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What Happens When you Raise Your Vibration? [+An Exercise]

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Written by: Tina Caro

You desire to have a life without much drama as calm and balanced as possible, but you feel low and sad all the time? To live a better, happier life and accomplish this, your energy vibration must be high.

Although your vibration fluctuates over time (in some cases it will be high and in others, it will be low), the important thing is that you stay in a state of high vibration despite the blows that life gives you.

This is what people who are resilient and who really know how to face problems without falling into depression do. Let’s find out what happens when you raise your vibration!


Raising your vibration is a spiritual and personal development concept aiming to elevate your emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

This process can lead to increased positivity, improved health, enhanced intuition, greater resilience, and heightened spiritual awareness.

It may also improve relationships, aid in manifesting desires, and lead to more synchronicities in life.

While the concept is subjective and not universally accepted, many spiritual practices promote techniques for raising one’s vibration to achieve a more harmonious and positive state of being.

The specific effects can vary from person to person, but the goal is generally to align one’s energy with personal goals and values.

Why do you need to raise your vibrations?

Through the Law of Attraction, we create our whole life based on our vibrations. In simpler terms, when we are in high vibrational frequencies, we create what we want in life. When our energy is low, we create more of what we don’t want.

It is good to remember that our vibrations constantly evolve, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with having a low vibration because low vibrations perform a precious function!

In fact, the reduced vibrations provide us with signals that our thinking and our behaviors are directed in a direction in which we do not want to go. These signs, therefore, can be very useful if we are aware of their existence.

However, it is also useful to know when we are in the high vibrational frequencies to celebrate the moment of conscious creation and make it last longer!

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How to know how high your vibrations are?

Once you begin to raise your vibrations in your daily life, you will notice a change in your attitude, mood, and the way you perceive the world. You may even see people smile or greet you more often, even strangers, because they will perceive your positive energy and higher vibration level. Remember that the exterior reflects all the changes that occur within you.

Take a moment to reflect on how high you feel your vibration is, review the following sentences, and note to how many of them you say YES to:

  1. You are happy, excited, and enthusiastic.
  2. Things fall into the right place without any problems.
  3. You are healthy, you do not get sick.
  4. Your body feels good and is not injured.
  5. You don’t complain about things.
  6. You feel well-rested and can sleep without problems.
  7. The dreams you remember are good and you don’t have nightmares.
  8. You manifest the things you want quickly.
  9. You feel that time passes quickly.
  10. You are excited to wake up in the morning.
  11. You listen to your intuition and let the universe guide you.
  12. You give and receive love from other people.
  13. Your finances are in perfect order.
  14. You enjoy your work.
  15. You have no relationships with drama.

If you cannot see yourself in these sentences, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Remember that your energy always changes and what you must do is accept it, but also work so that it can be kept as high as possible.

You can reflect on the changes you have in your vibration and if there are patterns, realize why and when they occur so that you can better understand what is happening.

Maybe you have a problem, a crisis, etc., and that’s where you must realize what triggers it and take care of your energy.

What happens when you raise your vibrations?

  1. You are excited to wake up and start the day. When you have high vibrations, life is exciting. If you jump out of bed in the morning ready to face the day, you can bet that you are in high vibrational frequency.
  2. Health. Our bodies are physical manifestations of our vibrations. High vibrational frequencies reduce and even eliminate injuries and illnesses.
  3. Strong energy. When our energy is high, we feel like we are able to move mountains. What seems impossible becomes POSSIBLE.
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively. When our vibration is moving rapidly, our words flow easily and effortlessly. We are able to communicate with others in an understandable way.
  5. Financial prosperity. High vibrational frequencies bring economic abundance into our lives.

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  1. Better relationships. All things are easier when we are in high vibrational frequencies, including our relationships. Broadcast this frequency and others will treat you with kindness and respect, even if your interactions with them are normally strained.

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  1. You are in the flow. The high vibrational frequencies keep you in an optimal state of productivity, everything flows easily from one moment to another. You are balanced and never bored. You will often feel like you are in a stream.
  2. Time accelerates. When you are in the flow, time passes quickly. As we always say, time flies when you are having fun, and when you are having fun you have high vibrational frequencies. Many people have noticed and observed that time seems to be getting faster and faster globally. Some believe that this is happening because there is an increase in energy in the world. This may be possible because more and more people are becoming aware of the power of positive thinking and its application to their lives.
  3. Express kindness and love automatically. Those who are in high vibrational frequencies are more likely to radiate love and light to others. They, of course, share multiple smiles, hugs, and acts of kindness without effort.
  4. Intuition and sixth sense. When we are in a state of high energy, we receive information in ways that go beyond our five senses. For example, we may suddenly know the answer to a question or have a vision of what will happen. The high vibrational frequencies bring us into a state of greater knowledge and understanding.
  5. Feelings of happiness, joy, or euphoria. Not only do these emotions make us feel good, but they are also strong indications that we are creating a positive future for ourselves! They are also among the simplest signs to detect (if we pay attention to them) high vibrational frequencies.
  6. You are beautiful. Our energy affects our appearance and how we take care of ourselves. When we feel good our skin glows, our hair shines and we are more likely to choose a beautiful dress.

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If you are now in high vibrational frequencies, congratulations! Keep doing what you are doing, because you are moving in the direction of the things you want. However, if your vibration isn’t as high as you’d like, don’t worry! Remember, your energy is constantly floating on the vibrational scale and you can consciously choose where to go.


Another thing to remember is that lower vibration is always the result of negative thinking or wrong personal beliefs. A little introspection can help you identify all the negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, so as to go to a higher vibration.

Easy exercise to raise your vibration

When you are finished evaluating how high your vibration is currently, sit down and make a list of your predominant thoughts, actions, and beliefs. What have you thought about today? Write everything that comes to mind and don’t think about it too much.

Then review the list you wrote. Whatever negative thought you’ve had, cross it out, and write something positive on one side that can replace that. Also, put the positive things in a circle and write another good related thing.

Example: “I love my job”, “I can learn many new things every day”. At first, it can be difficult to do, but with practice and perseverance, you will realize that this exercise can help you a lot to change the perspective of the situations in which you find yourself so that you always stay in high vibration and want to do things in your everyday life.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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