Discovering The Fire Element (Deep Knowledge)

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By: Tina Caro

The fire element is one of the most powerful ones. I thought it would be a great idea to shed more light on this topic and give you a more in-depth explanation to learn more about its main features, how to use its connection, and how to let this energy rule and guide our witchy craft.

The Fire Element: main features

The fire element is yang energy, radiating upwards, full of fervor, light, and heat, with which it illuminates and warms the world.

It is the element of the Sun, of immortality and transformation.

It is the “Agni,” the Life, the energy that animates the world. It is the soul of the world.

Fire is a universal essence reflected both on the physical and spiritual planes. It connects with the idea of Spirit and Illumination.

It is also a symbol of purification and regeneration.

Powerful Thaumaturge is able to perform the transmutation of metals. The philosophers regarded him as the most extraordinary of the occult powers of nature.

The signs belonging to the element of Fire represent its three primary forms: sparks (Aries), full fire or bonfire (Leo), and embers (Sagittarius).

When the moon is in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), all the works and rituals based on fire have the best results: cooking, heating, transforming, strengthening, renewing. Meditating on the sun helps a lot to connect with its energy. The parts of the plants corresponding to these days are the fruits.

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How to connect with the fire element?

A Prayer

You can spend some time chanting a prayer for fire. This is an easy and effective way to connect with the element and help you channel its energy into your soul and practice.

The Altar

It will be a good measure to use symbolic representations of this element. You will place the tools necessary for the Rite on the work table or the Altar. Around which you will stretch the rope, thus creating the protective circle. First, draw a triangle on the Altar.

It will act as a boundary to the space where the friendly fire elementals will materialize. Charge the triangle with the idea of holding the Elemental energies that will manifest. Then place an object with symbolic value for the energies we will meet.

In our case, those elementals of fire. The simplest thing to symbolize fire will be to light a candle. You will also be able to add a small triangle, which is the symbol of the realm of fire, and a magic wand.

Ideas for Witchy Altar Setups (Is There the Best One??)

The wand will symbolize your WILL. You should already know that Will manifests the subtle Fire within the human body. You will connect with the causal plane, of which fire is the symbol.

Keep in mind that this external environment you have created will begin to absorb energies from the realm of the Fire element as soon as you light the candle.

As you do this, say something related to what you are doing, for example: “I am lighting this candle. Its flame will manifest the energies of fire in the space I have arranged.”

A potent method is to recite a mantra, a word of Power, which will immediately draw these forces into your realm. Each person has their Mantra.

The Spiritual Work

Once the outer realm has been created, let’s move on to the inner one. Imagine yourself in the act of capturing the energy of fire from the universe and projecting it into the triangle.

Perform the Rite according to these directives: let your left arm be extended, pointing away from the triangle, palm up and your right arm pointing towards the triangle. Breathe slowly and concentrate on the breath itself.

Knowing breathing techniques, such as Yoga, can help you. As you inhale, visualize the energies of fire from the universe entering your body through the palm of your left hand. As you exhale, project this energy towards the triangle with your right hand.

Mentally color the projected force a bright red. As you practice breathing, imagine that this energy is getting redder and redder. Proceed until you feel that you have loaded the triangle sufficiently. Know that the more energy you accumulate in the circle, the more powerful the experiences you will have of the fire and its kingdom.

Meditation and the Visualization Practice

Always imagine yourself surrounded by a protective sphere. It is your protective circle. Imagine in front of you a flaming triangle, the door that will allow you to enter the realm of fire. The Triangle represents both the fire element and your will.

Inside the triangle, you will see the fire in its many forms, as transparent figures, one on top of the other. You will be able to see some of the fire spirits, the salamanders. You know that fire connects with your will and the plane of emanation.

You will be sure of your stamina and strength, going in there to master all of this.

Repeat to yourself six times:

“I am complete WILL.”

With each repetition, focus more deeply on the fire of your inner realm.

Say once:

“I am ONE.”

Again repeat six times

“I am complete WILL” and once “I am ONE”.

Do this for about ten minutes. Think the words slowly and carefully. Finish the exercise with a short meditation.

You can also use these mantras to create some fire sigil!

The Physical Practice

Surya Namaskara, a basic Yoga exercise (which you can find in any Yoga manual) means “sun salutation” and can be seen as a form of worship of the sun and all that it represents.
Its practice awakens the solar aspects of human nature and releases this vital energy to develop higher awareness.

The practice of Surya Namaskara every morning is an important exercise in awareness and a way of paying homage to the source of life’s creation, thus preserving the solar tradition.

Why connecting with fire element?

As this element is associated with the qualities of courage, strength, passion, and determination, the fire energy can help you enhance yourself.

It strengthens the air, heats the water, and finds its roots in the earth.

This element is linked with action, impulse, the beginning of things, creativity, vitality, and impulsiveness.

It is intuition. It is a flame that needs to find its structure or it goes out. Its purpose is to ignite, not to last. It needs the Earth to find its direction.

How to use all this in your practice?

Connect with fire and then perform rituals like for protection, courage, sex, energy, strength, authority, and banishing negativity. Perform any ritual related to burning or steaming.

To enhance the power, use certain herbs and spices like chili and bougainvillea, usually pungent, prickly, or spicy plants or herbs such as thistles, stimulant cactus, or coffee beans. Also, use the seeds because they contain the vital force of the plant.

To connect with stones and crystals, use red or fiery, as in jasper, volcanic like lava, or clear as in quartz crystal.

It can help you connect with the Goddesses Brigid, Amaterasu, Pele, and the Gods Horus, Sol, Surya, and Lugh.

You create a connection with the salamander, its elemental spirit.

The symbol with which it represents is a triangle with the tip pointing upwards. It recalls the flame and alludes to an upward motion, of growth or expansion, to a centrifugal, invasive, and conquering action. From the planetary point of view, the planets that express the energy of fire to the maximum are the Sun, as a search for identity, and Mars, the red planet, a symbol of warrior ardor.

It helps you cleanse your energy. Wiccan witches use fire rituals in various ways. One of the best known is to light two small fires and pass between them to purify ourselves, feeling their energy filling our bodies as we pass through their space. Lone practitioners can still practice by lighting the fire in the cauldron or with a candle in it.

In our practice, we can use the magic of fire every time we want to recall the human qualities associated with it and help us manifest the effects of transformations through its heat, power, and light.

Tina Caro

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