific about the behavior you wish to bind and say “until thus and such”. Remember that magick works best when backed up by mundane actions. Someone needs to talk to this person and people should be encouraged to call him out on his behavior as well. If he’s an adult, it is not your responsibility to monitor his social interactions anymore, so you can tell these people who are sending him screenshots that they also need to tell him how offensive he is. Otherwise, he can say you’re just a busy body and dismiss you out of hand. Group efforts always work best.

      • Hi! I’m suffering of binding curse in a long while by my ex. How can I free myself? I’m guessing that he was using my hair and personal item as he could get it easily. I could break it twice but all was back again in a half day. What could I do? Thank you!

          • I don’t know how to do it. Especially decoys.😔 I’ve tried things with no benefits. I’m guessing that because my magical powers are chained. Can you help me with some techniques?🥺

          • I suggest finding someone local to assist you in person. You will be able to get references from your local Pagan temple or metaphysical shop.

    • If the combined will of the people performing the binding was stronger than the combined will of the cops to attack the protesters. Theoretically. Yes.

  3. My step daughter and mother n law are doing witchcraft on me I can’t find a job I don’t have money I need a car I feel ugly I’m gaining weight my period prolonged and I can’t have babies I got my cards read and I was told that someone is doing strong witchcraft on me. So I decided to try and do a bond or bind on them to stop what they’re doing to me. Is binding or bonding use for that ?

    • Yes, but you will also need to cleanse yourself of the energies they have already sent to you. I liked to do an egg cleansing and a saltwater bath and perhaps a dusting of cascarilla and/or a charm of some sort to protect you from further energetic attacks. A binding will only help prevent future attacks, it does nothing for what’s already happened. Remember that people can send you negative “curse” energy without even knowing it, so the best thing is to find out the root cause and repair the relationship if possible. Otherwise, you could spend your whole life trying to bind people.

  4. How would 1 person that was bonded with someone through a needle with blood on it loosen. Also I don’t know if this is the part of the bind that was against my will that they are some how rorturing and tormenting me with it as it feels like some one is digging a knuckle in the middle of my back. And is trying to enslave me through it how can I get it unbinded and is that part of a binding spell? Also they can see my every movement. I’ve been a victem of my brother and his friends how can I stop this. Please help

    • You will need to do a cord cutting ritual. It’s rather complicated so you’ll want to talk to someone local. Give your local metaphysical shop a call for a reference.

  5. Can some1 be bonded with some1 else against their will and if so is their a way to know who bonded their self to you?

  6. Here’s a different question/take on binding – does anyone have a suggestion for a binding spell which would bring my van back to me? I have it, have to take it to auction, but want to put a binding spell on it so that I’m able to get it back (by purchasing it from auction).

  7. I have a question. My fiancé is suffering from drug addiction that he can’t seem to break. Is there a way to bind him from doing drugs? Also, is there a way to break my bond with him? We are not magically bonded but I’m looking for a way to break free from him. To just let go.

    • Drug addiction is a medical condition that needs to be overseen by a professional. While there are herbs and spells that can help support an addict during their recovery, their first step is to seek help. There are many ways professionals address addiction and help can be gotten from a spiritual leader, a mental health professional, a holistic health professional, a medical doctor, and others, but it is a tricky disease and it needs close monitoring by someone with training and experience in this area.

      If you need to separate from him, you must first do so physically. There are many cord-cutting spells online to help sever your spiritual connection. I like to use the method of writing letters to him for several nights until you’ve said all you can say, and then burning them, as well as anything else you have that symbolizes your connection (if it can’t be burnt, donate it or recycle it or throw it away). Then, take a cleansing bath or shower using your very favorite special bath products. I like to use a salt scrub for this, but everyone has their own best way.

  8. can be done to bind 2 people in friendship? And also can it be done with only one of the intended people present? If so can a picture of the one who is absent be used?

  9. What about binding someone with an addiction who just had a baby? He’s trying to get custody, because the mom is worse than him, but I want to ensure that the baby is in a safe environment.

    • Of course there is, but it would be a multistep process involving some more advanced techniques and force of Will. My experience is that most people asking “is there spell” questions, haven’t trained their energy or strengthened their Will enough to be able to harness the Will of a demon. There are tons of demon-related grimoires on

    • I just found out my bestfriend and ex fiance and many others are doing death spells and binding spells! And trying to poison me. I believe in unconditional love for all but feel I should also protect myself! I wont be looked down on for this by the spirits for doing a binding spell on all them will i?

      • If someone is doing harm to anyone, including yourself, it is your responsibility to do your best to reveal and stop it. If they are trying to poison you, make a police report! This is illegal and attempted murder!

    • I have no idea. The more specific you are about your intentions the better but the universe is going to use the path of least resistance.

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