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9 Free Spells To Get Your Ex Back [Powerful Lost Love Spells]

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Written by: Tina Caro

So you just lost him/her? Ouch! Too bad, but keep calm. There’s a way to get your lover back. In this article, I’ll show you how you can cast powerful get your ex back spells that will bring back lost love, and give you a few tips and tricks.


Get Ex Back Spells are a popular form of witchcraft aimed at rekindling lost romantic relationships through mystical means.

Before delving into spellwork, it’s essential to understand the nuances and ethical considerations surrounding such practices.

Did you know that these spells tap into ancient traditions and belief systems, often drawing upon the power of intention, symbolism, and energy manipulation?

To make these spells work effectively, one must focus on their intent, gather the necessary ingredients, and create a conducive environment for the rituals.

Regardless of past problems, white magic offers a chance to recover lost love. It’s traditionally used for healing emotional pain, with the belief that everyone deserves love and happiness.

However, it’s crucial to approach spells to recover a former partner with responsibility, not taking them lightly. White magic works when there’s positive energy between two people, but it doesn’t create feelings.

Red magic can aid in rekindling a relationship affected by misunderstandings or minor issues. Rituals to return lost love are commonly sought after in esoteric practices.

It’s a misconception that spells to get your ex back quickly don’t work; their effectiveness largely depends on the practitioner’s approach.

For these spells to manifest, they must be performed with an open mind and heart, setting aside any negative energy accumulated since the breakup.

Casting a spell from a place of doubt or disbelief, especially regarding the nature of feelings for your lost love, will likely result in failure. The key is to believe in the magic and the potential for reconciliation.

What are Get Ex Back Spells?

DefinitionGet Ex Back Spells are magical rituals and practices performed with the intention of re-establishing a romantic relationship with a former partner or ex-lover.
PurposeThe primary purpose of these spells is to influence the former partner’s feelings and intentions, encouraging them to rekindle the relationship or open the door to reconciliation.
Ethical ConsiderationsPractitioners approach Get Ex Back Spells with ethical considerations, recognizing the importance of respecting the free will, consent, and boundaries of both parties involved.
ResponsibilityThese spells should be used responsibly and with a genuine and positive intention, focusing on reconciliation and mutual consent rather than manipulation or coercion.
Consent and BoundariesIt is crucial to respect the consent and boundaries of the former partner and to acknowledge that their response may vary, and reconciliation may not always be possible or desired.

Before we start with the spellwork

The spells I’ll present are designed to reopen your ex-partner’s heart.

When conducting these rituals, it’s essential to believe fully in their success and have faith that your desires will manifest.

Many relationships end due to misunderstandings or momentary issues, but it’s often possible to rekindle lost love, especially through simple and safe white magic techniques.

It’s important to approach these spells with awareness, kindness, and a genuine desire to mend what was broken. Avoid using spells for revenge or to bring back an ex without the intention to heal the relationship.

Remember, love is a fundamental force that unites people, so never lose hope in your partner and the pursuit of shared happiness.

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More Information

Here’s how you can make these spells work

To increase and refine one’s mental attitudes towards energetic magic (but also white and ‘pink’ magic), it is advisable to practice:

  • The art of concentration (meditation is very useful in this regard).
  • Become able to change our vibration in a minute. For example from depressed to optimistic or otherwise convinced that things are going well in one way or another. Changing our vibration is an essential tool to attract the energy we want and to emit the energy we want (even in the manipulation of “external” energy).
  • Start with small things, small ‘manipulations’, and then increase the ‘demands’ or goals. For example, instead of starting with a ritual to attract a particular person, one could start with the idea of becoming more magnetic, of attracting people in general… This is because they align the energies for a specific goal that involves the will and the energies of a particular person is often more difficult or complicated than ‘letting the universe do’…
  • Open our “Third Eye” and trust your intuition.
spell to get your ex back free 1
Let’s start exploring the powers of lost love spells.
IngredientPurpose in the Spell
Pink or White CandlesThese colored candles represent love, reconciliation, and healing. They are often used as a focal point for channeling energy and intention towards rekindling the relationship.
Rose Quartz CrystalRose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is used to amplify the energy of love and forgiveness in the spell. It can be held or placed near the candles during the ritual.
Healing HerbsHerbs like lavender and chamomile may be used to promote emotional healing and calm any lingering negative emotions.
Personal ItemsPersonal items related to the relationship, such as photos, letters, or mementos, can be incorporated into the spell to strengthen the emotional connection.
Honey or SugarThese sweet ingredients are used to symbolize the desire for sweetness and harmony in the relationship. They are often added to a spell or used in a symbolic ritual.
Love or Reconciliation OilsAnointing candles or personal items with oils designed for love or reconciliation can intensify the spell’s energy and intention.
Pink or Red RibbonRibbons may be used to symbolize the binding of love and connection between the individuals involved. They are often tied around a representation of the relationship, like a photograph.
Table: Common Ingredients Used in Get Your Ex Back Spells

A list of 9 Free Spells to Get Your Ex Lover Back

1. 8.00 PM, Blue Cloth, and a Teapot Spell to bring back your love

Blue Cloth and a Teapot Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This beginner-friendly spell is very easy to perform and requires a few items to perform. The power of the photo will help you attract this person to you to rekindle the romance and to restore the old balance between the two of you. This is a great spell to perform after a fight or an argument.

The best time to perform this easy but effective spell is precisely at 8.00 PM.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • Two white candles
  • A photo of the ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or your friend (A photo of the target of this spell is required and it is highly recommended. If you don’t have one you can use a sheet of paper with his/her name on it but, the effectiveness of the spell might lower)
  • A picture of yourself smiling
  • A teapot (If you don’t have a teapot you can use a bowl too)
  • A blue cloth or fabric
DIY 8.00 PM, Blue Cloth, and a Teapot Spell to bring back your love by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to do it:

  1. At 8.00 in the evening, light the two candles and breathe deeply for a while to relax.
  2. Try to imagine the good times you and your partner spent together and erase any negative thoughts from your mind.
  3. Relaxed, hold the photograph of a former boyfriend (or girlfriend) and slowly repeat these words:
  4. “Flame of white light, I will illuminate your desire, when I pronounce your name, you will feel my fire.” So be it “– In this way, the spell was cast.
  5. Say his/her name three times and then take your picture and place it under his/her, so that the two images are together.
  6. Put the two photographs, in a teapot, and wrap everything in a blue fabric
  7. Place everything somewhere safe.

After you finish with the ritual, you need to repeat his/her name three times while lighting the candles every night at precisely 8.00 PM. Repeat this process for at least a week, or until you notice some positive results.

If you forget to repeat the ritual or you skip a few days it would be better to recast the spell in order to see actual results.

2. A Red Rose and a Toothpick Spell

A Red Rose and a Toothpick Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This is a simple beginner-friendly spell to get your ex-lover back with a few essential ingredients.

It is recommended that you cast this spell on a Friday evening during a crescent (Waxing) moon. If you cannot wait for the waxing moon to come around at least perform this spell on a Friday, the best day of the week to cast all sorts of love spells.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • A new pink candle
  • A toothpick
  • A lighter
  • A rose
  • A bowl
  • A glass of water
  • A handful of salt

How to do it:

  1. Take 3 petals of a red rose and dip them in a bowl containing a handful of salt and a glass of water.
  2. While dipping the petals in the bowl, say your desire (“I want x to come back to me,” etc.). You need to know what your desire is.
  3. Take the pink candle (it has to be a new one) and use a knife to engrave the name of your ex and your name on it.
  4. Light the toothpick and light the candle with it.
  5. Concentrate for a few moments on the flame, anticipate the warmth, the power, and imagine the face of him (or her) surrounded by a pink light.
  6. Repeat your request to the Universe and, once you feel ready, turn off the candle with your moistened fingers – use fingers, this is IMPORTANT as it would give yourself the chance to connect with the power of magic with your essence throughout your saliva.
A Red Rose and a Toothpick Spell picture

3. Cardinal Directions, Rosemary, and a Coin Spell

Rosemary and a Coin Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This lost love spell is very easy to perform, but you need to follow the process thoroughly. Only that guarantees genuine results.

If you miss some steps or you lose your focus while casting it would be better to stop immediately and recast it after a few days.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 5/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • A folded of paper
  • Red thread
  • Pinch of rosemary (it is recommended that it’s fresh and dry)
  • A coin

How to do it:

  1. On the inside of the piece of paper you need to write the name of your ex.
  2. After that, you have to rub rosemary (slightly) with a coin.
  3. When you hold both, rosemary and a coin in your hand, you should repeat the name of your ex four times. IMPORTANT: whenever you say the name of your ex, you need to look at the cardinal directions – first at the south, then north, and after that west, and east.
    You can use a compass to help you with the directions. It’s critical that you follow these instructions.
  4. Then you have to seal an envelope with a coin inside and roll an envelope into a tube.
Cardinal Directions, Rosemary, and a Coin Spell example
  1. You have to kiss the rolled envelope and tie it with a red thread until it is sealed.
  2. You need to save this envelope somewhere safe.

To finish this spell, the rosemary that you have used, must be thrown in the (windy) air.

When it flows in the air, you have to visualize how your ex-partner is happily returning back to you.

4. White Candle and a Photograph Spell

White Candle and a Photograph Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This easy to perform white candle and a photograph spell is effective only if you want to get an ex-boyfriend back. Being a specific photograph spell if you don’t have a pic of your ex simply skip this spell and choose another one.

This spell is also specifically designed to bring your boyfriend, husband back. It won’t work on women. It’s one of my favorite spells and I always suggest this one to friends who need to win their exes back!

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 4/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • A photo of the person you want to get back.
  • A white candle.
  • A chalk.
DIY White Candle and a Photograph Spell by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to do it:

  1. Light the white candle and kneel facing east.
  2. Put a photo on the ground and recite this chant seven times. Each time you repeat it, draw a circle around the photograph with a chalk:“To you who only understand the anguish of my soul. Bring it back to me. Because without me he will not know where to go and in nowhere will he go. To you who only understand the anguish of my soul. Brings (name) into my heart and brings my heart back into his. Because without me he won’t know where to go and in nowhere will he go. So be it and so it will be! “
  3. Blow out the candle and leave everything as it is.
  4. For seven consecutive days repeat the process: light the candle, erase a circle with your hands, recite the chant once and turn off the candle.
  5. On the last day, after erasing the last circle and reciting the chant for the last time, burn the photograph with a candle flame saying these magic words:“My love, I am ready to welcome you back into my life. In the name of the one who alone understands the anguish of the soul, you will welcome me into yours, or yours will be over! “

It’s one of my favorite spells.

5. A Recipe Spell

A Recipe Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This ritual requires a picture of you with your ex-partner. If you don’t have one, you can use one of your photos and one of your partner’s. In this way, the love spell to recover your ex will be much more effective. But remember, always use a copy of a picture, because you don’t want to boil the original one… Or do you?

It may happen that in a moment of rage you have destroyed all of your ex’s photos (been there, done that). In this case, you can write your ex-partner’s name on a white sheet. But do it with a red ink pen. And you would do the same process as with the photo. Casting this spell on the proper lunar phase is important and it will also help this spell to manifest.

That is why it is essential that this spell is cast in a crescent (waxing) moon. It’s a bit more advanced so if this is your first time make sure you cast some easier more beginner-friendly spell before giving this one a try, especially if you are a baby witch!

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • A photo of you with your ex
  • A saucepan
  • A clean pot
  • Two cinnamon sticks
  • White ribbon of paper or cloth
  • A flowerpot with a beautiful plant
DIY A Recipe Spell by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to do it:

  1. Put a saucepan with water and boil it.
  2. When the boiling point is reached, add two cinnamon sticks.
  3. After that add a photo of you and your ex, former lover. We add a photo to boil your love towards you again.
  4. Boil everything for about five minutes.
  5. After 5 minutes, take a picture out with a wooden spoon and place it in a clean pot.
  6. Then, remove cinnamon sticks and put them in a same pot. Sticks must not touch a photo.
  7. Wait two minutes for everything to cool down.
  8. Place these two cinnamon sticks on one of the corners of a photo and begin to roll up this photo. Do it very slowly in order to avoid paper fracturing. While you are doing this, think of your loved one who is going to return back to you. Visualize your life with that person.
  9. Carefully take the white ribbon and wrap it around this rolled photo.
  10. You have to bury it until your ex returns. Here you’ll have to use a flowerpot. Remove the plant from a pot and place the wrapped photo on the bottom of the plant.
  11. Last step would be to put a flower back in that flowerpot. You need to take care of a plant because it needs to grow.

Once your ex-partner returns, you must take that photo out of a flowerpot. Burn it and throw the ashes on the ground, somewhere away from your house.

6. A Red Velvet Ribbon Spell

A Red Velvet Ribbon Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This spell to get your ex back can be enhanced with a strong Saint Anthony prayer.

If you are not a person that would pray or you simply don’t feel comfortable in saying some of those recommended words out loud you can replace them with a custom chant where you ask the universe to bring your ex back into your life.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 5/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • A sheet of pink paper
  • A fresh lemon
  • A knife
  • A red velvet ribbon
  • A white plate
  • A red ink pen
  • A freezer
DIY A Red Velvet Ribbon Spell by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to do it:

  1. Start by writing with a red ink pen on a pink piece of paper a name of the person you wish to get back and your name.
  2. Then cut a lemon in two equal parts on the plate. Fold the paper in half so both names “touch” each other and place it in the middle of a lemon.
  3. With a red velvet ribbon tie the lemon so that the parts are sealed.
  4. Then store this lemon in a freezer, and in the process of storing it, you need to visualize that person with you. Both of you need to be happy.

It is possible that the spell takes effect in about a month, but you must be consistent with positive thoughts.

You could also enhance this ritual by praying to Saint Anthony who is the patron of couples who are going through a bad time.

A Prayer to Saint Anthony

“Sacred Saint Anthony, who is the faithful protector of helpless and confused couples, make (name of the person) return to me that I hope to receive him with all my soul swollen with love, I hope you have compassion for me. So shall.”

Once a month has passed, take the lemon out of a freezer and bury it in a flowerpot that is in your garden. You must believe and trust in this ritual.

Taking a bit more than usual spell your trust and commitment to the practice is very important to make it work and let it manifest. Give it the time to do so and believe in your craft and in your love for your ex.

7. Pink Quartz Spell for Your Ex

Pink Quartz Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This spell should be done during the crescent (waxing moon). This phase of a moon makes the feelings grow much faster and to your benefit. Together with the energy of items related to you and your ex and the incredible power of pink quartz you will be able to let love take over and be the feeling that will rule your rekindled romance.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • 3 red candles
  • One object that is dear to you
  • One object that belongs to your ex
  • Pink quartz
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A white envelope
DIY Pink Quartz Spell for Your Ex by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to do it:

  1. The first step of it is to place a triangle of candles on the floor, then make them sacred in the name of you and your partner. Repeat in front of the candles the name of you two.
  2. In the middle of a triangle you must place an object of yours and another that belongs to your partner. Because of this, you will attract the energy of both.
  3. Once you have both products in the middle of the candles it is important that you put your hands on each object and say:” I consecrate these elements in the name of love, as of today, the Aphrodite acts on them and makes them symbols of love and fidelity.”
  4. For this ritual you will also need small pink quartz, which has to be consecrated by taking it everywhere as a sign of love. This quartz will neutralize the energies, and because it’s rose quartz, it will substantially increase your powers in love.
  5. Once you quartz is consecrated, it is time to light candles and express to the universe what you want.
  6. Then sit down next to candles and write a letter to your loved one explaining why your loved one should return and stay with you forever.
  7. When you finish with a letter, place it in a white envelope.
  8. Then sit back and answer the following question to the universe:“Why should you be with me?”
  9. When you answer this question out loud, read the letter to the universe aloud (three times) and burn it very carefully.
  10. Let the candles be consumed for the ritual to work.
  11. Once the ritual is over, you need to keep these objects in a safe place, and you need to have this pink quartz with you all the time.
Pink Quartz Spell example

You need to have a lot of faith, and everything you ask will be given to you.

8. A Cloth Bag Spell to Bring Back your Ex

A Cloth Bag Spell
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

Again, one of my favorite spells that will help you get your love back. You don’t need many ingredients, but it’s important that you follow the instructions to the letter. As some of these ingredients might be difficult to find in your area or when you decide to cast this spell I will add a few options so you can replace some ingredients if needed.

As you can notice, there is a prayer to the Lord. It’s not intended the Christian Lord but a hypothetical mighty entity.

You can call it however you want. Again, as I said in previous spells, if you don’t feel comfortable saying these words out loud you can create a custom prayer expressing to the universe and your idea of “lord” what you desire.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5

You need the following ingredients:

  • 2 red candles
  • Something to carve the candles (you can use a toothpick or a pair of scissors or anything else. Your call!)
  • Seven cherry pits (if you cannot find cherries you can use pink pepper or olive pits. These are great substitute ingredients as they have the chance to bring peace and serenity between you and your ex)
  • A blue cloth bag
a cloth bag spell to get your ex back
Here’s how it looks like.

How to do it:

  1. Meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind and relax.
  2. Engrave a candle (top-down) with your name and do the same with the other candle, but with the name of your ex.
  3. Light the two candles and recite these words seven times: “In my anguish I invoked the Lord,
    and he replied. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. The Lord is the one who protects me, the Lord is my shadow. By day the sun will not hit me, nor the moon at night. For the sake of our God, come to me. For the sake of our God, join me again. For the love of our God, love me again. For the love of our God, trust me. For the sake of our God, take care of me. For the sake of our God, I will be your home again. For the sake of our God, you will love me again. In my anguish, I invoked the Lord, and he answered me. The Lord surrounds his people, now and forever. Amen.
  4. Let the candles wear out.
  5. Put the residue of the two candles inside the blue cloth bag.
  6. Insert the pits of the cherries into the bag one by one reciting this formula seven times: “My help comes from the Lord, (your ex’s name) come back to me!
  7. Close the bag and hold it under your pillow for seven nights.
  8. After seven days, keep the bag in a place in your home where nobody can find it.

9. A Simple Spell With Carnations

A Simple Spell With Carnations
Share this spell with your witchy friends.

This ritual must be chanted when the relationship has just ended. If it’s been over a year or more, since you two broke up, the benefits will be less powerful. It’s easy to cast spell because of the power of carnation and its properties love energy will arise and will be the one feelings who will help you reconnect with your ex.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5

You need the following ingredients:

DIY A Simple Spell With Carnations by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

How to do it:

Fill a vessel with water up to three quarters. While you’re arranging carnations repeat loudly:

“Forget the problems we had, you must come back to me. I have been looking for you, and now you no longer have to go away from me, because you still love me as I love you”.

I suggest that you chant this love spell three times per day for nine days. If you cannot perform it constantly just choose another spell and save this when you have the chance to repeat this chant over and over again for 9 days.

Once you’re done throw everything away or in your garden.

14 Important Facts About “Get Your Ex Back” Spells

  • Don’t skip some of the preparation steps due to laziness or lack of time.
  • The clothes you will wear should ALWAYS be white, non-constrictive and in natural fabric.
  • It is important to know that for every magic ritual, even the simplest, inner cleansing, open-mindedness and deep conviction are necessary; in contrast, words, gestures, and intentions will not lead to anything concrete.
  • In operating a spell you must always be focused and precise. Be COHERENT, avoid asking for someone’s evil or good if you are not ABSOLUTELY certain of what you want to achieve within you. Otherwise, you would end up falling into a negative spiral that is difficult to remedy.
  • Before starting and after finishing any ritual, it is advisable to raise a prayer (of thanks or leave) to the forces to which we have asked for help or protection (e.g.: to the cosmic energy, to our guiding spirit, the guardian angel, etc.). These prayers will also help us avoid the stagnation of the energies generated by our own magical actions.
my little pentagram
My little pentagram.

Execution phase:

  • Turn off your mobile phone or anything that might distract you.
  • For those who prefer the bath, pour 3 tablespoons of cooking salt into the hot water and immerse yourself AFTER taking a shower and for at least 30 minutes. Together with salt, you can also add your favorite herbs.
  • Immersed in the water, relax completely by freeing the mind from any thought inherent in the ritual or the reason for which you are about to perform it. That’s inner cleanliness!
  • Get out of the bathroom, dry yourself well, and avoid wearing underwear – let the energy flow without constriction.
  • Wear a garment that is all white and natural fiber (the colors are energy; the white contains all the vibrations of the colors and reflects them) comfortable without laces or belts. Your body must be free, without constraints of elastic garments, yields more easily the energy necessary for the ritual.
  • Wear white cotton socks and without elastic. Never wear slippers, sandals, shoes, or anything else.
  • Go to a dimly lit room, lukewarm, and meditate for a few minutes (if you prefer, with background music) to find the right focus and center to be ready to cast the spell and set your intention.

Now you are ready to perform the spell or the ritual to get your ex back.

Rituals Against Sentimental Estrangements

It is appropriate to specify that the type of esoteric intervention strongly recommended returning a lost love is represented by the ligaments of love belonging to the mighty red magic.


Endowed with extraordinary effectiveness, the ligaments of love can bring back a man or a woman, both in the case of an ended love and in case the relationship goes through a rough patch.

Magic is undoubtedly an ally for dealing with matters of a sentimental nature, where every attempt made has already produced a negative result, and you want to recover the love of a loved one, or to regain the love and return the former.

Powerful Sentences, Rituals, Prayers to Recover Love

In practice, there are no powerful supplications or prayers to return the love of a former (man or woman) or to fall in love, just as it is conceptually incorrect to think that a few isolated sentences are enough to bring a person closer.

A return of love is a rather delicate operation and requires an adequate cycle of rituals performed with precise methods and timing.

Some subjects, in this regard, believe that there are esoteric procedures that can be completed in a few days or, in any case, in the short term. However, that’s not true, since the true red magic love spells performed in the mediumistic field ALWAYS takes weeks. It’s NOT possible in any way to obtain any form of the result within a few days.

I know how hard can be to spend weeks waiting for a sign and your spell to manifest but trust me, you need to give magic the proper time to work and manifest. Most of you contact me saying things like yesterday I cast this get your ex back spell and still nothing happened, why? Well, it’s basically impossible to work within 24 hours or something!

Plus, if you start doubting your craft and magic most likely it won’t manifest as magick is all about trust and believing. Try to give your magic the chance to manifest at its own pace believing in what you’ve done and in the love that connects you and your ex.

If after a few weeks still nothing happens you have two options: you can recast the spell (if you felt the one you cast was the right match for you but it simply didn’t work) or you can cast a brand new one you feel more in tune with.

Sentimental Loneliness

Rituals can help bring back lost love, allowing you to create the conditions for a new course in the relationship and a gradual restoration of what has been crumbling over time.

Do not make the mistake of waiting for a partner to decide to get back to you spontaneously.

Time is a problem for those who intend to recover a relationship. You need to start with an effective esoteric intervention as soon as possible, maximizing the chances of success.

A person who has chosen to put an end to a relationship starts, in most cases, starts a new sentimental adventure as soon as the opportunity arises and this eventuality makes a timely intervention ever more necessary, avoiding the entry of other people who would make the whole situation even more difficult.

A loving estrangement always produces emotional discouragement in the individual who suffers, often burdened by a sense of powerlessness that completely cancels its ability to evaluate rationally.

Returning love with magic is possible, provided that the process hasn’t started with a huge delay. Despair does not help much, as does not drown in memories.

When we lose our partner, we tend to think that our ex does not love us any more; that he/she does not think about us anymore.

Let me tell you one thing; there’s nothing that is just black or white, we are never 100% sure what’s going on in a person’s mind, and believe me, if I tell you that your ex-partner is still thinking about you from time to time.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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What Is Missing In Your Life Today That You Deeply Desire?

Is it finding new love or making the existing one healthier than ever? Is it maybe some positivity that would make your life flourish as you've never thought it could? Or is it something unique that your life is missing?

Spellcasting is an art that must NOT be taken carelessly. If you are trying to solve a problem you're facing, you should consider hiring a professional witch that cast spells safely for everyone involved. This way, you know it's being done by someone experienced and knowledgeable, and I'm also always here to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no additional charge.

I've been casting spells for more than a decade and have worked privately with clients from all over the world.

You can expect private sessions, customized spells that I'll create just for you, and free consultations before and after spell casting. You can also read hundreds of different testimonials that you can find at each spell.

Below you'll find spells you can order and what it is this month's special spell casting!