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Bindrunes for Healing: Combinations and Tips

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Written by: Tina Caro

Are you ready to embark on a healing journey? This journey can concern your physical, mental or spiritual health. In this article, we will explore the incredible world and power of bindrunes for healing, which are powerful tools that can heal you in so many ways.

With this article, I will explain how to create bindrunes for healing and how to use them to make magic happen!

How to bind these runes?

To bind runes, simply take a few runes that you resonate with and combine them. I usually create my bindrune on a piece of paper as it’s easier and more practical for me to have it in this form, but if you want to create your rune differently, that is completely fine. You can engrave it on a candle, etch it into wood or so on. Follow your intuition for this part!

How and why should you decide which runes should be bound for healing?

Combining runes you are familiar with is a good way to create one powerful rune to help your healing process. The combinations below are just examples: go with your gut when choosing runes.

Combinations of runes


A combination perfect for healing in general.

uruz and kenaz


  • General divination meaning: physical and spiritual strength, power, courage, perseverance, freedom, health, vitality
  • Magical use: creates sudden change, increases power and physical strength, gives courage and strength when in danger, promotes physical healing, attracts new things
  • Element: earth
  • Letter: U
  • Plant: nasturtium, birch, thyme
  • Stone: diamond, blue chalcedony, tiger’s eye, carbuncle
  • Number: 3


  • General divination meaning: knowledge, skill, health, truth
  • Magical use: banishes evil forces (i.e. keeps them away, but does not destroy them), increases psychic power, promotes creativity, increases the physical expression of love, promotes healing, love, new beginnings
  • Element: fire
  • Letter: K
  • Plant: broom, wild rose, gorse, pine, astragalus
  • Stone: carbuncle, heliotrope, red agate
  • Number: 3


This combination is great for attracting new cleansing energy into our lives.


General divination meaning: change, liberation, disease, delay

  • Magical use: help get rid of bad habits, protects from negative energies, promotes knowledge, promotes slow evolution
  • Element: water
  • Letter: H
  • Plant: fern, rowan, ash, bryony, sorrel
  • Stone: star sapphire, onyx
  • Number: 8

General divination meaning: birth, possibility, an end followed by a new beginning, destiny, disclosure of secrets

  • Magical use: acts as a barrier against the forces of evil, helps with psychological healing, helps in divination, unveils hidden things and lost items
  • Element: water
  • Letter: P
  • Plant: poplar, aconite, chrysanthemum, mugwort
  • Stone: onyx, aquamarine
  • Number: 3

General divination meaning: victory, justice, sacrifice, law, determination

  • Magical use: promotes justice and victory in adversity, is used to seal an oath, favors a quick recovery of health during an illness
  • Element: air
  • Letter: T
  • Plant: holly, oak, aconite, plantain
  • Stone: diamond, coral, hematite
  • Number: 3

Other Bindrunes for Healing Combinations

Bindrune CombinationHealing Focus
Algiz + RaidoPhysical and spiritual healing
Sowilo + EhwazVitality and energy restoration
Berkano + MannazEmotional healing and self-empowerment
Gebo + AnsuzHealing through communication and connection
Jera + KenazHealing and transformation of the self
Uruz + TiwazStrength and healing from physical ailments
Thurisaz + OthalaProtection and healing of ancestral wounds

How to activate the bindrunes?

For example, crystals, plants, and prayers can activate bindrunes. To enhance the activation, you can trace a circle around the bindrune while visualizing yourself being enveloped by a bright light as you say the words: “I AM HEALED.”

How to use these bindrunes?

You can use them:

  • As a talisman to maintain your health throughout the day
  • When going to a doctor’s appointment that is very important to you
  • If you go to therapy, bring it with you. It will help you to open up more and progress your healing journey
  • As a talisman to heal any wounds while meditating, such as while performing inner child or pain relief meditations
  • To assist in prayers for healing
  • As a part of a spell for healing
  • Before and after a ritual, a spell or a divinatory session to keep any negative energy away

Bindrune Tips for Healing

Intent and FocusClearly define the healing intention and focus of the bindrune.
Select Relevant RunesChoose runes associated with healing, restoration, and well-being.
Combine Runes SynergisticallyCombine runes that complement each other’s energies and meanings.
Harmonize Shapes and LinesEnsure the shapes and lines of the runes flow together harmoniously.
Use Corresponding MaterialsSelect materials that align with the intended healing purpose.
Activate and Charge the BindruneInfuse the bindrune with your intent and energy through various methods.
Place and Display the BindruneDecide where to place or display the bindrune for maximum effect.
Regular Cleansing and RechargingMaintain the bindrune’s potency by cleansing and recharging it periodically.
Trust Your Intuition and Intuitive InsightsFollow your intuition when creating and working with healing bindrunes.
Tina Caro

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