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Upright and Reversed Kenaz: Different Meanings & Energies

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Kenaz rune is one of those runes that is very useful to know and energetically powerful to use in our witchy craft to attract certain kinds of things and visions.

Are you exploring the magical mysterious world of runes and you want to know more about the Kenaz rune?

Let’s dive in!


In runic divination, the Kenaz rune holds distinct meanings and energies depending on whether it appears in an upright or reversed position.

Upright Kenaz represents enlightenment, creativity, transformation, and the illumination of hidden truths. It symbolizes a period of heightened insight and clarity, inspiring innovative thinking and personal growth.

Reversed Kenaz may indicate creative stagnation, ignorance, or misuse of knowledge. It suggests the presence of obstacles hindering progress and calls for introspection to overcome limitations and make ethical choices.

The interpretation of Kenaz in a rune reading hinges on its orientation and the specific context, guiding individuals toward harnessing their creative energies and confronting obstacles to personal enlightenment.

What does the Kenaz rune mean?

The Kenaz rune means availability and creativity. Choosing or making decisions isn’t always easy. Kenaz advises us to let ourselves be guided by the light of reason and knowledge. Only in this way, when you have to choose between passion and love, between truth and deception, will you be able to distinguish the right way without confusing your goals with desires that sometimes blind the will.

With Kenaz we renew ourselves, we abandon old habits and old vices; every obstacle for us becomes a challenge to grow and learn something new, both of personal conscience and of collective existence.

The Kenaz rune is the fire of transformation, the alchemical element par excellence, presiding over all the processes of raw and dark matter to make it clear and luminous. The amount of energy around us is immense, enclosed in even the smallest object, and the fire of this rune helps us to release the energy blocked in the matter, transforming it.

Custom Kenaz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Kenaz rune.

In Nordic cosmology, existence begins from an initial state of emptiness, Ginnungagap, and through constant interaction between Fire and Ice, opposite and complementary elements, the cosmos and life, the giant Ymir, and the cow Audhumla are born.

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Fire purifies and destroys; it has an ambivalent power and since ancient times it has been precious to mankind, starting from prehistoric times when the fire was of vital importance, arriving at the Vestals who protected the Sacred Fire by vowing to remain virgins so as not to contaminate what was more important to them than anything.

Fire creates life, gives birth to ideas, transforms and modifies, accesses empathy and altruism, feeds courage, and generates desire and attraction. Kenaz is associated with the god Heimdall, whose name means bright world. Kenaz is fire, light, and heat. It comes from the Indo-European kand-, which means to shine, from which other words are born such as candle, light, fire, incandescent, or incense. Kenaz is the phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, the philosopher’s stone that gives eternal life, a panacea against all evils, and omniscience.

The extraction of Kenaz indicates a bright period, full of novelty and possibilities for growth. The darkness is overcome, every problem can be identified and solved. There is a profound purification taking place, all that is superfluous or useless is eliminated: bad habits, old friendships, stagnant situations, unhealthy relationships, and so on. Something has to die for a new part of us to be born.

We can now let go of the past and all that has been and that we no longer need. Kenaz is enlightenment, awakening, inner fire, intensity, passion, enthusiasm for life, the good that defeats evil, and knowledge.

Kenaz meaning if upright

You are in a moment when you are forced to make a decision. Kenaz invites you to gather the strength and wisdom needed to accept your own transformations and positive changes.

InterpretationMeaning and Energy
TransformationSignifies transformation, change, and personal growth.
CreativityRepresents creative inspiration, artistic abilities, and innovative thinking.
IlluminationSymbolizes inner illumination, enlightenment, and gaining clarity in one’s path.
PassionRepresents passion, desire, and the energy to pursue one’s goals and aspirations.
HealingIndicates healing, both physically and spiritually, and the power to bring light into dark places.
Table 1: Interpretations of Upright Kenaz

It advises to free oneself from the old prejudices that we disguise with excuses that we are used to using (“I am like that”, “I cannot change”, or “I cannot act differently”) and to accept the opportunities that life offers, taking advantage of them.

Kenaz supports open and wise attitudes and rejects dullness and closed-mindedness. Basically, you have what it takes to get through what life wants you to face, you just need to acknowledge it, unveil it, embrace it, and let it guide you towards your goal. It doesn’t matter if it might seem impossible to achieve, this is the time to dream big! Dare for more.

Kenaz meaning if reversed

When Kenaz comes out upside down, it is announcing the end of something. You will experience a loss in your relationship or in another important aspect of your life. It is always difficult to face and overcome such an experience, but Kenaz advises you to accept reality and learn from it.

Kenaz rune reversed by MagickalSpot
Kenaz rune reversed

If you are able to maintain a constructive attitude and learn from your experiences, the crisis that brings with it the end of a friendship, a romantic relationship, or a change in the professional field will lead to personal growth.

InterpretationMeaning and Energy
StagnationSuggests a lack of progress or feeling stuck in a situation, hindering personal growth and transformation.
Blocked CreativityRepresents blocked creativity or a lack of inspiration, struggling to access one’s artistic or innovative side.
IgnoranceIndicates ignorance or a lack of understanding, being blinded to the truth or unable to see one’s path clearly.
Suppressed PassionSignifies suppressed passion or a lack of motivation, feeling uninspired or disconnected from one’s desires.
Spiritual DarknessSymbolizes spiritual darkness or a sense of being lost, experiencing a disconnect from one’s inner light.
Table 2: Interpretations of Reversed Kenaz

Kenaz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: before starting a new relationship, you need to reflect on your ability to compromise and on how much you are willing to give and receive from the other person. It will avoid the risk of misunderstandings and painful breakups, consequences of unrealistic expectations.

Work: Kenaz recommends taking the decisive step for the realization of your projects. After a long reflection on the pros and cons, and having calculated all the possible unexpected events and having reached the certainty of what you want, you should no longer hesitate.

Health: you are in good health, but stress should be avoided as much as possible. It is not a utopia, it is enough to learn to distinguish what is priority from what can be postponed or, simply, not done.

How to work with the energy of the Kenaz rune?

  • Use it as a tool for a job spell
  • It’s great for sex spells
  • Amazing addition to a healing spell
  • Wear it if you need a healing boost, especially for emotional healing
  • Use as a talisman during extra-sensorial journeys or transcendental meditation
  • Useful while working on some positive affirmations to focus on our personal growth abilities and destroying limiting beliefs

The special message from Kenaz rune to you

  • Lighting, like a special torch, when exploring transpersonal paths
  • Creative inspiration, enthusiasm for learning
  • Exploration of paradigms in the search for truth
  • Expose the hidden to gain new knowledge and experiences through study, reflection, and new in formation
  • Capacity building in all realms
  • Female occult secrets
  • The inner light, the observer
Kenaz rune from my collection

Kenaz rune magical uses

  • Creative inspiration, to start or finish projects
  • Getting sexual energy and passionate love
  • Operations of recovery and healing, not just physical
Tina Caro

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