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What it means to Charge an item

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

To charge an item means to apply its energy toward a specific purpose. For example, you would charge a talisman for protection. Some use the word “program” to describe this process.

An important step when charging magical items is to imbue them with the energy of your personal intention for use. For example: you can charge a citrine quartz with happy and safe energy so that these feelings are available to you whenever you need to invoke them, all by just holding the stone in your hand. If you are charging a candle for a specific spell, you will focus on the connection between the candle and the goal you are manifesting.


Charging an item in a spiritual context means infusing it with specific energy or intention through focused thoughts and emotions.

It enhances the item’s effectiveness in achieving a particular purpose or goal.

This process is often used for objects like crystals, talismans, or candles, where the item becomes a conduit for the concentrated energy or intent, which can be harnessed for various purposes, such as healing or protection.

Charging is a highly personal and often ritualistic practice aligned with individual beliefs and practices.

Charging an Item

It is generally believed that an item should be cleansed before it is charged.

The process of actively charging an item generally involves raising energy with a specific purpose in mind and directing that energy into the item while declaring your intention out loud. This is often done within the context of a larger ritual, or not, depending on tradition and individual preference and experience.

Items may be passively charged by placing them in the moonlight or sunlight. This method is popular for minerals and crystals and is used to make moon water.

Which elements can charge items?

Both sunlight and moonlight work as charging agents, so you can essentially clean and charge an object at the same time. Just make sure that if you are working towards a specific goal, you focus that intention into the item when you place it under the celestial body of your choice.

Another simple method is to place the object on top of a pentacle (which is already cleaned and charged). As an extra touch, place the pentacle in sunlight or moonlight. Amethyst and crystal quartz are also excellent as you can place herbs, smaller stones, ritual jewelry, or any small item directly inside these sparkling beauties.

Which are the main items that you need to charge?

When it comes to ritual tools, namely the wand, athame, chalice, pentacle, and cauldron, charging is usually combined with what we call “consecration”. Consecration usually involves invoking the God and Goddess and/or the Elements as a way to connect ritual objects directly to the divine. Depending on how you approach your practice, consecration may be more elaborate than energetic charging. For consecration, you must have a stronger experience because it is done within a magic circle. Altar tools are commonly enshrined in a pentacle, or a pentacle may be drawn with a wand or athame over the object in the center of the altar.

Special rituals are often used to charge amulets, especially if the amulet has a special task or goal. The most common amulets and talismans that require special rituals are also improvised amulets that were not created with magical functions in mind. This applies to horseshoes, brooms and various dolls; each of these amulets require the use of a strictly defined ritual for charging.

With the help of rituals, you can turn almost any trinket into a talisman. Better yet, if your item has a rich history or is of any importance to you, your energy will already be firmly with it, so you only need to do a few more steps to fully charge it, ready for your magical practice.

Why should you charge items?

Sometimes, you may feel that cleaning your tools and ingredients is a hassle. But it’s always worth taking the time to go through these steps. Not only will it greatly enhance the energy of the objects, but a powerful energetic shift will occur within you as you focus your intentions into this practice. If you really want to understand the difference between non-charged and charged objects, try casting a spell without cleansing and charging your ingredients first and then try the same spell again with the charged stuff. You will be very surprised by the difference in results.

How often do items need recharging?

The power of charged items may weaken over time. If your item has been handled by strangers, for example, it would be good practice to cleanse and recharge it. To recharge almost any talisman, you can use the same ritual that you used to charge it in the first place. By doing so, you will restore the energy structure of the object and its connection with you.

How to perform a ritual to charge tools

The following ritual can help charge almost any magical tool. You will need to put your cherished object on the windowsill on the night of a full moon in such a way that pure moonlight falls on it. If you can leave the window open, this is even better. As soon as you place the object under the moonbeams, say the following words:

I invoke the mother moon, I ask her for help! May it give strength to my amulet, for good and positive works! I will look at the moon at night and I will thank her with my gaze!

After that, from the next morning, your object will be charged and ready to use. Since you have charged it with your intentions, it will contribute to the achievement of your goals.
Keep in mind that if you wish to use a household item as a talisman, you should no longer use it for its household purposes: doing so would mean that it wastes all of its strength before you can use it for magic.

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