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Candle Magic

Crafting Deity Candles: Step-by-Step Guide

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Written by: Tina Caro

Candles in magical practice represent a straightforward form of magic. This type of practice is versatile and easily accessible, as candles are readily available.

The fundamental principles involve concentration, visualization, and focusing on the candle as a symbolic representation while invoking the presence of a deity.


Candles are frequently used in religious and spiritual practices as symbols of devotion and illumination for deities.

Lighting candles signifies a seeker’s desire for divine wisdom and guidance while also serving as an offering to show respect and devotion.

Candles create a sacred and meditative atmosphere, aiding in concentration during prayers, rituals, or meditation dedicated to specific deities.

The use of candles for deities varies across different belief systems and traditions, with each culture having its unique customs and symbolism associated with candle lighting in religious contexts.

Getting Started

To commence, begin by purifying the space and relaxing.

Opt for new candles, and crucially, refrain from using candles previously used in other spells. Ensure the environment remains quiet unless you intend to incorporate ritualistic music.

Crafting Deity Candles
Copyright: Tina Caro

You also have the option of using essential oils on your candles. Simply place a few drops from the bottle onto the candle and rub them in using your hands.

This allows the energy to transfer from your hands to the wax. The motion should follow from top to bottom and then in the opposite direction.

As you visualize the success of the spell, you’ll witness your wishes coming to fruition.

Fire is one of the four primary elements commonly employed in spiritual and religious contexts.

Illuminating Spiritual Realms: The Power of Candle Magic

Specifically, candles are lit to establish a connection with the divine, creating a passage between the earthly and invisible realms. Candles serve as bearers of light, their flames illuminating both the physical and astral planes.

Notably, candles are prevalent beyond spiritual realms, as evidenced by the familiar sight of candles adorning birthday cakes, ready to be extinguished while making a wish.

Unbeknownst to many, this ritual constitutes a form of magic.

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Colors and Elements: The Language of Candle Magic

But what is the significance of the candle? It represents the soul, and the flame embodies the prayers directed toward God, the Universe, or other entities.

Beyond fire’s power, a candle encapsulates the cosmos’ remaining elements: water, symbolized by melting wax; earth, symbolized by the wax itself; and air, symbolized by smoke.

In the realm of esoteric practices, candles are meticulously prepared following specific patterns passed down through various traditions.

Some practitioners even anoint the candles with special oils for consecration and preparation before ritual use.

The choice of oil depends on the desired outcome and the area of influence. The candle’s significance extends beyond its flame; as previously mentioned, wax possesses magnetic capabilities.

DeityAssociated Essential OilsProperties and Attributes
Deity of LoveRose, Jasmine, Ylang YlangLove, sensuality, emotional healing.
God of WisdomFrankincense, Lavender, Clary SageWisdom, clarity, spiritual insight.
Healing DeityEucalyptus, Lavender, PeppermintHealing, soothing, wellness.
Protective DeityCedarwood, Myrrh, SandalwoodProtection, warding off negativity.
Deity of CreativityCitrus Oils (Orange, Lemon)Creativity, inspiration, joy.
Table: Common Essential Oils for Deity Candles

It can absorb thoughts and emotions, releasing them during combustion. This is why candles feature prominently in religious ceremonies and prayers. It’s worth acknowledging that candles’ popularity in sacred spaces is not coincidental.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Deity Candle

Step 1: Prepare SuppliesGather all necessary materials and tools.
Step 2: Choose IntentDetermine the purpose and intent of the deity candle.
Step 3: Select ColorChoose a candle color associated with the deity or intent.
Step 4: Choose ScentSelect a fragrance oil or essential oil related to the deity.
Step 5: Prepare WickCut the wick to the appropriate length for the container.
Step 6: Melt WaxMelt the candle wax using a double boiler or microwave.
Step 7: Add Colorant*Incorporate the chosen colorant into the melted wax.
Step 8: Add Fragrance*Mix in the selected fragrance oil or essential oil.
Step 9: Add Herbs or Crystals*Add optional herbs or crystals for symbolism.
Step 10: Pour WaxPour the melted wax into the chosen mold or container.
Step 11: Place WickCenter the wick in the wax and let it cool and harden.
Step 12: DecorateDecorate the candle with symbols or inscriptions.
Step 13: ChargeInfuse the candle with energy and intention.
* Optional

Symbols and Decorations for Deity Candles

DeitySymbols and DecorationsMeaning and Representation
Moon GoddessCrescent Moon, StarsLunar energy, intuition, femininity.
Sun GodSun Motif, Rays of LightVitality, strength, masculine energy.
Healing DeityCaduceus, Healing CrystalsHealth, wellness, balance.
Protective DeityShield, Runes, PentagramProtection, warding off negativity.
Deity of CreativityPaintbrush, Quill, Musical NotesCreativity, self-expression.

How to Perform Deity Candle Magick?

The process of conducting a ritual or deity candle magic is remarkably simple—so much so that explaining it can sometimes prove more challenging than performing it.

The key lies in knowing your desired outcome and the specific deity you wish to establish a connection with.

A resolute and unambiguous intention is at the core of successful deity magic, rituals, and spells.

The desire must resonate deeply within you; even a hint of doubt or uncertainty can hinder the entire endeavor.

Setting the Magical Stage

The environment where deity candle magic unfolds should be purified using smoke or evocative sounds.

The subsequent step involves articulating your intention, effectively initiating the manifestation process from the realm of thought to the physical world. Once the candle is kindled, vocalize your intention aloud and dedicate it to the chosen deity.

As the flame dances, you can either watch it intently or engage in other activities, fully trusting in the magic’s unfolding.

The primary colors to employ for a deity candle

Color plays a pivotal role in candle magic, as each hue corresponds to distinct vibrations capable of influencing both our internal and external worlds.

Colors are integral to candle magic due to their diverse effects on the human psyche and surrounding environment, allowing them to differentiate various magical endeavors.

For assistance with matters of love life: Use red

The red candle’s color is harnessed in magic aimed at igniting relationships with passion and desire. This spell intensifies energy considerably.

The fusion of fire’s frequency with the red color facilitates the materialization of your desires in the physical world.

To enhance focus and energy with deity assistance: Opt for yellow

When the frequency of yellow meets the frequency of fire, it stimulates the desire to enhance personal imperfections.

The initial step involves embracing our shortcomings and nurturing self-love before proceeding with transformation. Yellow is a highly invigorating color, especially in matters related to the mind.

For aid in accepting truths: Embrace blue

In some instances, reaching the truth and accepting it as reality is necessary. A blue candle, combined with fire’s energy, unlocks the forces of acceptance and truth. When certainty is essential, magic involving a blue candle is fitting.

To energize and heal: Choose orange

The compelling synergy between fire’s frequency and the orange candle’s color facilitates potent magic. Burning an orange candle dissolves pent-up anger while stimulating our innate creativity.

Healing wounds stemming from a strained relationship with our mother is aided by the orange candle’s magic. This form of magic attracts positive individuals into our lives, fostering relationships and profound friendships.

For clarity and intuitive insight: Opt for dark blue

Dark blue, encompassing the unique indigo hue, stimulates intuition and unveils truth when burned alongside a candle. The synthesis of fire’s frequency and indigo’s shade alters our perception of the world, elevating our awareness.

Magic with an indigo candle elevates the frequency aligned with life’s purpose, benefiting both us and humanity as a whole.

If you’re seeking assistance in purifying your energy: Opt for white

Incorporating a white candle into magical practices is optimal for cleansing both the environment and the individual from negative energies.

The frequency of the white color, combined with the candle’s fire, sets a favorable tone for new beginnings. When a white candle is ignited, the energy of peace and serenity permeates the surroundings.

For guidance toward wealth and abundance: Choose green

The green hue of a lit candle emits a frequency that, when harmonized with the fire’s energy, proves advantageous for those striving to ascend. In candle magic, the color green symbolizes wealth and personal growth, signifying a transition to a higher state than one’s current position.

To manifest loving vibes in your life: Pick pink

Dissimilar to red, the pink candle serves when the intention is to evoke genuine love through magic, unlike red, which stimulates attraction and passion rooted in chemistry, pink releases a frequency of unity.

As the pink candle burns, it radiates a frequency that resonates with individuals emitting similar vibrations, fostering a connection akin to that of spiritual soulmates.

For a boost of energy: Embrace gold

When combined with fire, gold-colored candles emit a remarkably high frequency, making them excellent amplifiers of intentions.

The golden candle proves particularly potent when used in conjunction with candles of different colors, elevating the power of the magic being performed.

For instance, lighting a gold-colored candle alongside a pink one produces an exceptionally potent frequency, enhancing the likelihood of fostering love.

To interpret your dreams: Select purple

Delving into the realm of dreams is facilitated through the magic of purple candles. With purple candles, a pathway is cleared to explore dreams often described as vivid due to their striking realism.

For protection: Opt for black

Black candles find purpose in magical practices aimed at enhancing protection. When there’s a need to safeguard oneself from a specific situation, rituals involving black candles can be employed.

However, it’s essential for the spell to target a well-defined scenario and have both a commencement and termination date. Black candle magic is also beneficial when striving to break free from entrenched patterns and discard unhealthy habits.

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