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What is a Magick Spell: Theory & Practice Explained

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

According to most modern definitions, a spell is a ceremonial act that focuses energy to achieve a goal. A spell is intentional magick.

Most commonly, it implies a combination of words and actions combined in a symbolic way to bring about a magical result, but spells can come in many different forms.

Historically, spells were traditionally written or spoken, the power of words being paramount. Although ritual movements and other actions probably accompanied historical spells, more attention is paid to these in modern spellwork than seems to be in the past.

Still, most spell-workers will agree that speaking your statement of intent out loud or writing it down is a very important part of any spell.

A song, chant or a poem may be written to elucidate the statement of intent in a more artistic way to add to the sense of ceremony. 

However, privacy occasionally dictates that this statement, whatever form it takes, is delivered silently, via writing, creating a sigil or through focused thought and visualization.


Embrace the sacred potential of spells: Spells are deeply rooted in ancient traditions, connecting you to the mystical world and your inner power.

Explore spell types and common practices: Delve into the diverse world of spells, from love spells to banishing and binding rituals, each with unique purposes and methods.

Understand how spells work: Casting spells is like shooting an arrow of intention, with energy as your bow and crafted intentions as your arrow, guiding your desires into the universe.

Choose the right bow: Energy selection is crucial; tapping into the right energy source, such as herbs, crystals, or meditation, enhances the effectiveness of your spellwork.

Craft your arrow of intention with care: Personalize your spells by creating sigils, mixing ingredients, and casting circles, infusing your intentions with your energy and purpose.

Embracing the Sacred Potential of Spells

However, spells have the power to offer so much more. If desired, they can fill life with wonder by connecting us to the sacred.

To fully unlock the beautiful and transformative power of spells, we must approach them as spiritual practices. They serve as guides, leading us to the source of our inner divinity and enabling us to manifest gifts and visions that bless our lives and the world.

By embracing spells as spiritual practices, we attune ourselves to the profound, abundant, and life-giving energy of Creation. This alignment empowers us to channel this energy into lives filled with fulfillment, harmony, and unimaginable magic.

Exploring Spell Types and Common Spellcasting Practices

A plethora of spells awaits those seeking to manifest their desires. Love and Relationship Spells, Protection and Banishing Spells, Healing and Health Spells, Success and Prosperity Spells, as well as Divination and Psychic Spells, comprise a diverse array of magical possibilities. While spells are often associated with witchcraft and Wicca, they transcend these realms and find their place in various cultural and belief systems. Hoodoo and Rootwork, Ceremonial Magic, and Pagan and Neo-Pagan traditions all embrace the practice of spellcasting. In today’s world, spells can be approached from a fresh perspective. Historically, spells have served primarily practical purposes, simplifying life and fostering a healthier, happier, more prosperous, and love-filled existence. Many of the suggested spells can be undertaken with a pragmatic mindset, yielding tangible results.

Discovering the Love Spells Within

As we experiment with spells as spiritual practices, we come to realize that, in essence, they are all love spells. They embody the essence of love in various forms.

In conclusion, spells offer us a gateway to extraordinary possibilities. They possess the ability to enrich our lives and bring forth the sacred. By approaching them with reverence and viewing them as spiritual practices, we open ourselves to the infinite potential they hold. So, step into the realm of spells and embrace a life infused with the wondrous magic that lies within.

Some Examples of Spells

To cast a spell to create a mojo bag to draw prosperity to you, assemble your ingredients and declare your intent out loud as you assemble them, perhaps in a rhyming or singsong chant, or simply as a firm declaration.

The act of mixing together ingredients

Chosen for the metaphysical properties into a meal that you will then eat in order to bring about a change in yourself or your situation is a spell, especially if you sing or chant while mixing and declare your intent over the finished product.

The act of casting a circle

With the accompanying verbal declarations, and raising energy to send out into the universe to accomplish a goal is a spell.

The act of creating a sigil

Declaring its purpose aloud, raising energy through sexual intercourse and sending that energy into the sigil to create a talisman to protect and strengthen your marriage is a spell.

The act of creating an invisible shield 

Around a loved one, purely through visualization, is a spell also.

A banishing spell

Often involves ritual actions that sympathetically mimic cleaning or driving something out along with a firm declaration of the intent that the person or energy to be banished immediately leaves the area or situation.

A binding spell

Often involves a sympathetic action representing the tying up or closing in of a taglock, or object intended to represent the target accompanied by the announcement that the object is bound to or from a certain course of action.

A number of sample spells and techniques commonly used in spellwork can be found in our Spells and Rituals section.

How Spells Work: Casting the Arrow of Intention

Casting a spell is akin to shooting an arrow with a clear direction and goal in mind. Just as an archer requires strength, technique, and a bow, a witch harnesses their inner power, employs the right approach, and channels specific energies to manifest their desires.

If you’re new to the world of magic, you might have started by delving into Wicca literature and experimenting with recommended rituals in the “your first spell” section. Although this process can feel overwhelming at first, take solace in knowing that everyone begins their journey there. With time, you’ll discover what works best for you, understanding the ideal moments for practice (astral or lunar calendars are not essential, nor is syncing with the menstrual cycle).

Eventually, you’ll develop your own personalized method for preparing, casting, and sealing a spell. Experience is key, and it will help you discern what truly resonates with you, discarding anything that remains confined to the realm of theory.

Choosing the Right Bow: Energy Selection

Interestingly, the bow for your magical arrow corresponds to the type of energy you decide to work with. Personally, I find Elemental Magic to be the most natural and immediate form, but it’s important for you to experiment and discover what resonates with your being.

You might choose to work with elements, herbs, incense, candles, inks, or even terracotta. Trust your intuition and draw upon your experiences. For those who have already practiced for some time, I encourage you to try working without external support. Remember, there is one ever-present element—air, ethereal and mobile—that collects our intentions and purpose, carrying them forward.

Crafting Your Arrow of Intention

Now, let’s discuss the arrow itself. The arrow symbolizes the energy that, through your intention, you direct towards a specific goal. Your arrow serves as a tool for co-creation with the Divine.

It connects you with your divine spark, the most potent and creative aspect of your being. By choosing to channel your energies toward a particular purpose, you tap into your innate ability to shape reality.

A Word of Caution: Energy Allocation

However, it’s important to exercise caution and recognize that you cannot attain everything you desire. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, so when you direct it in one direction, you inevitably draw it away from something else. Choose your intentions wisely, considering the impact and consequences of your actions.

Common misconceptions about spells

There are several misconceptions surrounding the effectiveness and nature of spells. It is important to address these misconceptions to provide a more accurate understanding of spellcasting and its limitations. Here are some common misconceptions clarified:

  1. Magic is not infallible: It is important to recognize that magic does not guarantee 100 percent success. Spells work by modifying probabilities rather than ensuring definite outcomes.

    For instance, if you cast a spell to win the lottery, your chances may increase, but the overall probability of winning remains quite small. However, if you are one of three candidates for a promotion and cast a spell, doubling your chances significantly enhances the likelihood of success.
  2. Your role as the main element: While tools like herbs, colors, and crystals possess their own magical energies, they primarily serve to facilitate the task.

    The key element in spellcasting is you. If a spell does not yield the desired results, it is crucial to carefully examine all aspects of the spell. Reflect on your intentions—were they selfish or aligned with a higher purpose? Evaluate the quality of the ingredients used, ensuring they are healthy and effective.

    Consider adjusting candle colors or seeking assistance from the appropriate patron deity (e.g., Eros for love, Brigit for motherhood, Ceres for wisdom). Additionally, be cautious of casting too many spells simultaneously, as it can scatter your energy.
  3. Unrecognized manifestations: It is essential to entertain the possibility that a spell may have worked without your immediate awareness.

    Sometimes the manifestation may not align with your expectations, but it could still be influencing your life in subtle ways. Stay open to recognizing the spell’s impact even if it deviates from your initial vision.

Common questions

The distinction between spells and prayers:

Spells involve specific ingredients and procedures, while prayers consist of spoken words or chants without external elements.

Casting spells: Who can practice?

Anyone who believes in magic can cast spells.

Timing of spell manifestations:

Spells typically take around 14 days to manifest, but this timeline can vary—some spells may manifest sooner or take longer to produce results.

Potential dangers of spells:

Spells can be dangerous or harmful when cast from a place of negativity, hate, anger, or the intention to harm others. Maintaining a positive mindset and intention is crucial in spellcasting.

Possibility of spells backfiring:

Yes, spells can backfire, emphasizing the importance of maintaining positive energy and intentions while casting spells.


Spells serve as valuable tools for exploring the realm of magic and harnessing its incredible energies. They can empower individuals to transform their lives and embark on a journey of introspection, spirituality, and personal growth. It is crucial to understand the limitations and nuances of spellcasting to approach it with clarity, responsibility, and respect for the energies involved.

About Morningbird (Witchipedia's Founder)

I am a homesteading hearth witch who grew up along the shores of the Hudson River and has lived among the Great Lakes for the past 20 years. Together with my musical husband and youngest child, I steward a one-acre mini homestead with herb, vegetable and flower gardens, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits, and areas reserved for native plants and wildlife. 

I have three children; two are grown, and I have been practicing magick alone and with family and friends for over 30 years.

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