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6 Powerful Forgiveness Spells and Rituals [For All]

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Written by: Tina Caro

A misunderstanding? Did you make a mistake? Sometimes we have regrets for something we did, but the person who was affected is simply not willing to give us their forgiveness because they’re deeply hurt. In those cases, you can’t give up! Let’s see which Forgiveness Spells and Rituals I usually use in situations like these.

If some person is truly important to you, you have to keep trying until you regain their trust, friendship, and love.


Forgiveness spells are magical rituals focused on seeking or granting forgiveness to oneself or others.

These spells aim to heal emotional wounds, release resentment, and foster reconciliation.

They may involve candles, herbs, crystals, and affirmations to let go of grudges, mend relationships, or find inner peace.

Practitioners should approach forgiveness spells with sincerity, genuine intentions, and respect for the well-being of all involved parties.

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If your situation is one where you believe you didn’t actually do anything wrong, but the person believes you did – it’s going to take some extra humility on your part as you will essentially be admitting fault when you do not truly believe you are at fault or in need of forgiveness.

What are forgiveness spells?

DefinitionForgiveness Spells are magical rituals and practices designed to promote forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation in situations where conflict, resentment, or emotional wounds exist.
Healing and ReconciliationThe primary intention of these spells is to help individuals release negative emotions, foster understanding, and create an atmosphere conducive to reconciliation and forgiveness.
Ethical ConsiderationsPractitioners approach these spells with ethical considerations, respecting the autonomy and consent of all parties involved and seeking emotional and spiritual healing.
Types of ConflictsForgiveness Spells can be applied to various types of conflicts, including interpersonal disputes, family issues, or even inner conflicts and self-forgiveness.
Emotional ReleaseThese spells often emphasize the release of negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, or hurt, and the cultivation of empathy and compassion.

When should you rely on this kind of magick?

There is an infinite number of situations where you may find yourself needing to ask someone for their forgiveness. There is no situation where you shouldn’t rely on spell work, as it helps every situation of this nature.

White magic is the kind of magic that doesn’t force anything. It will gently nudge the other person into forgiving you without altering their free will or making them feel uncomfortable. It will all be very natural and normal for them, and for you.

My favorite forgiveness spells

I’ve prepared for you a list of my favorite forgiveness spells.

Let’s take a look at them!


Red rose forgiveness ritual

Red rose forgiveness ritual
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Using roses makes everything more magickal. You will love this forgiveness ritual!

This is an advanced forgiveness ritual, so make sure you are genuinely ready for it before casting it.

Besides that, keep in mind that you truly need to feel sorry about a specific situation, and you need to be genuinely open to forgiveness to let energy flow properly and the spell manifest!

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Red rose forgiveness ritual
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need:

  • A red rose
  • A notebook
  • A red pen
  • A black marker
  • A handful of feathers (removing them from a feather duster works well)

How it’s done

To perform the love spell you must first defoliate the rose and every time you remove a petal from the flower ask for forgiveness out loud through the white magic of love so that you can obtain their forgiveness.

Then write on the paper with the red pen what you would like to be forgiven for. Then cross it out with the black marker, put the written sheet with the feathers from the feather duster and burn them in an open area (always use precaution when handling fire).

Ask again for forgiveness and speak out the name of the person who needs to forgive you. Repeat this white magic spell four times a week until it is fulfilled and you can be forgiven.

Follow this ritual step by step and you will see how your relationship with that person you hurt is gradually improving, let the love of white magic help you achieve forgiveness. The most important thing is not to give up, the effort always has its reward.

Don’t forget you need to do your part on this one, so make amend, apologize to that person, and try to become a better person to let the universe know you are truly open to forgiveness.

Forgiveness spell with an onion

Forgiveness spell with an onion
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If you are looking for an advanced super effective forgiveness spell, this is the perfect spell to cast!

This is perhaps one of the most popular spells because the onion weeps and cries, which symbolizes what you would do when asking someone for their forgiveness.

The symbolism of this spell is so special and unique. I truly love it!

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need:

  • One small white onion (if you don’t have a white one you can use a red one!)
  • A photograph of the person who needs to forgive you
  • A red ribbon
  • A jar with a lid

How it’s done

You will start by splitting the onion in half and placing both halves into the jar, and after this you will fold the photo in half with the image facing inward, forming a sandwich of sorts where the onion halves act as the ‘bread’ and the folded photo acts as the ‘meat’.

Next, you should tie the red ribbon around the lid of the jar, and tie a double knot. Then you will make your request, closing your eyes and visualizing what you want to happen.

Set the jar on a windowsill where it can be charged with moonlight (even if the moon isn’t visible) and leave it overnight. When it has been 24 hours, you need to bury the jar in the garden/yard.

It doesn’t need to be buried deep. If you don’t have a garden or yard, you can take the jar to a local park, beach, or forest to bury it.

Within days you will start to notice signs of forgiveness being offered to you.

Forgiveness ritual with a balloon

Forgiveness ritual with a balloon
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If someone made you suffer and this pain is still there preventing you from moving on, this ritual will help YOU forgive someone or something and let it go.

This part of letting go and forgive and forget the past is one of the most important parts. If you are too focused on the past and it still causes you pain, this ritual is what you need.

It’s highly symbolic and beginner-friendly, a big plus? It only requires two ingredients! Give it a try!

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly
Effectiveness: 3/5

Things you need:

  • A helium-filled balloon (see color info below)
  • A permanent marker

How it’s done

Write something on the balloon that represents what you need to forgive (yourself, someone you’ve wronged, a situation, etc.).

The color of balloon should represent your emotions on the matter that need to be let go.

  • If you feel anger or rage, use red.
  • If you feel sad or depressed or remorseful choose blue.
  • If you feel at peace with letting this situation go, choose white.
  • If the situation involves money, career or business choose green.
  • If you’ve done something truly evil, choose black.
  • If a painful situation involves lost friends or friendships, you can choose a pink one.

Now go outdoors, hold the balloon in your hands, close your eyes and mentally project all of your emotions into the balloon and visualize them being trapped in the balloon.

When you’re ready, release it into the sky and watch until you can no longer see it. Now let it go!

Spell to be forgiven in just 7 days

Spell to be forgiven in just 7 days
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This tends to be a fast-acting spell, which will allow someone to forgive you in just 4 to 7 days.

This is also a white magic spell.

During this process, I recommend that you are sincere and hopeful while performing the ritual.

This commitment and openness to let this energy become yours and let forgiveness flow between you and someone special to you it’s the main foundation.

Make sure you believe in this spell and yourself.

It’s not an easy spell to cast as it’s more advanced than others but very effective. If you have at least a little bit of experience with spellwork, give this spell a try!

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 5/5

Spell to be forgiven in just 7 days
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need:

  • Red ribbon
  • A piece of paper
  • A small carrot
  • Some drops of oil (any kind)
  • A container such as a tupperware or takeout box

How it’s done

Write your name and that of the person who needs to forgive you on the piece of paper. Also briefly write the situation you need to ask forgiveness for.

Turn the piece of paper and write the following: “FORGIVENESS”. It must be large and capitalized. Fold the paper carefully in half.

Now wrap the paper around the carrot, and then tie a red ribbon around it.

Place the carrot in the container and apply 7 drops of oil slowly. You can use any kind of oil from regular vegetable oil, olive oil or essential oil.

Finally, repeat this powerful chant:

“You, (name of the person you want forgiveness from), will offer me your forgiveness within 7 days time. You will let it go and move on after you have forgiven me. So mote it be.”

You have to store it for seven days but then get rid of the carrot with the ribbon burying it in a place away from your house.

Apple spell for your partner to come back and ask for forgiveness

Apple spell for your partner to ask for forgiveness
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This spell is used when your romantic partner has wronged YOU and you want them to be remorseful and ask for YOUR forgiveness.

Perform the ceremony with humility and positive intentions. It’s not easy to perform but very useful. Make sure you follow each step carefully and with an open mind and heart.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Apple spell for your partner to come back and ask for forgiveness
Copyright: Magickal Spot

Things you need:

How it’s done

On the sheet of paper, write your partner’s name and then your name below it. On the other side of the paper you will do the same. Fold the paper so that it’s as small as you can get it.

You will light the candle and wait a few minutes for wax. Then pour some wax on the bit of paper to seal your intentions.

Open a small hole in the apple with the knife and place the folded paper in the hole.

Apply a dusting of sugar and honey onto the hole to seal it with sweetness, and then with wax to seal it further.

Wait a minute or two for the wax to solidify and then tie the ribbon around the apple.

Say the following chant out loud:

“(Name of your partner), I bind you to me, to ask me for forgiveness with humility and sincerity, as I have bound this apple.”

Apple spell for your partner to come back and ask for forgiveness diy picture
Copyright: Tina Caro

Store the apple in a place where the sunlight is not directly on it. When two days have passed, throw the apple away (not in your home).

You can throw it in a public trash can, or even better; you can bury it in a field or garden away from your home.

Forgiveness ritual for couples

Onion ritual to force apology from your partner
Share it with your witchy friends!

This is the ideal spell in the event that your partner is very proud and does not want to apologize for any reason and is very stubborn.

Never use this ceremony as revenge, as this will not be effective.

Perform this ritual with much love, sincerity and security. As you need to be very positive and open to forgiveness, this spell is a bit harder because it wants you to let anger and frustration behind.

If you can cast it on a night of Full Moon but if you don’t want to wait for too long, do it when you feel ready and in tune with this spell’s energy.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need:

  • A small onion
  • A metal container
  • Oil of any kind
  • A small piece of paper
  • Some matches (always use care when handling fire)
  • A knife

How it’s done

This ritual is best done under a full moon but should be effective under any moon phase.

Write the full name and date of birth of your partner on the piece of paper along with the date (or just the year) that you began the relationship or marriage.

On the other side of the paper, write:

“May (partner’s first name) come to me to ask forgiveness.”

Now burn the piece of paper in the container, at the same time visualize the moment when your partner returns (always be careful when handling flame).

Cut the onion in two and place it in the container along with the burned paper/ashes.

Apply a few drops of oil on the onion.

Say this chant:

“(Partner’s name), you will come to me and ask me to forgive you with sincerity and humility.”

Throw the onion in a place that is far from your home, and you can discard the remaining ashes/paper.

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Final thoughts

Forgiveness spells are amazing but keep in mind that you need to do your part to let them work and manifest.

So I highly recommend you spend some time thinking of the situation and the person who leads you to these spells and making sure you are genuinely ready to open yourself to the energy and the magick of forgiveness.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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