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Candle Magic

The Power of a Split Flame: Witchy Tips and Tricks

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Written by: Tina Caro

It often happens that candles used for rituals or that are simply lit for one purification take on forms and behaviors that arouse our curiosity.

This may seem a bit simplistic, but in proceeding with a ritual, it often happens that the flames of candles behave strangely, refuse to stay lit, “dance”, or act differently, with nothing seeming to account for this influence them. On the other hand, they can be conditioned by the interaction of the flame with the present energies.

Here’s how to understand the most common behaviors of flames when you are ready to perform rituals, but first make sure that no draft or someone is breathing near the candle.


When a candle’s flame splits into two or more separate flames, it is often seen as a sign of enhanced magical energy and intention.

This occurrence can represent the amplification of a spell’s effects, the presence of multiple energies or spirits, or the successful manifestation of a desire.

Practitioners often interpret the split flame in alignment with their specific intentions and beliefs, using it as a confirmation of the strength and potency of their magical work.

How to read and interpret candle flames?

Over time, you can learn the meaning of the candle flame; to begin this process you must first turn off any lights where you are, other than the candle.

In itself, the parts of the candle are divided into:

  • The body of the candle represents the human being.
  • The wax is our physical body.
  • The wick is our mind.
  • The flame is the reflection of our own spirit.

With this in mind, you can begin to understand the meaning of the burning candle wicks, depending on the behavior of the candle itself.

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Candle flame split in two meaning

The main flame represents you. If it is a protective candle, it signals the presence of one or more enemies. If it is a candle used in a love spell, it is a sign of the presence of dangerous sentimental opponents. In attack rituals, it signals the presence of allies of your enemy, even on a spiritual level.

Dual EnergyBalancing or conflicting energies
Divided AttentionDistraction or lack of focus
CommunicationMessages from spirits or guides
Decision-MakingIndecision or the need to make a choice
Table 1: Interpretations of a Split Flame in Candle Magick

What should I do if my candle flame splits in two?

You can do a few things if your candle flame splits in two. But first, let’s see different potential scenarios of why this happens and what it means.

  • If you are casting a protection spell, the candle’s behavior wants you to know some energy in opposition to you is at work; maybe an enemy or a dark force is trying to counter you and challenge your road to a better, happier life.
  • If you are casting a love spell, someone else is in the way, maybe a lover, an ex, or anyone who is preventing you from having the romantic liaison you are dreaming of.
  • If you are casting a business/job or a luck spell, some negative energies like the evil eye or someone “real” such as a colleague, a boss, or a competitor might be in the way.
The Power of a Split Flame Witchy Tips and Tricks by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

To fix this, you can cast an even more powerful spell combined with a banishment spell to banish the negative energy/people from your life in order to have a blank space to work with magic without any sort of stressing situation or person.

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Benefits of the interpretation of the candles

You may be a bit skeptical of staring at a candle while making a wish, however, in essence, it is more than that; it is the faith of the one who lights the candle that is true power.

The candle’s flame emits symbolizes the light, and the believing person who lights it gives it both spiritual and mental power.

In this way, the flame obtains great power, with which you can achieve:

  • Rest ideas and relax mentally.
  • Free environments from bad energies.
  • Open a new channel of total concentration, improve your perception of the world beyond the physical that you cannot see clearly, but only if it is what you want.
  • Improve your faith and self-esteem.
  • Have the presence of mystical entities in the different rituals of different cultures, as long as you keep the fixed objectives.
  • Help create an ideal atmosphere for reading or creativity or even a romance with someone special to you.

Why does the flame of a candle dance before splitting in two?

The flames of the candles usually have a calm swing that can be similar to a dance, and like any dance, it can transmit vigor and emotion, or even incite eroticism, because the body is freed from pain to move without restrictions and thus this also happens with the flames of candles.


The connection or link you have with the flame is quite important since while you forcefully make the requests you want, you are surely making some type of body movement that will be reflected in the candle.

Now, it is important to know why the flame’s dance can be so vigorous; it means that you are celebrating the request to be achieved:

  • When the flame dances with harmony: Everything is fine! Your request makes sense and is coherent, and it is for the better. You have great security in your goal, and you are giving it the necessary focus; it is an achievement that will be of great happiness for you.
  • When the flame dances with the disorder: It is the opposite of the previous one; here you do not have the focus for your request, nor are you clearly expressing what you want to achieve. You continually change ideas, which detracts from the coordination and beauty of what you seek to achieve. There are doubts about what you are looking for; you may not be sure that this is really what you want, meaning that the flame of the candle is restless.

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