Can you Sell Your Soul Just by Thinking it? [Read This!]

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Written by: Tina Caro

It does seem an unusual thought, some could consider it fascinating, or scandalous, yet on the internet, simply by entering in Google search, “sell the soul to the devil”, there are many sites that advise how to carry out this practice. So can you sell your soul just by thinking it? Let’s find it out in this article.

There are different formulas and invocations, some seem simple nursery rhymes, others seem a little more demanding, and some things look scary and dangerous. This is a question I do get asked, so I really wanted to clarify some things to help anyone learn all you need to know about this topic, to avoid any bad surprises, and to act in a conscious way.

What does selling a soul really mean?

To sell your soul means, you have made an agreement, with the devil, to trade your soul, when you die, in exchange for something you want in your life.

What can you ask the devil?

Basically, anything you want. You can ask for success, wealth, power, and so much more.

What do people want to get when they make an agreement to sell their soul?

I researched a lot of about this topic, to learn more about why people would consider this kind of agreement and, what has left me more perplexed and a bit sad, is that rather than the issue with morality itself, this is often precisely the motivation that pushes people to take this step.

As an eternal romantic, I would have strongly argued that the reasons why people try to sell their soul are unrequited love, but perhaps this is too noble a thought, a bit like what happens to Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”, which just to meet once again his beloved Eric, gives her voice away to Ursula, the Witch of the Sea.

That’s not why people would do it, from various surveys and online data, it would emerge that the main reason why people are willing to this eternal and hellish covenant are money and success.

It reminds me of possibly the most famous case of this when in 1930 in Robinsonville Mississippi, (claims have also been made that it happened in Rosedale MS, and Clarksdale MS too), at the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61, a young, aspiring blues musician named Robert Johnson, who was kicked off stage, return a year later, it was said, that he had acquired an insane skill level and unusual technique, strumming a series of rapid-fire chords that made the guitar sound almost like a piano – as piano with three hands playing it.

How could this kid, who was lousy enough to get kicked off stage a year earlier, return as the most talented blues guitarist in the Delta? There was only one explanation, Johnson had made a deal with the devil.

You can actually a book about his story on Amazon.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson

People seem not to care about finding the love of their life, as long as one goes away, another arrives, but people are willing to do the dirtiest, dangerous things for money and for success and fame.

Is this attributable again to the highly narcissistic period we are experiencing, all over the world? Is vanity now our favorite sin?

It seems so, according to the data reported by several job recruiting sites, the applicants that replied, success, as one of their goals, was more than 50% of the interviewees. It seems that Hell is paved with dreams of glory, a sort of controversial eternity. It is not known how many of these people wanted to become multi-millionaire actors, presenters, writers, managers, but what is clear is the desire to sell everything to gain visibility. Like a marketing agency trying to get more followers, than someone else.

According to these sites, it seems the devil always responds to these types of calls, and although the rituals may be different, I will not spoil the magick formulas, (you can have a look for them on other websites), the only things that they really advise people of are the following two rules:

  1. You are selling your soul for eternity, you are not mortgaging it, you are asking for something really huge and substantial, something worthwhile.
  2. Remember to ask for longevity, together with anything, it seems that the god of the Underworld enjoys having fun with people, by paying them back with a bad trick a few days after the sale. Do not fall into this trivial trap.

Can you sell your soul just by thinking it?

Yes. I think that the fact that you are considering something like that, can open the doors to darkness, and to evil entities like the devil or any other dark deity or presence.

There are many different chants that offer your soul to the devil, and to give it away to get what you want but, as I say when it comes to magick, intentions are everything.

The power of our minds and the law of attractions, have much more power than you can imagine, and just by thinking of selling your soul, it’s like you are turning a beacon on to allow these evil entities to find you.

My thoughts on this topic

When it comes to this sensitive topic, I have a clear opinion myself. I think that selling the soul is a betrayal towards ourselves, it is haggling in order to have a personal advantage, certainly not for the benefit of others.

The soul is neither to be sold nor bought, as it is an intangible asset. Together, with each breath, it tells us that we are animated beings, unlike stones that are inanimate. Whoever sells their soul is reduced to stone. Freedom was given to men, a fundamental gift that forms the conscience with the intellect.


The soul often identifies with the conscience and in an ontological way, with the spirit. The vital principle that leads to the good in ourselves and that elevates man towards something that is bigger than us.

So selling the soul is betraying one’s freedom, one’s intimacy, one’s dignity, one’s coherence in everyday human existence, to obtain personal advantages with the tragic result that then Man, seeks the liberation of his ego, is reduced to the voluntary destruction of the body.

In these modern times, people tend not to stop for a moment, to be quiet and just breathe, blocking out all other noises and distractions. Often, these people no longer perceive the beauty of freedom because they have sold themselves or their values. They have contaminated their souls by selling themselves off, losing that gift that leads to beauty, to the truth, to our authenticity.

I love magick because it gives us freedom and, if used in the right way, can easily help us to be the best version of ourselves by boosting our mind and soul connection instead of selling ourselves and our soul out.

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