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Moon: Astrology, Magick, Healing, Herbs & Minerals

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

A Moon is a natural satellite that orbits a planet. Our moon orbits the Earth from about 238,856 miles (384,402km) away.

It is among the largest moons in our solar system, relative to the size of the planet it orbits and its gravitational force can be felt here on Earth, affecting ocean tides, and according to many folkways, the body systems of plants and animals as well.

The moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth every 27.3 days and because it rotates on its axis at about the same speed it orbits the Earth, the same part of the moon is always visible to us.

The different phases that we see are due to the angle at which the Sun illuminates the Moon. When the moon is dark, the Sun is illuminating the “dark side” of the moon and the side facing us is dark. When the moon is full, the sun is on the opposite side of the Earth from the moon.

If the Earth gets between the moon and sun during this time, we have a lunar eclipse. Although the Sun is roughly 400x bigger than the Moon, they appear to be about the same size in the sky because the Sun is also 400x farther away; this makes it possible for the moon to almost entirely obscure the sun during a solar eclipse.


The Moon has a rich history in mythology, with diverse cultures attributing it to various deities and stories, such as the Greek goddess Selene and the Japanese rabbit on the Moon folklore.

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotions, instincts, and inner selves, influencing our moods and behaviors based on its position in our birth chart.

Moon signs, determined by your birth date and time, offer unique insights into your emotional tendencies and reactions, providing a deeper understanding of your personality.

The phases of the Moon, including New, Full, and Quarter Moons, hold specific energies that can be harnessed for various magical and spiritual practices.

The Moon in Mythology

Most Lunar deities in Western Tradition are female, though male lunar deities are found throughout the world as well.

Lunar deities are often associated with Motherhood or the Sea.

The Moon in Astrology

As the moon moves across the sky, it passes through the zodiac and its influence is believed to primarily affect our moods and reactions. Those who have a sun sign align to the water element will feel this effect most strongly.

The moon travels through each sign every month, staying in each sign for up to three days before moving on.

At the New Moon, she will be in the same sign as the Sun and at the Full Moon, she will be in the opposite sign.

The moon rules the sign of Cancer.

Moon Signs

The moon sign in your natal chart reveals your feminine side. It governs your deepest fears, your emotional needs and your intuition.

Moon SignCharacteristicsAssociated Magickal Work
AriesBold, assertive, pioneeringCourage, motivation, new beginnings
TaurusGrounded, sensual, practicalStability, abundance, material goals
GeminiCurious, communicative, adaptableCommunication, learning, networking
CancerNurturing, emotional, intuitiveEmotional healing, family matters, intuition
LeoCreative, confident, expressiveSelf-expression, creativity, leadership
VirgoAnalytical, detail-oriented, practicalOrganization, healing, self-improvement
LibraHarmonious, diplomatic, balancedRelationships, partnerships, finding balance
ScorpioIntense, transformative, intuitiveShadow work, transformation, psychic abilities
SagittariusAdventurous, philosophical, optimisticExpansion, higher knowledge, spiritual pursuits
CapricornAmbitious, disciplined, responsibleGoal-setting, career matters, long-term planning
AquariusIndependent, innovative, humanitarianSocial justice, community work, unconventional thinking
PiscesDreamy, intuitive, empatheticSpiritual growth, psychic development, intuition
Table 1: Moon Sign Correspondences

The Phases of the Moon

The lunar month begins with the new moon when the first sliver of the moon can be seen in the sky. This is noumenia in Hellenic Pagan tradition. 

Over the course of the next 14 days, or so, the moon seems to grow in the sky during its waxing period. When the moon waxes to full, many witches consider this a sacred time and celebrate it as an esbat. The moon then grows smaller during its waning period.

On the 28th (ish) day, no moon can be seen. This is marked on many modern calendars as the new moon, but many witches call this the dark moon. Witches may or may not celebrate the new moon or dark moon depending upon their tradition.

Moon PhaseSymbolism and EnergiesMagickal Work
New MoonNew beginnings, intention setting, potentialSetting goals, manifesting, starting new projects
Waxing CrescentGrowth, manifestation, creativitySpellcasting for growth, attraction, abundance
First QuarterAction, decision-making, challengesTaking action, overcoming obstacles, making choices
Waxing GibbousRefinement, progress, motivationFine-tuning projects, enhancing skills, motivation
Full MoonCompletion, manifestation, heightened energyRituals, spellcasting, divination, charging crystals
Waning GibbousRelease, letting go, gratitudeReleasing negative energy, expressing gratitude
Last QuarterReflection, evaluation, lessons learnedSelf-reflection, reviewing progress, learning
Waning CrescentRest, relaxation, introspectionMeditation, dream work, self-care, introspection
Table 2: Moon Phases and Correspondences

The Moon in Magic

Spell Timing by the Moon

Many witches choose to time their spells based on moon phase. Generally, spells for gain or increase are done during the waxing moon while spells for banishing or decrease are done during the waning moon.

Some witches also choose to cast their spells based on the zodiac sign through which the moon is traveling. One might choose to do a spell associated with lunar energy when the moon was in the zodiac sign ruled by the moon, Cancer.

See Spell Timing for more information.

Monday is the day of the Moon.

Planetary Correspondences of the Moon

The energy of the moon is tidal and watery, bringing to mind our deepest dreams, thoughts and emotions and its cyclical nature honors the cycles of our lives and our bodies. The moon shines its light through the darkness to reveal secrets, even those we keep from ourselves.

Lunar energy is great for divination and dream work and to counteract Mars and Sun influences.

Many people correspond the moon’s cycles to menstrual cycles unique to women and use lunar energy for all things related to femininity, but some prefer Venus for these things.


The moon the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

Lunar Minerals

The moon’s metal is silver.

Stones that correspond to the energy of the moon tend to be white and/or luminescent. moonstonepearl, white quartz and white or clear crystal spheres.

Lunar Herbs

Lunar herbs tend to be juicy and lightly sweet and with a sweet (sometimes cloying) fragrance. Either they produce watery fruits, or they have succulent leaves or both.

Many moon herbs help to balance hormones, relieve mild pain and/or gently induce sleep. Many moon plants open at night and close during the day or release their scent at night to attract nocturnal pollinators. Moon plants often grow near water.

White or silvery plants tend to correspond to lunar energy and sometimes these plants bear the mark of the moon even more strongly (see the doctrine of signatures).

Here’s a list:

  • moonflower, 
  • lotus, 
  • Evening Primrose,
  • Night Jasmine, 
  • cucumber, 
  • melon, 
  • bitter
  • melon, 
  • almond
  • agave, 
  • moonwort, 
  • milkweed, 
  • passionflower(sedative), 
  • mallow, 
  • Willow(pain), 
  • poppy (sedative, pain relief), 
  • Gooseberry, 
  • Goat’s beard, 
  • Mugwort
  • Wild Yam(hormones), 
  • Iris

Lunar Fragrances- Incense, Oils and Fumigation Herbs

Almond, clary sage, Orris root

Other Lunar Symbols




Cycles, emotions, secrets, divination, divine feminine, your feminine side, the subconscious, dreams and dreamwork, finding a path, hidden intentions

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