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7+ Signs a Honey Jar Spell is Working [White & Black Magick]

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Written by: Tina Caro

You cast a honey jar spell and now you’re waiting for signs, this honey jar spell is working… This article will be your practical and useful guide to really know if this magickal tool will manifest, what to do if nothing happens, and why.

What are the effects and signs a honey jar spell is working?

Honey jar spells are all about us and someone else and most of all, this type of spell is created to bond and connect two souls who don’t get along. The effects or signs of an esoteric intervention, taking place on the person or object are similar to those experienced by the subject, as indicated above.


  • When a honey jar spell is working, you can feel it. You feel relieved and connected to the target of the spell.
  • When the two of you are together, you experience serenity and balance.
  • They may look different to before, but any differences in how they look or how you feel will be better than before.

The difference is that, if you work in white magic, the object does not generally feel ‘relieved’ but suddenly it feels more ‘in tune’ with the person who carried out or commissioned the esoteric intervention.


If we talk about love magic honey jar spell, at the beginning there can certainly be irritability, anxiety and even significant headaches, these energetic reactions are sometimes similar to those experienced by the subject.

protection spell jar

Equally often a sense of ‘block’ seems to be instilled or to feel blocked, or to feel that we are acting not as we really want. Obviously, the person-object of the esoteric rite finds everything inexplicable and can sometimes go into depression (especially if the rite was not done well).

Increased SynchronicitiesNoticing meaningful coincidences and signs related to your intention
Heightened IntuitionEnhanced intuitive abilities and a stronger sense of guidance
Positive Shifts in EnergyFeeling a general upliftment in mood and overall positive energy
Opportunities AriseExperiencing an increase in opportunities related to your intention
Movement in Desired DirectionSeeing progress and movement toward the desired outcome
Table 1: Signs of Positive Energy and Manifestation

The magic apt to bend the will of the person-object of the ritual often brings psychological imbalances precisely because the latter cannot explain what is happening; if the esoteric rite is also for the good of the person/object, these sensations will be only temporary and will give way to total improvements in every field of his life.

White magick jar spells signs

When you cast a spell you know that there are many different nuances of magic, so according to the type of magic spell you cast, you will catch some specific signals over others. Let’s do some examples so it’s easier for you to get the idea and notice them when they are coming your way.

Basically the ‘signals’ that a honey jar spell of white magic (or even energy magic) has really been done are:

  • feeling ‘relieved’, or feeling ‘lighter’
  • feeling that you have more energy
  • make positive dreams
  • feeling stronger on a physical and psychological level

It can also carry the following energetic ‘signs’:

  • unexplained headache
  • feeling more nervous than usual, at least for the first few days
  • a temporary worsening of the situation

Black magick jar spells signs

If you are dealing with black magic you might already know that it often brings a negative event sooner or later or even after getting results.

I talked about this in other articles but basically, sometimes they are chronic situations that “settle” in the aura and must be eliminated with purifying cleansing spells and rituals.

You and the other person might feel a bit sad, a bit overwhelmed by a strong force you cannot rule and manage, you won’t feel at ease with yourself, being different from who you are might cause you discomfort.

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7 signs a jar spell is working for you and your target

If you cast a honey jar spell to get along with someone, you might hear from this person, having a few more chances to show this person your connection and your similarities but also you can definitely feel a change between the two of you.

The person would be more open to listening to you, acknowledging your doing and your background, and would be interested in cultivating your relationships.

If you had a fight or an argument with this person things will be cleared and you will get along better than ever.

  • You feel relieved, connected with that person even more
  • A strong connection would arise soon
  • When you and the target of the spell would meet you will feel serenity and balance
  • The other person seems to be open to spending more time with you
  • That person would want to level out the differences
  • The target of the spell would look a bit different than before
  • Even if you two feel different, this difference will make you feel better, as a better person
Positive Change in BehaviorObserving a positive change in the behavior or attitude of the person involved
Receptiveness to HealingNoticing a willingness to heal wounds or resolve conflicts
Increased Empathy and UnderstandingExperiencing a deeper understanding and empathy from the person involved
Effort Towards ResolutionSeeing active efforts made by the person involved to resolve the situation
Release of Negative PatternsWitnessing the release of negative patterns or influences in the relationship
Table 2: Signs of Successful Influence

I think the honey jar spell is working: what should I do?

Nothing! Let it go, let the honey jar spell do its course, and don’t think about it anymore! If you feel a sense of serenity, balance, and quiet around you the spell might be really working and you will be just a few steps away from having what you want.

Don’t doubt magic and let the days pass by, to let the energy get stronger and its effects wider. Imagine you honey spell jar lights up like a pulsing light when it starts working the light pulses and it gets bigger at each pulse.

The more you wait the more it boosts its effects! So just live your life and wait for what the universe has in store for you with the help of magic and this spell.

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How long should I wait?

You should wait for 7 to 14 days to see results, letting the magic of time to connect with your energy and the one of the universe manifest.

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My jar spell seems not to be working. Why?

The possibilities are endless. Maybe the spell wasn’t the right one for you, maybe you weren’t truly present and focused when you cast the spell or you didn’t trust magic as you should.

If you keep stressing about the spell you cast it’s like you are not directing the energy the right way, being stagnant and stuck in the past. You have to give magic the chance to manifest.

The chance to do its course believing in its energy and its power.

What should I do if my honey jar spell is not working?

You have plenty of options. Let’s see them all:

  • Recasting: You can recast the spell, trying not to commit the same mistakes you made the first time. You should perform the spell, be fully present, and then forget about it.
  • Believing: Believe in the power of magic even more and in your abilities as a caster to spread positive energy towards the practice.
  • Changing a spell: Maybe a honey jar spell simply is not the right one for you and there is nothing wrong with that! Some witches are all about honey spells, others are all about herbal rituals, others are about potions and some others use sigils and other ways to connect the energy and get what they want. Choose something different this time.
  • Trying new ingredients: maybe you use something that doesn’t seem right to you, well just recast the spell by trying with new ingredients! You can find a lot of inspiration in my articles to find the best herbs, candles, essential oils, and more to attract the energy you want in your life.
  • Asking for help: especially if you are a beginner and you need guidance, I am the person that can help you through your witchy journey, and plus, I can cast a customized spell for you to help you create your dream life.
Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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