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6 Most Effective Essential Oils for Love Spells [Easy to Find]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Are there essential oils for love? Of course! They are natural remedies that are used in aromatherapy and can evoke sensations and even emotions. The sense of smell is an excellent ally in certain romantic situations.

The right notes of essential oils

Essential oils for love are divided into three different aromatic categories, they are the basic, the heart, or the head. In the affective sphere, both the heart notes and the headnotes can be useful.

My favorite essential oils for love spells

I usually buy them on Amazon, but you can find amazing essential oils in other web shops as well. You can also see how I cast love spells here.

Damascena Rose essential oil

It’s a delicate and enveloping perfume that opens the heart to unconditional love and can be very comforting. It evokes beauty, relaxes, and conveys a soothing feeling of peace. Ideal if we are angry, jealous and/or fearful.

Vanilla essential oil

The sweetness and softness of its perfume evoke pleasure, a sense of fulfillment, and the desire for contact. Useful when you have a sense of emptiness or melancholy. Associated with spicy oils such as cinnamon, it is an excellent aphrodisiac.

Jasmine essential oil

A flower with a delicate perfume, it evokes comfort and love. Calms and soothes, balances emotions bringing inner harmony. It improves mood, transmitting strength and confidence in life.

Read more about jasmine magical properties here.

Blue Chamomile essential oil (Matricaria)

It’s a relaxing and enveloping scent and brings harmony in moments of despair and discouragement. It is useful after trauma and shock. It restores balance in relationships when we cannot listen properly.


Cinnamon essential oil

The warm, lively aroma makes it an excellent aphrodisiac. It ignites passion and desire, stimulates sensuality and sexuality. It warms the soul, gives enthusiasm and euphoria, and is an excellent energizer.

Read more about cinnamon magical properties here.

cinnamon essential oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil

An exotic and sensual perfume that evokes a feeling of lightness. Useful in case of lack of energy and tiredness. It calms the heart’s physical and emotional movements, relaxes the nervous system, and stimulates desire and pleasure.

Amyris sandalwood essential oil

Its warm perfume evokes mystery, mystical and spiritual atmospheres. It brings us into contact with intimacy and sensuality. It calms the thoughts of the mind by bringing us into a feeling of relaxation and love.

Other essential oils for love spells

Essential OilProperties and Benefits
RoseEnhances love, romance, and emotional healing
PatchouliAttracts love, strengthens relationships, and enhances passion
SandalwoodPromotes emotional balance, love, and deep connections
NeroliInspires love, trust, and harmony

How to use essential oils for love spells?

One of the most common uses is to grease candles for rituals, loading them for a specific purpose as the essence of a chosen herb (or herbs) will increase the power of the candle itself.

How to dress a candle for love magick?

You can prepare a small amount of oil by mixing a spoonful of carrier oil with two drops of essential oil. Enchant the oil by visualizing your purpose for it and then spread it on the candle using your fingers. In doing so, remember to follow the appropriate verse based on the type of spell you are dedicating yourself to.

In the case of attraction spells (of love, wealth, luck or specific themes), start from the tip of the candle where the wick is and with two fingers grease the candle until you get to the middle, then repeat the same thing starting from the bottom, until you get to the center.

If, on the other hand, you are casting a withdrawal spell, proceed exactly in reverse, from the center upwards, and then from the center downwards.

I wrote a more extensive article that explains how to dress a candle for a love spell here.

Enriching and greasing talismans and objects

I also use oils to empower bags of herbs, to grease talismans or specific objects.

A drop of lavender oil on the wrists and temples reduces stress and anxiety, while a little basil oil will be perfect for rituals dedicated to wealth.

my basil plant
My basil plant.

Finally, diluted in almond oil, they are my unbeatable allies during massages and shamanic treatments.

If the idea of ​​using oily preparations does not tickle you, you could try another application, ointments.

In the magical field, when we talk about ointments, the so-called flight ointments immediately come to mind, that is, those psychotropic herbal ointments that, in contact with the skin and mucous membranes, induced a state of hallucination in which you had, among other things, the impression of “flying”.

The idea of ​​using these herbs is obviously out of the question today. Still, ointments remain a convenient way to benefit from the power of the plant when, for example, it is not possible to fumigate with incense. Of course, care should be taken to use only herbs that do not harm our health.

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Preparing a love potion

As I said before, an ointment is created by mixing herbs or oils with a fatty matter. As a fatty matter, I prefer coconut oil above all.

It is very fragrant, it lasts over time and melts well when in contact with the heat of the skin. In fact, below 25 degrees, it becomes solid therefore in winter it can be kept wherever you want, while in summer it must be kept in the fridge.

The only disadvantage is its rather strong smell which, especially if pure essential oils are not used, can cover or significantly interfere with the perfume of the preparation.

As an example, today I made an ointment using coconut oil, beeswax, and lavender, but lavender seemed practically non-existent to the smell.

The advantage of ointments is that they can always be carried with you without the risk of breaking and spilling bottles of oil or a mix of herbs and resins into your bag.

Furthermore, as a compound based on medicinal herbs, it can be spread on the body to combine the magical effect with a therapeutic one on a physical level.

I tried other recipes with specific doses and they never worked well for me, but I tried mixing various proportions until I found what worked for me. So, try this basic ointment or let me know some concoctions that you have made, I would love to try them.

Method 1: Oil based

  • 1 part of beeswax
  • 3 parts of base oil enriched with essential oil (just a few drops are needed)

Heat the beeswax in a water bath, add the carrier oil enriched with essential oil, mixing well. You can also add a few drops of pure vitamin E to keep the product longer.

Note: if you use coconut oil, you can further reduce the amount of beeswax as, as already written, this tends to solidify rather easily.

Method 2: Dried herb/s based

You can start with dry grass if you do not have readily available essential oils.

In this case, you must heat the carrier oil without boiling it, then add the herb and continue to heat it without burning the mixture, until it has absorbed the scent. It can take approximately half an hour. Once the perfumed oil is prepared, it needs to be filtered and added to the beeswax following the procedure detailed above.

Note: Be careful not to boil the oil, or you will risk burning the herbs and your hands with them.

Once prepared, the ointment should be loaded like any other magical preparation.

Final thoughts

Take some time to experiment with different oils, preparation methods, and recipes.

Let your intuition guide you (but don’t overdo it, you can read some of my experiences in the other articles) and experiment with new blends and uses.

Remember that plants are alive, so the moment you choose to work with them, you must ask for their permission.

Who knows … if you can listen well, they might be the ones to suggest the best recipes for you.

Tina Caro

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