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Candle Magic

What Does it Mean When a Candle Burns Fast? [Examples]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Candles have been a fundamental element in illuminating human beings throughout history. But, they are not only necessary when daylight is lacking.

Once they melt completely, they turn into different forms, they have the virtue of predicting, indicating something hidden for us. Keep reading, and I will explain what it means when a candle burns fast, and so much more.

Knowing how to read a candle’s behavior, wax or candle remains is an art that very few have the advantage to practice.


In some traditions of candle magic, a fast-burning candle is seen as a sign of swift and effective manifestation of intentions.

It suggests that the energy directed towards the goal is powerful and that the desired outcome may be achieved quickly.

However, it’s essential to consider other factors such as the candle’s size, the absence of drafts, and the quality of the wax.

So what does it mean when a candle burns fast?

When lighting a candle, we notice that it burns much faster than other times (the normal is about 4 or 5 hours). The message this behavior wants to convey to you is incredibly positive. Well, in that undertaking the candle was used for and that you will conquer any obstacles in your way or that there will not be many obstacles.

However, you must consider that what comes easy and fast in life, will go away just as quickly and easily. The candle tells you that success will come quickly, but there is a possibility that it will not last long.

What Does it Mean When a Candle Burns Fast by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

If, on the contrary, when you light a candle, you notice that it burns slowly, it can mean the candle is advising you to have more confidence in yourself.

Candle ColorPossible Interpretation
WhiteQuick manifestation of intentions or prayers
RedHigh energy, passion, or intense emotions
YellowAccelerated communication or mental activity
OrangeRapid progress and creativity
GreenSwift healing or financial growth
Table 1: Candle Colors and Fast Burning

Candle burning fast when casting a spell

It might mean your spell will be successful, but you should maintain a positive mindset and believe in the magick to make its effects long-term.

Candle burning fast when performing a ritual

When a candle is burning fast when performing a ritual, it may mean the ritual is working and you successfully engaged the proper energy to let the universe grant your request.

For example, if you are performing a New Moon Ritual because you want to plant seeds of your intentions for the upcoming month and the candle you are using is burning fast it might need the universe to collaborate to let it happen.

If you perform a Full Moon Ritual to forgive and forget about someone, if the candle burns quickly, it means you are sending the energy the right way and the candle is helping you with your request.

You can read my article about the manifestation time of candle magick here.

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Candle burning fast when cleansing your space

If you decided to cleanse your space because you sense there is negative energy around you and the candle you are using is burning fast, it might need that you are right, some opposite energy is there and with the power of the candle and of your cleansing ritual you are sending it away.

A candle I am using besides spells and rituals is burning fast, what does it mean?

I often use candles away from spells and rituals. How? If I need a bit of support for my love life, I will light a red candle. If I feel a lack of energy, I will light an orange candle. If I want to enhance friendship, I use a pink candle. You can check all my articles about each candle and their meaning pertaining to their color or know what to use for each specific area of your life. One time I invited a couple of friends over and I lit a pink candle to enhance our friendship.

The candle burned SO fast. I mean, in half-hour the candle was completely gone! That night went amazing. We had the best time with tons of laughs and special memories but, after that night, we haven’t seen them since and they even broke up as a couple, making it more difficult to see each other like we had.

What does all this mean? That our friendship wasn’t meant to last?

I guess we should have made more effort to work things out but in my opinion, when you try to force something it means it’s not supposed to be.

Candle PlacementPossible Interpretation
AltarRapid connection with divine or spiritual forces
BedroomQuick manifestation of love or desire
OfficeAccelerated progress in career or projects
Healing SpaceSwift healing of physical or emotional ailments
Meditation AreaImmediate relaxation or deep spiritual experience
Table 2: Candle Placement and Fast Burning

My candle is not burning that fast: does it mean I am doing something wrong?

Absolutely not. Quite simply your candle and the energy around it are not working in sync so they are not showing that kind of behavior, but it doesn’t mean you missed something, or you didn’t cast the spell properly. Don’t let this undermine your confidence and your trust in your magick ability.

How can I know if the candle burning fast is not a coincidence and it is a very meaningful aspect?

If your candles are burning fast and you need a kind of confirmation of its meaning, you can let it consume completely and try to read wax. It’s a wonderful divinatory way to connect with candles in a new way and to learn more about the candle’s behavior while casting a spell or performing a ritual.


I have two candles. What does it mean when one candle burns faster than the other?

When one candle burns faster than another, it means its energy and power unveils its magic to you. If you use candles of different colors, the color of the candle that burns faster means that some specific energy is working faster than the other.

If a candle burns without problems, without smoke, charcoal, soot, tears, etc., but it burns too fast, it is an indication that you will have good results, but they may not last long. A quick but perhaps brief success. It is also good if you want something fast and it does not matter how long it lasts, for example, good luck to win a game of chance.

A quick burn is a good sign, but burning too fast can indicate when reading the candles that the result you are looking for will not last long.

Let’s say that we want more money, that we are trying to push someone away, to secure love, or advance in studies; a candle that burns too fast (compared to other times when you have used the same type of candle or other candles being burned at the same time in the same ritual) means that although the ritual will work, it may not last long, it may be a short-term, a short-range success, and the work may have to be repeated at a later date.

If candles have been lit for several people or for several reasons, the candle that burns faster indicates that this person is the most affected or that what we have asked for with that candle is the one in the worst condition or needs more effort to get better.

This condition is also useful to read the candles regarding the past, present, and future:

Three candles lit next to each other represent the past (the candle on the left) the present (central candle) and the future (the candle on the right) or if it is a pentagram shape (5-pointed star), time can also be represented, with the closest candles being the past, the central candle being the present and the upper or more distant candles, the future.

The candle that burns faster will indicate where the problem is primarily.

However, in some rituals, it is a positive sign that the candle burns quickly, although it always has a negative side. If we are doing a ritual to uncross or break a magic work, the candles that burn too fast indicate that you are acting quickly and with great force, which is good.

But it is also indicative that the work done is strong and that there is “a lot of damage” to burn and therefore the candle burns out quickly. Certainly, in a ritual of this type, it would be a lot but for the candle to burn with a very weak flame.

As the meaning of the candles that burn too fast is good and at the same time not so good, the candles should be read with other complementary actions, such as observing the resulting wax, what forms it takes, if the wick has been burned clean or with charcoal, or has taken on strange shapes or divisions. A reading of the whole must be done to be certain of what the message is.

Meaning of the wax or remains of the candles

When the candle is burned down, they usually leave extraordinary shapes and patterns, which are full of messages that we can discover if we take a little attention.

Below are some forms of candle remains. Maybe one of them will show you the answers you are looking for in your life.

Geometric forms

  • Circles: It shows that you repeatedly repeat patterns. It is about those vicious circles that you must close and leave behind. These circles are not a good sign, they are interpreted as difficulties in projects or in attitudes towards life. On the other hand, it can indicate that you should consider the opportunity to postpone some plans and wait. It is time to face and overcome difficulties without anyone else’s help.
  • Squares: If you notice squares in the shape, it is interpreted as resolving your problems and difficulties. Lasting success at the end of a complex life path.
  • Triangle: these are interpreted as possible obstacles and problems in your projects. If this form appears, you must have a firm attitude toward problem-solving. A practical tip is to do other activities so that nothing stagnates and these circumstances flow and separate you from your life.
  • Rectangle: This figure indicates that you will be successful in all areas of your life, love, in health, at work, financially, and in happiness.

Earth and space elements

  • Sun: The Sun represents good luck, the sunlight good fortune.
  • Moon: If you observe any lunar form, you should most likely visit a doctor, since, it is related to your health.
  • Star/s: If this form appears, you can rest easy because happiness will always be your guide.
  • Mountains: Unexpected money will come
  • Tree: This shape is wonderful, you will have divine help because the trees are a spiritual symbol of the sacred and the divine.
  • Grapes: If you see this figure in the remains of the candle, prepare yourself as you will have a fiery and exciting encounter.

There are infinite forms with the wax of the candle but it would be impossible to put them all, however, the ones we have placed are some of the most common forms that can leave the remains of the candles when consumed.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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