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Halloween Spells and Rituals (Properly Celebrate Samhain)

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Written by: Tina Caro

And on time, like every year, Halloween returns. But what do we really know about this anniversary? And above all, can we celebrate the night that awaits us properly? Let’s learn more about this special day, and let’s discover a few special Halloween Spells and Rituals.


Halloween spells are magical rituals associated with the Halloween holiday, celebrated on October 31st.

They often incorporate elements like candles, herbs, crystals, and incantations to evoke a spooky or mystical atmosphere.

Common intentions include protection, divination, and connecting with spirits.

While Halloween spells are often done for fun and entertainment, some practitioners integrate them into their spiritual or magical traditions to harness the holiday’s unique energy.

Halloween or Samhain?

The night between the 31st of October and the 1st of November is the feast of Samhain, a pagan festival of Gaelic origin that corresponds to the Celtic New Year.

The name Samhain is of the modern Irish language and derives from a word in ancient Irish, samain, samuin, or samfuin, which could mean late summer. Thus the recurrence entered popular culture and recovered in neo-paganism, particularly in Celticism and Wicca.

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According to tradition, it is the moment in which the world of the living and that of the dead meet. A point outside the temporal dimension that belonged neither to the old year nor to the new.

So the souls of the dead return to earth to see the beloved places alive. The living celebrated this event with joyous celebrations held in their honor.

Its fortune among the Celtic populations was such that, after the encounter with the Roman Empire and the subsequent conversion to Christianity, it influenced both the Latin culture and the subsequent Christian holidays, from All Hallows’ Eve to what we now properly call Halloween.

What are Halloween Spells?

DefinitionHalloween Spells are magical rituals and practices performed in celebration of the Halloween holiday. They often incorporate Halloween-related themes, such as costumes, pumpkins, and the thinning of the veil between the living and spirit realms.
Halloween EnergyThe primary purpose of these spells is to tap into the unique energy and symbolism of Halloween, which includes themes of transformation, honoring ancestors, and connecting with the spirit world.
Seasonal SignificanceHalloween is associated with the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, making it a time of transition and reflection on life and death.
Costume MagicHalloween Spells may involve the use of costumes to represent archetypes or spirits, allowing practitioners to embody different energies or personas.
Ancestor and Spirit WorkThese spells often incorporate practices like ancestor veneration and spirit communication, as Halloween is believed to be a time when the veil between worlds is thin.
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A magic moment (to take advantage of)

Being the day in which time loses its meaning and in which the forces of chaos and the laws of the physical world are upset, it is the ideal time not only to honor those who no longer exist but also to do some small propitiatory spells or rituals.

Halloween Love Spell

Halloween Love Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

In this period of the year, the energies of the Planet are attentive and awake, not for nothing since the remote time of the Celtic festivals and rituals mark the end of October.

Even the spells are easier to succeed during Samhain.

When should you do it: at sunset, a great idea is Halloween evening.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need:

How it’s done

Choose a quiet and discreet corner.

After purifying the room with incense, light the red candle.

On paper, write the name of the person you want, then fold it and burn while saying this name in your head.

When a piece of paper burned down, say this:

“For the stars that shine serene up there, for all the passions and earthly beauties, I call you for a desire of mine to realize: his(her) love and desire to conquer, evil has procured me, but from me he(she) will be forgiven, if of passion and madness he(she) will go mad, every time he sees me!”

The ash from a piece of paper must be thrown somewhere where the water flows. Tradition suggests a river, but today, even the sink is fine.

A tip: you can mentally say the name of the beloved for at least 15 minutes during the evening of Halloween.

Small Propitiatory Halloween Rites

You can do them on Halloween night.

To Get Rid of Unwanted Habits

Write down habits that you want to change on a piece of paper and then set it on fire with matches. Then you need to throw it in the cauldron.

When it’s in the cauldron say:
“From this life this trait I want to burn
in this sacred night of Samhain
finally it is gone
it’s just a memory of the past.”

You can also try with this one:

Light a small fire outside (safely) – if you have a fireplace, that’s even better.

On a sheet of black paper, write with a white pencil what you want to remove from your life – bad thoughts, the influence of negative people, disorders, feelings of guilt, etc.

Around midnight you stand in front of the fire dressed in comfortable clothing and barefoot.

Throw the paper into the flames and say this as it burns:

“Angels of Fire,
I burn what I no longer want,
let these negativities transform
in benefits,
and that energy is not wasted
but to me good return.”

Leave a glass of wine and a piece of bread near the fire to repay the spirits.

Goodbye Sun Ritual

The darkest period of the year is beginning, so we say goodbye to the sun, wishing it good rest until it is born again in Yule.

“Goodbye, sun
The earth has warmed up
joy and joy your rays have brought.
Now close your eyes and go to sleep,
rest quietly in the dark depth,
your bed will be until the Yule holiday,
when your light will shine again.”

After the leave some apples outdoors, or bury them, to symbolically feed the dead.

Divination Halloween Spells

These nights are favorable for divination. Open your mind and use the means most beneficial to you to prepare for the future.

Prayer for The Dead

Recite it facing west, preferably outside.

“Blessed be, spirits of the dead,
for your presence within our circle
thank you
and on this sacred night to you, we raise our celebrations.
We implore the guardian of the dead
why embrace all souls
and above all those lost that have been wandering for a long time
for you to find peace.
We send an affectionate goodbye to all souls.
So be it.”

A Halloween Mirror Ritual

Halloween Mirror Ritual
Share this ritual with your witchy friends.

To remove the evil forces from your life.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

A Halloween Mirror Ritual
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need

How it’s done

Lay a round or oval mirror on the ground.

Put two sprigs of cross-shaped fern on the mirror.

Behind the mirror, put a black candle on.

Turn off any other light in a room.

Kneel down by leaning towards the mirror, until the reflection of your mouth is aligned with the center of the cross.

Look firmly in your eyes, imagining that the forces of evil move away.

Close your eyes, straighten your chest, and imagine that the forces of good are coming towards you.

You don’t need to say anything!

At the end of the ritual, turn off the black candle.

A Halloween Fire Ritual

Things you need

  • Dried leaves
  • Small bonfire

How it’s done

Go to a cemetery and pick up a bag of dried leaves.

Then light a small bonfire (on a cemetery – safely!) and burn one leaf at a time, saying:
“I burn (the name of the person, a thing or a situation that you want to remove from your life permanently) so that it no longer gets in my way.”

Don’t say the same thing for all the leaves – you should state a different problem for each leaf you have.

The Pumpkin Ritual

The Pumpkin Ritual
Share this ritual with your witchy friends.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

How it’s done

Carve a pumpkin and place a white candle inside.

Then fix intensely the shadows that are reflected in the walls and move according to the movement of the candle flame.

When you feel abnormal movements, kneel, and recite this prayer:
“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pray the souls of the invisible world to help me …”

Explain in detail the spiritual help you need.

After reciting your prayer, make the sign of the cross three times and extinguish the candle.

Bury everything together with a handful of chestnuts and a glass of red wine as a form of libation for the spirits.

Self-Confidence Spell

Self-Confidence Halloween Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

Here is a spell to do on Halloween night, that will help us be more confident and lucky.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

halloween Self-Confidence Spell
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need

How it’s done

Light a green candle.

Place some sage leaves in a terracotta saucer on a table, covered with a white cloth.

Add a pinch of lavender and a pinch of coarse salt and repeat three times:

“At the source of all-natural power
I ask you to enlighten me
my offer is this
my heart is pure
You come to me what I need
leave me what oppresses me!
I ask that this be so from today!”

Blow out the candles with two fingers and throw away the candle, sage, and salt in a river.

An Offer to Souls

You need some straightforward things – a candle, incense, and food.

For example, you can choose seasonal fruit (apples, pomegranates, nuts, etc.) or a homemade dessert.

Purify the environment with incense, set the table (suggested near a window).

Light the candle around midnight and offer your table as a gift to the souls who will wander around the land of the living.

You will get their favor and their protection.

Final Thoughts

From an esoteric point of view, the eve of Halloween is a day in which the “veil” that separates our world from the spirit is more subtle.

In ancient times it was believed that during Halloween night, through particular rituals, it was possible to move from one world to another.

It is considered as a particularly promising day to communicate directly with the dead and/or ask for their intercession to predict the future.

For modern operational magic, the night between 31th of October and the 1st of November is a promising event to perform all kinds of magical work.

Tina Caro

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