Can you Play an Ouija Board Alone? [My Story Included]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Today, I want to dive into a topic very close to me as I’ve always been fascinated with Ouija boards and, besides, whether you can play an Ouija board alone. I will share a paranormal story about when a friend of mine decided to play with it alone in her haunted house.

Between all the divinatory tools people are fascinated by, there is no doubt the Ouija board is the most iconic one, especially for people intrigued by the paranormal world and all its mysteriousness and creepy nuances.

A Ouija board is not a game!

Firstly, a disclaimer. Even if Ouija boards are sold as a toy for kids, it is not a toy and a game. They are one of the most dangerous divinatory tools as they help you connect with the paranormal realm, spirits, and demons.

Using a Ouija Board is like opening a door to the dark side of the paranormal and to dangerous entities that can haunt your place and even possess you or someone close to you.

So, before using it as a game, consider that there are different rules you must follow for a safe and enjoyable experience that, even if you are following the rules, it is possible that some dark things can still happen.

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Ouija board safety tips

Safety TipDescription
Never Play AloneIt is strongly advised not to play the Ouija board alone as it may increase the risk of negative experiences or unintended consequences.
Protect Your EnergyBefore starting the session, take time to ground and protect your energy using meditation, visualization, or protective rituals.
Set Clear IntentionsClearly state your intentions for the session, focusing on positive and respectful communication with any potential spirits or entities.
Respectful Questions OnlyAsk questions respectfully and avoid seeking answers to personal or sensitive matters. Maintain a positive and respectful attitude throughout the session.
Proper ClosureProperly close the Ouija board session by thanking any entities or spirits, saying goodbye, and closing the board according to established practices.
Trust Your IntuitionIf you feel uncomfortable or sense negative energies during the session, trust your intuition and end the session immediately.

Can you play a Ouija board alone?

Yes, but it’s not advisable, as one of the first rules regarding Ouija boards is NEVER to play it alone. Why? Because the more people that are connected with the board, the more energy you bring to the table so the spirits can easily be tackled.

If you play a Ouija board alone, you only have your energy to deal with any spirits as you might be energetically drained from the entity that is in contact with you via Ouija board.

If you have close friends who want to play, the Ouija board is the best choice, especially if they understand the rules and are willing to follow them no matter what.

For example, if something happens during a Ouija board session and those with you want to suddenly leave because they are too scared to continue with the séance, this can easily lead to trouble as you can never leave the board without saying goodbye first.

However, you can decide to play the Ouija Board alone and have people around you as neutral observers, the most important thing, in this case, is that, if they are not willing to connect with the board or the entities that can show up, they need to know that they don’t have to touch the board or the planchette.

I want to play an Ouija Board alone, what can happen to me?

If you are ready to play the Ouija Board alone, you must be aware of the possible consequences. Things that can happen to you may vary as you cannot know which kind of entity will connect with you. It could be a spirit, a demon, it can be a good one or a very evil, dangerous one.

The worst scenarios are that the entity you connect with is a demon (one of the most known demons is Pazuzu), that can use the Ouija board as a vessel, a portal, and use it to enter our world, haunting your place or yourself.

Of course, if you respect all the rules and you can connect with someone of your past, maybe a loved one who passed away, things would be different but, as I said, it really depends.

It’s up to you to choose if it’s worth the chance.

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Pazuzu Demon
Demon Pazuzu

Potential risks and considerations

Negative EntitiesPlaying the Ouija board alone may increase the risk of attracting negative or mischievous entities. Proper precautions and protection are essential.
Psychological ImpactSolo sessions can evoke intense emotions or fears, potentially affecting your mental and emotional well-being. Be aware of your state of mind before attempting to play alone.
Personal VulnerabilityPlaying alone may make you more susceptible to manipulation or deception from potential negative energies. Stay cautious and grounded throughout the session.
Lack of VerificationPlaying alone removes the opportunity for multiple participants to validate or cross-reference the received messages, increasing the potential for subjective interpretations.
Respect for SpiritualityMaintain a respectful attitude towards spirits and entities, avoiding any disrespectful or antagonistic behavior. Approach the Ouija board with reverence and caution.

A paranormal story that happened

I have a story for you, something that scared me terribly, back when this happened, and it still makes me wonder today about her experience.

This story is about a friend of mine, let’s call her Lily to protect her privacy.

Lily arrived in our town with her family when I was in middle school.

She was a blonde girl who seemed so sweet and polite. My friends and I loved her, and we let her join our little girly squad right away, to help her integrate and feel at ease with all the changes she had to been through.

I still know nothing about her past. I don’t know exactly where she came from and I’ve never seen some of the family members she claimed to have.

She was mysterious but sweet and funny so we got along nicely. Time went by and I started noticing there was something off with Lily. She often spent time alone and she often had a dark look that sometimes scared me.

As we became closer friends, she started telling my friends and me some scary stories about her talking to shadow figures, of her dreaming of the devil, her house being haunted by a ghost and some other weird stuff that, to be honest, was too much for 10 years old,

One day I recall she invited us over her place and the house was almost empty, even if she and her family had been living there for a long time. While we were there, I had a weird feeling like we were not alone in the house.

I tried not to recall her stories about her house being haunted and to be strong because I wanted to be a badass in front of my friends. We were playing around and eating popcorn when she decided to create a rudimental Ouija board, as she wanted to talk to her grandma who had passed away.

I wasn’t convinced, so I decided to watch and stayed away from the board. While prepping everything for the séance, I saw her glance over a corner of her room, and with an evil look and a grin she said, “He’s here”.

I FREAKED OUT, as did my friends, we then ran out of the house and called our parents to pick us up.


The next day, Lily came to school with a lot of resentment and told us that we had made “him” angry and that after we had left, she played with the Ouija board alone and suddenly all the windows of her house had exploded. I laughed so hard at first because that seemed like a huge lie.

She kept saying that she was telling the truth and that things went from bad to worse because we didn’t want to play with her. Later that day, her mom came and picked her up from school early, and guess what? I have never seen her ever again. She and her family disappeared into thin air. Even our school was shocked.

So, my parents and I decided to go over her house and see if they were still there, but the only thing we could see was that all the window’s glass was broken as if they had exploded.

What I think happened? I think Lily was so used to playing with the Ouija board alone, that she was already was connected with an entity, the one she saw when we were with her at home. I think that her family knew this and maybe it wasn’t the first time that something similar had happened to them and they were forced to leave another house again.

A few years ago, some old friends of mine who were friends with Lily too, decided to search for her online via Facebook and Instagram but nothing. It’s like she never existed. Who knows what would have happened to her, if she kept contacting entities via Ouija board, and how this changed her life because it definitely did mine.

Tina Caro

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