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A Long List of Herbs that Represent Friendship (Witchy Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Herbs have always been believed to provide happiness, affinity, and unity. Therefore, it is not uncommon to gift a loved one herbs when celebrating a special occasion. One of the many things herbs can give us is friendship.

Although friendship may not be as celebrated as it used to be, it never hurts to show your friends how much you appreciate them, and you can do so with herbs.

With this article, we will discover which herbs celebrate this relationship between people so we can use their energy to attract friendship. We will also learn how to cast spells and perform rituals to bring people closer to us and to have a fulfilling, happy life with others.


Various herbs, including Alstroemeria, Adam’s Needle, Ivy, and Zinnias, hold symbolic meanings of friendship.

Iris, Rose petals, Tulips, and Tropical herbs are also associated with friendship, each carrying its unique significance.

Herbs like Pink geranium petals, Sunflower petals, and Calla flowers can be used to enhance friendship rituals or charm bags.

Friendship altars, charm bags, and tea can benefit from the inclusion of these herbs, creating meaningful and thoughtful gestures of camaraderie and affection.

What can we consider an herb?

In witchcraft, we define herbs much more loosely than in gardening or cooking! Witches consider some petals and leaves of certain plants to be herbs too! Keep this in mind while learning all about them!

Herbs that Represent Friendship
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What herbs symbolize friendship, and what do they mean


It is also known as the Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily and it looks like a miniature lily. It represents friendship and passion. And its peculiar way in which its leaves grow crookedly makes one believe that it represents the twists and turns that arise in friendships.

Adam’s Needle

Its leaves are evergreen, narrow, and rigid. It is a yucca that can grow on almost any surface, be it dry, rocky, or sandy soil. This herb symbolizes true friendship and your ability to overcome obstacles that come your way.

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This plant represents the relationship that is cultivated and grows between two best friends.


When this herb is yellow, someone is thinking about you daily. When it is white, it represents the memory of an absent friend, and if it is a scarlet color then it refers to the companionship between friends.



It is a spring herb, which enhances its symbolization of renewal and transformation, characteristics that apply to friendship. It also represents friendship, trust, and faith.

Rose petals

These are suitable for almost any situation, including when you want to celebrate friendship. For this, yellow and orange rose petals are perfect. These colors represent the happiness that both friends have for being able to share time together.

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When it comes to blue tulips, these represent true and pure loyalty. Tulips in general represent joy. Whatever color of tulips you use, you can mix in white tulips, since they speak of honesty. These herbs are easy to get your hands on.

Tropical herbs

Tropical herbs have a longer life but are not easy to find, which will add a special touch to that friendship.

Pink geranium petals and leaves

A pink geranium symbolizes new affection: a fresh friendship ready to blossom, just like your gift herbs. The geranium with ivy leaves symbolizes true friendship, while a climbing geranium represents, in the language of herbs, solidity, and stability.

Tulips petals

Pink tulips are a symbol of attention, affection, and good omen; therefore, they are perfect to give to a friend or family member. If, on the other hand, you need forgiveness from a friend, the white tulip is a perfect way to apologize. Whatever the color of your tulip, it is the perfect herb for smiling on a happy occasion.

Sunflower petals

Sunflower, precisely by virtue of always turning towards the sun, symbolizes happiness, sunshine, and liveliness. Therefore, giving this is equivalent to emphasizing the joyful and cheerful character of whoever you are gifting it to. The sunflower, in other traditions and popular cults, also expresses gratitude as well as respect and admiration for the person who receives it.

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Calla flowers, leaves and petals

These mean friendship and sincere esteem. With a unique and unmistakable appearance, with a discreet and composed beauty, as its Greek name reflects, evokes elegance and nobility. It is ideal for expressing respect, sincere admiration, and heartfelt friendship.

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Herbs for friendship altar or charm bags

ThymeThyme is often used in friendship altar or charm bags to bring about courage, loyalty, and positive energy in friendships.
BasilBasil is considered a herb of friendship and is commonly included in altar or charm bags to attract and strengthen friendships.
MarjoramMarjoram is associated with warmth, compassion, and understanding, making it a suitable herb for promoting deep friendships.
DillDill is believed to enhance trust and create a sense of closeness in friendships, making it a popular choice for friendship rituals.
SageSage is known for its cleansing and purifying properties and can be used in friendship rituals to remove negative energies.

Herbs for friendship tea

HibiscusHibiscus is often used in friendship teas for its vibrant and uplifting energy, symbolizing joy, friendship, and celebration.
ElderflowerElderflower is associated with love and friendship and is commonly used in teas to promote strong and lasting friendships.
JasmineJasmine flowers are known for their sweet and soothing aroma, making them a delightful addition to friendship tea blends.
RoseRose petals are symbolic of love and friendship and can be included in tea blends to enhance the qualities of friendship.
Lemon VerbenaLemon Verbena leaves impart a lemony scent and flavor, adding a refreshing touch to friendship teas and symbolizing joyfulness.

All things pink!

Any pink herb is capable of transmitting feelings of companionship, and also of being supportive in situations of sadness. For this reason, herbs such as lilacs, chrysanthemums and yellow roses are usually chosen as gifts for those who want to show their affection.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to honor a friendship is with some beautiful herbs specially selected for that special friend. An arrangement of herbs that symbolizes your friendship can be given on any day of the year. This is the best way to honor and celebrate friendship and, of course, these are the best herbs for you to use when casting a friendship spell!

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