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Silver: Folklore, Healing & Magickal Uses

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

Silver is a soft, reflective gray metal popular for use in coinage, jewelry, and household utensils. It has the highest electrical conductivity of any known element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal so it is also useful in electronics and various scientific enterprises.

Silver also has antibacterial properties and may be used to coat surgical devices.

This may be one reason why it has been historically popular for tableware. It also makes the best flutes, due to the way the wind moves across its surface.

The chemical symbol for silver, Ag, reflects Greek name árguros and its Latin name argentum, both meaning “grey” or “shining”

Silver marketed today as Sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The addition of copper makes sterling silver harder than pure silver, and better able to stand up to regular use as jewelry or household utensils. Items made of sterling silver may or may not be plated with a thin coat of fine silver to improve its appearance.


In healing practices, colloidal silver, a suspension of tiny silver particles in liquid, has been touted for its potential antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, though its effectiveness remains a subject of debate in modern medicine.

Silver holds a prominent place in magical traditions, often associated with lunar energy, intuition, and divination.

Correspondences for silver align it with the moon, the element of water, and the zodiac sign of Cancer, making it a valuable tool in rituals and spells related to emotions, dreams, and intuition.

While silver is generally considered safe for most people, excessive consumption or exposure to certain silver compounds can lead to argyria, a condition that turns the skin blue-gray, highlighting the importance of responsible use in both healing and magical practices.

Some History and Folklore of Silver

Silver has long been associated with magic and healing and has a reputation for being able to ward against evil and destroy evil creations.

Moon AssociationsLinked to lunar energy, feminine power, intuition, and dreams
Protective CharmBelieved to ward off evil spirits and provide psychic protection
Magical MetalAssociated with magic, divination, and spiritual connection
Wealth and AbundanceSymbolizes material wealth, prosperity, and abundance
Table 1: Folklore and Symbolism of Silver

Werewolves and sometimes vampires have been popularly believed to be particularly vulnerable to silver.

Silver in Healing

Silver has long been considered a purifying element and has been used to treat any number of illnesses, particularly contagions and wounds.

Traditionally, water that had been stored in a silver container or into which silver coins had been placed would be given to a patient or used to wash his wounds.

Indeed science has demonstrated that it has antibacterial properties and it has been used in wound dressings. Adding silver to a bandage (as in these silver coated band-aids) is believed to reduce the likelihood of infection and inflammation.

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Colloidal Silver, pure silver particles in a liquid suspension, is widely marketed as a panacea today for the treatment of everything from HIV to cancer to the common cold, though research has not confirmed its effectiveness in any case.

Short term use does not appear to do any harm, but colloidal silver may interact with other medications and supplements you are taking. Always provide your practitioner or physician with a list of all your prescriptions AND supplements to prevent dangerous interactions.

Healing AspectBenefits
Emotional BalancePromotes emotional stability, calmness, and alleviates anxiety
Intuition and InsightEnhances intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual perception
Healing Energy FlowFacilitates energy flow and supports healing on physical levels
PurificationPurifies the mind, body, and spirit, aiding in overall well-being
Table 2: Healing Properties of Silver

Wearing silver jewelry is said to help heal and calm the mind, to help clear the lungs and throat, to increase circulation and purify the blood, to balance hormones and to slow the progression of degenerative brain diseases. Just wearing silver is said to help draw negative energy from the body to make way for positive energy.

lodestone set in silver is said to help improve eyesight.

Any stone used for healing will benefit from being set into silver.

Silver in Magic

Silver is a great conductor of energy, including magic. Any stone set in silver will be amplified and its energy more easily directed.

Holy water used for purification purposes is best stored in or distributed from a silver container. The silver will infuse the water with its purifying energy. It will also enhance moon water.

Magickal ApplicationUses
Ritual ToolsSilver is used for creating or consecrating ritual tools like athames, chalices, or talismans
DivinationSilver objects, such as pendulums or scrying mirrors, aid in divination and receiving messages
Lunar MagickHarnesses the energy of the moon for spells, rituals, and lunar-based magick
Psychic EnhancementAmplifies psychic abilities, facilitates spirit communication, and enhances magical workings
Table 3: Magickal Uses of Silver

Silver is an excellent material from which to making scrying mirrors and scrying bowls.

Wear a piece of silver jewelry, set with moonstone (or not) to bed to aid in dream work and to encourage prophetic dreams.

Correspondences for Silver

  • Planet: The moon
  • Zodiac sign: CancerAquarius
  • Tarot card: The Moon
  • Gender: feminine
  • God/Goddess: Any God/dess of the Moon

Silver Toxicity

Silver is generally considered safe for general and regular use, even internally. However, regular ingestion of silver over a long period of time can lead to argyria, a buildup of silver in the tissues leading to a gray or bluish-gray coloration of the tissues, including the skin and eyes. Some people suffer from an allergy to silver.

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