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Written by: Tina Caro

As promised, here’s a list of my favorite spells. In the next few days, you can expect to get a few exciting emails from me!

An Update

I’ve updated this list on January 17th, 2022. I’ve added a few new LOVE spells! 🙂

Let’s start with Love Spells

A White Magick Spell to Reconcile with Someone Special

A White Magick Spell to Reconcile with Someone Special

This white magick spell provides help in targeting problems within a relationship. We all know that relationships have ups and downs, and this spell is able to establish the necessary balance to keep your relationship safe and if appropriate, to help you reconcile with a friend, a partner, or a relative.

I advise that the desire for reconciliation must be born of yourself, this will help with the request from the universe to make things go well.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need:

  • 3 onyx crystals
  • 3 rose quartz crystals
  • 1 velvet bag
  • 2 white candles
  • 2 metal candlesticks
  • 1 red cloth

How it’s done:

This white magick spell should be performed early in the morning, as it represents a fresh start. This should happen before the new moon, in the same manner, that natural cycles are starting a new stage.

The orientation given to this spell is important, for this you will have to position yourself on the east side of your dwelling, being able to use the first rays of light, so that the rays of solar energy will be radiated directly to your heart.

Place the two white candles in their respective candlesticks, next to each other, and on the red cloth (symbol of love and passion). Remember that these are the candles that represent you and your love.

Red rose forgiveness ritual

Red rose forgiveness ritual
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Using roses makes everything more magickal. You will love this forgiveness ritual!

This is an advanced forgiveness ritual, so make sure you are genuinely ready for it before casting it.

Besides that, keep in mind that you truly need to feel sorry about a specific situation, and you need to be genuinely open to forgiveness to let energy flow properly and the spell manifest!

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need:

  • A red rose
  • A notebook
  • A red pen
  • A black marker
  • A handful of feathers (removing them from a feather duster works well)

How it’s done

To perform the love spell you must first defoliate the rose and every time you remove a petal from the flower ask for forgiveness out loud through the white magic of love so that you can obtain their forgiveness.

Then write on the paper with the red pen what you would like to be forgiven for. Then cross it out with the black marker, put the written sheet with the feathers from the feather duster and burn them in an open area (always use precaution when handling fire).

Ask again for forgiveness and speak out the name of the person who needs to forgive you. Repeat this white magic spell four times a week until it is fulfilled and you can be forgiven.

Follow this ritual step by step and you will see how your relationship with that person you hurt is gradually improving, let the love of white magic help you achieve forgiveness. The most important thing is not to give up, the effort always has its reward.

Don’t forget you need to do your part on this one, so make amend, apologize to that person, and try to become a better person to let the universe know you are truly open to forgiveness.

Deeper connection love spell

Deeper connection love spell

This is a powerful binding spell and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Definitely binding a person to us for eternity is convenient and stimulating, but if the other person does not agree or does not believe in a magical world, you shouldn’t cast it!

Difficulty: Expert Witch
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • Jasmine
  • Hot water
  • A container
  • A mirror

How it’s done

Put the jasmine in a fairly large container, add the hot water, and mix. The jasmine dissolved in the water will give off a pleasant scent.

Inhale as much as you can this perfume and fix your reflected image as you say 6 times the name of who you want to tie to you, followed by the words “stay with me, stay with those who love you”.

This spell from the distance should create a sort of spiritual bond between you and your loved one.

It is important not to look away from the mirror in order not to create negative thoughts, obtain the opposite effect, or even cancel the spell.

At the end of this operation you will probably feel a little dizzy and confused, but don’t worry – your soul is looking for a common thread with the other person. You will feel better as soon as he finds it.

If you are still not satisfied or the other person has not been reached, try this additional formula:

  1. Write on a handkerchief the name of the person you would like you to love.
  2. Fold it on itself so that all the positive energy is trapped inside.
  3. Burn the handkerchief by saying his/her name aloud.
  4. Put the ashes in a glass with water and salt and mix. While mixing, repeat the other person’s name in reverse.
  5. You will feel a warmth inside your body: here the bond has been established.

1. A Bay Leaf White Magic Spell

A Bay Leaf White Magic Spell

This is a ritual of white magic. It won’t work for everyone, as it is necessary to have a strong desire to achieve results.

Those who have very weak and unconvincing intentions will not see any results. It’s possible to perform this ritual even if other love spells are going on. Remember that visualization and positive thinking are fundamental.

If you are in a somewhat negative phase of life, don’t do it, you would waste time and energy needlessly.

You can perform this ritual as needed. I recommend that you give it time to realize itself, without abusing it. It is not a fast-acting ritual, but within a month you should see some results.

There is no need to do this ritual in specific moon phases.

Difficulty: Experienced Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5

You need the following components:

  • A bay leaf (picked up in a crescent moon)
  • A pen

A ritual:

  1. Take how you establish contact with your loved one (computer, home phone, cell phone, etc.). Since a mobile phone is the most common method, let’s say that the person casting this spell is constantly communicating with the other person via mobile phone.
  2. You will need to get a bay leaf which must be picked up in a crescent moon. With a pen, write a name and surname of the person that must contact you, and if you want, you can also add a date of birth.
  3. Take the mobile phone, turn it off and position it face down so that you can put a leaf on top of the battery. Take your phone and a leaf in your hands and say these words:

    (Name) call me!
    Call now, ring.
    To my ears.
    Bring the (name) now.

    (* Repeat this chant three times)

  4. Turn your phone back on, and now you will have to wait for a contact to occur. If you want you can repeat the process a couple of times a day. Not maniacally, mind you. Keep negative thoughts at bay.

This ritual will work only if you are in a positive relationship with a person you wish that contacts you. If you have some issues with a person, then I advise you to do rituals to calm anger like the Honey Jar ritual.

If after a month you won’t see any results, and you want to do it again, replace an old leaf with a new one.

If you’ll use a PC instead of a mobile phone, attach a leaf with a piece of adhesive tape behind the screen.

2. The Crescent Moon Think of Me Spell

The Crescent Moon Think of Me Spell

The power of the Moon in this ritual cannot be overstated and can be felt in a variety of ways.

Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5

Lunation: crescent moon
Day: Friday (mandatory)


Altar and a red candle. If you don’t have an altar, you can do it in the magic circle.


  1. You will have to go to outdoors if you can, on a Friday night (if you can’t go outside, simply open a window or a balcony or a terrace) and create a small altar.
  2. Close the magic circle making sure that the altar is facing north. If you want to invoke the Elemental Guardians, it’s an optional option anyway.
  3. Take the candle and engrave the name of your loved one.
  4. Before lighting it, as you lift it towards the moon, you must say the following words:
    With love I call you (name of the desired one)
    And I whisper to you I love you.
    Following the love that reaches you
    (name of the desired one) that love will lead you to me.
    Silently and gently
    Let my person cross your mind.

  5. Now you can light the candle and say this formula:
    Think of me day and night, (name of the desired one)
    If it does not harm anyone so be it.
  6. Kiss the candle while it is lit.
  7. For at least 30 seconds, you must think about him/her, being together with your loved one in intimate ways. I suggest that you spend more than 30 seconds on this visualization part.
  8. At this point you have to let the candle burn. When the candle is completely consumed, you will be able to interpret the shapes of the wax that can tell you in advance the existence of the ritual.

Remember that for this Wiccan spell to work, it is necessary that you and this desired person talked at least a few times before this ritual, and above all, you must know his/her full name (name and surname).

3. Strong Black Magic Break Up Spell

black magic break up spell by Magickal Spot
This breakup spell is one of the most powerful rituals to separate two souls.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


  • A piece of paper
  • Black ink
  • A black candle
  • Something to carve the candle


  1. Meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind and relax.
  2. Cut the black candle from the top down with these words: “Nunc Distant in Nomine Malo”.
  3. Light the black candle.
  4. Write the names of the two people you want to separate with the black ink on a piece of paper.
  5. Take a piece of paper, point it towards the sky and say: “In Nomine Luciferi Ego Conteram Et Dividat Cor Tuum. Spirituum Inferi Intends Orazio Mea. Spirituum Inferi Intends Orazio Mea. Spirituum Inferni Intends Orazio Mea. Nemamen! “
  6. Tear off a piece of paper in two parts.
  7. Burn one of the two pieces with the candle flame and say: “On Oruko O Yo Korira!”
  8. Burn the second piece with the candle flame and recite this formula again: “On Oruko O Yo Korira!”
  9. Let the candle be consumed and bury the residues.

Tips: be careful while chanting to spell everything in the right way. Go as slow as you can and truly focus on each word you chant.

Protection and Banishing Spells

1. Spell to Banish a Negative Influence

Spell to Banish a Negative Influence
Given the many requests, here is a perfect spell to get rid of the evil eye and the negativity that influences us.

The main ingredient is the egg, the mysterious symbol of life.

An egg will represent the evil eye and its defeat. But remember, this spell takes away the evil eye, not the consequences of your actions, so if you’re actually causing the negativity, this spell won’t do much.

You should cast it during the last quarter of the moon, on Saturday.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • An egg
  • Lighter or matches
  • A long black candle
  • Half a glass of water
  • A sewing needle
  • A pinch of saffron

How it’s done

  1. The first thing to do is to create a magical protection circle.
  2. Light the black candle and repeat:
    “You who have the power to banish
    the evil eye I ask you to remove.
    Wet the egg with water and repeat:
    Your home is clean
    while mine is dusty
    That you consent
    my desire.”
  3. With the needle, make a hole in the upper part of the egg, blow in and repeat:
    “On the road to the evil eye
    from my home to yours
    that only a bone remains
    in a stone fireplace.
    Get out of here
    from my home to yours.”
  4. Sprinkle the saffron on the egg hole.
  5. Dig a hole at least 12 inches (30 cm) deep in the garden or where the soil is, then throw the egg in it.
  6. It needs to break, and then you’ll bury it.
  7. During a lunar cycle, you should feel the effects of this spell.

2. St. Brigid’s House Protection Spell

Saint Brigid House Protection Spell

A fantastic spell to bless and protect your home from any harm.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5

A Ritual:

  1. Choose the divinity that best represents your sense of the Divine.

    For this spell, I usually work with Brigid, a Celtic goddess of water and fire, whose healing energies will help purify a home which was violated by the violence, heated discussions or other negative manifestations.

    St. Brigid’s day is one of the four most important festivals of the Celtic tradition, and we celebrate it on February 1st (Candelora).
    The totem of this goddess is a cow, so diary offerings (such as milk) are welcome.

  2. Visualize the four elements throughout the house, imagining that negativity is banned from every room.
  3. Once finished, stand in the middle of the room and say this invocation:

    “I’m the wind on the sea.
    They are an ocean wave.
    I am the roar of the sea.
    I am a powerful ox.
    I’m the hawk on the cliff.
    I am a drop of dew in the sun.
    I am the force of art.
    I am a spear with loot engaged in battle
    I cleaned the stony place on the mountain.
    From the cellar to the attic, from the window to the door,
    from the roof to the garden, I fill this house
    protective energy of (Name of the chosen deity)
    and I ask that the people here reside
    the blessings are dispensed.
    So be it!”

Renew this ritual every six months.

To reinforce the spell you need to:

  • Act with the full moon.
  • Cast it on a Monday (family matters) or Sunday (business matters).
  • Cast it when the moon is in Cancer or Virgo.
  • Act in the time of the moon.
  • Repeat every year, possibly on February 1st and New Year.

This ancient Celtic poem magically affirms your sovereignty over the house you live in. You can also use it as a protection spell for someone else.

My favorite 30 min self-love ritual

30 Min Self-Love Ritual
Share it with your witchy friends!

To perform this powerful white magic self-love ritual, you need a candle as a start.

Preferably choose one that is red or orange, since they are colors associated with vitality, strength, and self-confidence.

However, if you are a true fan of another color, you can use a different color on your candle. I love lilac, so I use a lilac candle for this ritual!

I advise you, yes, that is a medium or large size candle since this ritual will consecrate a candle to provide us with energy and confidence in all the moments that we need it.

Besides, you need an item to carve on the candle. For example, you can use a knife or a wooden or metal stick.

You also need paper and a pen.

Also, you need a plate. Of course, make sure it is a fireproof dish and cannot be broken by contact with the candle.

And sea salt.

Finally, an ingredient that can bring more energy to the ritual is an essential oil of some magical herb.

I recommend basil, lemon, or sandalwood.

But if you don’t have it, don’t worry, it’s not necessary to do this powerful magic.

Of course, if you want, you can make one by heating a pinch of vegetable oil with the zest of lemon peel.

Then you must strain it, and, once cold, you will already have the essence or oil to use it in your spell to regain confidence in me.

So in short:

Things you need

  • Red or orange candle
  • Wooden or metal stick for carving
  • Paper and a pen
  • Plate
  • Sea salt
  • Basil, lemon, or sandalwood essential oil
  • A strainer

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 5/5

How it’s done

This is a simple ritual that will not take you more than 20 or 30 minutes to perform.

And the best thing is that it will give you speedy results. It is perfect for situations in which we need to regain confidence urgently.

Before starting the spell to have more confidence, I advise you to read the following:

  1. Choose any day you like for casting.
  2. Being a ritual of attraction (or sweet), I recommend that you put all your energy on a Full Moon or Waxing Phase day.
  3. My advice is that you perform this self-love ritual at night or at sunset. And it is that the moon has a powerful effect on spells related to person energy and trust.

Let’s begin

First, make sure you have chosen the most appropriate day (following the advice above) and begin by thanking the Universe for the results that this powerful ritual will give you.

You can say the following sentence aloud:

“Thank you Universe for allowing me to find the love for myself “

Now you must make a circle with salt on the plate.

Once the circle is ready, it is time to take the candle and engrave a sigil on it.

I’ve written a guide about love sigils, so check it out to learn more about them and learn how to create them all by yourself.

Once the symbol is engraved, you can if you have decided to use essential oil to anoint the candle.

Remember that being an attraction ritual; you should start from the top and go to the bottom of the candle.

Do it with your fingers and then wash your hands with soap, water, and a pinch of salt.

Once the candle is ready, you must place it in the middle of the plate and light it with a match.

While it is burning, you must read aloud the following phrase or sentence:

Through this candle that burns bright,
And through this chant I recite,
I ask you Universe to fill me with Love and Light,
May the love always be within me
So be it!

Now, being careful not to burn yourself, burn the paper with the flame of the burning candle. Be very careful while doing it!

While doing so, imagine yourself as a strong and confident person with a deep love towards himself.

To finish the ritual, you must extinguish the candle (with the help of your fingers moistened with your saliva).

You can wrap it in a cloth bag or bag if you wish. You must keep the candle in a safe place.

Whenever you need to instill in your life light and confidence, you will only need to light the candle and let it consume a few minutes.

Prosperity and Money

1. Green Candles Lottery Spell

Green Candles Lottery Spell

This is a straightforward lottery spell that needs a unique visualization technique and a few magical words.

First of all, we must focus, with a positive and persevering attitude, on how we want to see each other in the future.

Visualize your well-being, your children at the university, the payment of your mortgage and all the other needs covered.

When you’re fully concentrated on your future, you need to proceed with the spell.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • Two green candles
  • Patchouli essential oil
  • A few small coins
  • The same number of malachite stones
  • A lighter

How it’s done

  1. You have to mix one of the green candles with the essential oil of patchouli while you visualize the success you’ve always wanted to have in your life.
  2. Lit the candle and place it on the altar (if you do not have a regular altar, a simple plain light table will do the part).
  3. Put clean coins and malachite stones around the candle.
  4. Repeat 3 times, loud and clear:
    “I, (your name), invoke the power of the four elements,
    Water, fire, earth, and air.
    Bring me all the money I need and want.
    Without harming anyone and for the highest good.
    So be it”.
  5. Then turn on the other green candle and while it is being consumed, watch it relentlessly with your future millionaire mentality until it is entirely consumed.
  6. You can hide the remains in your garden or inside your home. You must carry coins and stones of malachite in your pocket or purse.

Now you have to wait until this spell takes effect.

Ancient Black Magic Money Spell

ancient black magic money ritual

This powerful spell requires water from the nearest river. River water acts as a portal to powerful energies from our and other worlds.

You must NOT use tap or bottled water!

Difficulty: Intermediate
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • River water.
  • A sheet of parchment paper.
  • A green marker.
  • A glass jar.

How it’s done

  1. With the green marker write on the parchment paper these magic words: “Adra Adarah Darah Dra. 10 times richer. 100 times richer. 1000 times richer.”
  2. Fold the sheet four times and place it inside the glass jar.
  3. Pour the river water into the jar reciting this magic formula ten times:
    “Adra Adarah Darah Dra. The waters of fortune will bring abundance. There will be no more poverty. Only abundance.”
  4. Keep the (open) jar on your bedroom windowsill for ten consecutive nights.
  5. On the eleventh day, at dawn, go to a river, turn the water in the can upside down and keep the paper.
  6. Let the paper dry on the sun for a whole day.
  7. Take the paper and, kiss it and say: “You will bring me luck and abundance.”
  8. Keep the sheet in a place in your home where nobody can find it (but possibly not indoors).

And a favorite spell without ingredients

1. Love Spell Without Ingredients

This is one of the easiest spells for love, that requires only a visualization, and a few chosen words.

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 3/5

How it’s done

  1. You will only need a quiet place where you can close your eyes.
  2. First, close your eyes and think about the person or situation in which you want to cast the spell.
  3. Let those positive images flood your mind and focus so you can get a good mental picture.
  4. When you have the image in your mind say everything you want that person to feel, how you want the relationship to be in the future or how you want the situation to be.
  5. You won’t have to say it out loud, speak only to your mind.
  6. Visualize again everything you said and before opening your eyes say a prayer to ask for a blessing in love.

Brazilian magic ritual for abundance

Brazilian Voodoo ritual for abundance
Share it with your witchy friends!

This is a powerful ritual that originates from Brazil.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

  • A white candle
  • A glass of coconut milk
  • Two tablespoons of saffron
  • A new bath sponge

How it’s done

Light the white candle and staring at the flame of the candle, without blinking, repeat this magic formula until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore – when you have to blink:

Aayan lese wura. Wura lese aayan.

While the candle is burning, prepare a hot bath.

Pour a glass of coconut milk and two tablespoons of saffron into the water.

Then immerse yourself in the water and, rubbing your skin well with a new sponge. And while rubbing, repeat the magic formula again.

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