Here’s How to Honor Fall [a Witchy Way]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Fall! My favorite season of them all! It’s time to get back to coziness and relax after all those months out and about, seeing people and spending a lot of time in nature. I love nature, you know that! But spending more time at home and get cozy is what I love the most!

Watching nature falling asleep, those leaves falling down creating beautiful scenery is what I live for! Let’s see how to honor fall and why we all should do that!

Why should we all honor fall?

Fall is a period of quietness in nature, which rests, prepares for hibernation, and for the cold. It is a period in which man should become aware of himself, take breaks, put aside the good things, treat yourself to a little love, a vacation, a trip and try to get a spark out of life, the light that does not let the darkness enter.

Things to do to honor fall

There are some things you can do to honor fall and to truly let the energy of this precious season connect with you. Let’s see them together.

Taking a cleansing bath

After all those outdoor activities, all the summer vibes, and all the people we met, I think fall is the best time to take cleansing bath! I love it! It’s relaxing and absolutely rejuvenating to release any tension in our body and any negativity.

You don’t need something too fancy or complicated! You can do something as easy as lighting a white candle and using bath salts and you will be just great!

Cleanse your space

I love cleansing my space during fall! It’s the first thing I do when the days start getting colder so I know that when time comes that we will be called to stay more at home and close windows during the day I will be more than energetically ready!

I love cleansing my space with sage, but you can do it with palo santo or rosemary if they are more your thing! Learn more about cleansing rituals you can do at home here.

Using essential oils

How can I use these essential oils?

You can put them in your bathtub or you can use an oil diffuser to let their energy pervade your space.

Kitchen Magic

Fall is the perfect time to bake something delicious and in tune with autumn vibes! I love making pumpkin pies or pumpkin cookies.

The time spent preparing them is like a meditative practice and pumpkin is the best ingredient as its color and energy deeply connected with this time of the year.


I started meditating during Fall! Why? Because I found it the best time to start spending more time all by myself to focus and listen to my inner voice instead of to those other people who were all around me during summertime. Plus, with all the rituals and the pagan festivities around the corner, meditation is definitely the best practice to use to honor your witchy connections and crafts!

Honoring the dead

Honoring the dead at this time of the year is just great. Why?

Because the veil between this world and the otherworld is so thin that the connection is more likely to happen. Honor them with some pictures or reciting a prayer for the departed like this one.

Using divinatory tools

Fall is a wonderful time for some introspection and so divination can be a great practice to embrace. Rune, tarot cards, pendulum. What’s the best divinatory practice for you? Choose your own and spend more and more time connecting with your intuition.

ouija board

During this time of the year, you can use an Ouija board to connect with the spirits, even though I don’t recommend it.

Making some fall tea

You just need water, rooibos, cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, orange peel, and a teaspoon of honey.

Mix everything and put some water let it boil. Then filter everything and add a teaspoon of honey. This tastes so good and it smells amazing! You can drink it in the afternoon to relax and unwind right before embarking on a divination session.

Candle magic

The best candle to use during fall time is definitely an orange candle! It recalls the leaves falling from the trees, the main foods of this season like pumpkin, grain, and more. Light up an orange candle at night. You can do it on a daily basis or you can design a specific day that suits you the best!


I love doing it, besides during the pagan festivities, during the weekend as I spend more time at home and I have the chance to truly enjoy the energy of this candle and its soothing atmosphere.

Chanting a prayer

If prayers are your thing, saying a prayer is a wonderful powerful but easy way to connect and honor fall and its energy.

Pagan fall festivities

Fall Equinox (Mabon)

The Equinox is equivalent to the moment where the hours of day and night are equal, with the difference that in the spring one goes towards the expansion of day and light, in the autumn one goes towards the expansion of the night, of the dark.

It can be said that the Autumn Equinox is the door to the moment of introspection, of healing. From the point of view of nature, it is the moment when the leaves fall and to fall, they turn yellow.

The summer harvest has already been done on August 1st, now it’s time for grapes, for pomegranates, it’s time for fermentation. The fruit that best represents this moment is the pomegranate, a symbol of motherhood, but it is not the motherhood of the Spring Equinox, it is wise mature motherhood.

It is the symbol of the Priestess, of healing, and is addressed to all Sons, not only the biological ones, to the Universal ones. The wise feminine part that is in us heals our own self and that of others by fermenting, transforming the elements.

It is not entirely correct to say that in the Equinox the old is let go, in this phase what is no longer useful is fermented and becomes something else to return to being useful, only in another way.

Samhain, Halloween, or Celtic New Year

A night between 31 October and 1 November, the beginning of the winter period, alters,

the various layers of reality, which is not only the one that we perceive with the 5 physical senses. We enter into a sort of resonance, allowing the various veils to thin out and favor a deeper communication with what is “beyond”, even in sense of inner “descent”, dream substance. The energies are really at their peak! Learn more about it here!

My favorite rituals for fall time

Each season passage invites us to rely on the customs and rites of the most ancient traditions to celebrate it. At each solstice and equinox, we entrust our desires and best energies to the time of the coming year.

The rituals traditionally reserved for autumn must be celebrated between the night of the 22nd and that of the 23rd to get the maximum benefit.

Power to grapes

The first ritual is borrowed from the agricultural world, closely linked in this period to the harvest.

To celebrate it and wish us abundance and prosperity, let’s take 4 grapes and eat them while keeping the seed. We will thus have 4 seeds ready to regenerate and that refers to the magic number 4 which refers to family, home, material goods, and the earth.

Wishes ritual

On a 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches (4 × 4 cm) sheet, write the word abundance on one side and well-being on the other. Then wrap it into a small tube that you will slip into a piece of earth-brown cloth. You will sew it and store it near the bed. In winter, it must be burned in a bonfire before the arrival of spring.

Offerings to nature

We are slowly preparing for a cold and not very productive season and we must find time to thank for what we received in spring and summer. So, let’s leave the leftovers of our dinner to nature and its small animals, hoping that they find the strength to face a silent period and then return to give life and fruit.

The mind and the perfume

Burn dried rose and sage petals, using their scent to reflect on yourself and where you have come in your existence. The perfect balance between light and the day of the solstice will help you understand something more about your life and the desires you cherish.

Honoring a fall god: Persephone

Persephone is the perfect deity for fall, especially to honor the dead and explore the underworld.

Archaeological Museum in Herakleion. Statue of Isis-Persephone holding a sistrum. Temple of the Egyptian gods, Gortyn. Roman period ( 180-190 A.C.)

To honor her, create an altar for her and ask her for some guidance while connecting with spirits and honoring the dead.

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