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Malachite: Folklore, Correspondences, Healing & Magick

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Written by: Tina Caro

Malachite is copper carbonate hydroxide, a very common form of opaque copper carbonate with distinctive swirls of lighter and darker green and black. It is found in Russia, the Middle East, Romania, and Zambia.

The name Malachite comes from the Greek meaning mahle “green mallow plant” or possibly from the Greek word malakos meaning “soft” alluding to the fact that this is a soft mineral, easy to carve and to break.

History and Folklore

Historically, malachite has been used as the pigment in green paints and cosmetics and as the basis for carving various decorative items such as vases. It was mined as far back as 4000 BC by the ancient Egyptians. Malachite may have been one of the earliest ores from which copper was derived.

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The ancient Greeks used malachite to create amulets to protect children and during the Middle Ages malachite was used in amulets to defend against black magic.


Malachite has also been traditionally used for scrying, or accessing other spiritual realms. It may be worked with to receive messages from the future, or insights from the subconscious mind.

Malachite Correspondences

CorrespondenceSignificanceRelated Elements
ElementEarthGrounding, stability, abundance, fertility
PlanetVenusLove, beauty, harmony
Zodiac SignTaurus, ScorpioTransformation, intuition, sensuality
ChakraHeartLove, compassion, emotional healing
ColorGreenGrowth, renewal, healing, nature
Crystal SystemMonoclinicStructured, grounding, balancing
Table 1: Malachite Correspondences

Healing and Magickal Uses of Malachite

Healing PropertyApplicationHealth Benefits
Emotional HealingMeditation, wearing as jewelryPromotes emotional healing and balance
Physical HealingPlaced on affected areas, elixirs, ointmentsSupports healing of injuries, inflammation, and pain
Heart Chakra HealingPlaced on the heart or worn as jewelryOpens and balances the heart chakra, promotes love
ProtectionCarried or placed around the homeShields against negative energies and psychic attacks
TransformationUsed during energy work or ritualsFacilitates personal growth and spiritual evolution
Table 2: Malachite Healing Properties

Magickal UseSignificanceMagickal Application
Energy AmplificationEnhances and magnifies energyUse Malachite in spellwork or rituals to boost intent
ProtectionShields against negative influencesCreate protective talismans or amulets with Malachite
Love and HarmonyEnhances love, compassion, and harmonyUse Malachite in love spells or relationship rituals
TransformationFacilitates personal growth and changeIncorporate Malachite in rituals for transformation
ScryingEnhances psychic vision and intuitionUse a polished Malachite crystal for scrying practices
Table 3: Malachite Magickal Uses


Malachite increases physical energy, encourages cell regeneration and clears and activates the chakras. It is worn to reduce swelling in joints, aids sleep, enhances the immune system, reduces acid levels in the body, combat dyslexia and aids the circulatory system.

It can also be used to ease migraines and protect against pollution, noise and electromagnetic emissions. Malachite should not be used directly to make elixirs because of its high copper content.


Malachite induces feelings of sympathy, empathy, and compassion for others, cleanses the aura, helps remove spiritual blocks.

Gazing into a malachite stone is said to calm emotions and encourage harmony and patience. It also opens up the mind to receive knowledge.


Malachite is a protective stone said to warn the wearer of impending danger by breaking. It can be used in all sorts of protection magick especially while traveling.

A malachite amulet engraved with a rayed sun is said to increase the powers of the magus using it. Malachite may also be used in prosperity magick and to ward against nightmares. Malachite can be attached to a child’s bed or cradle to ward off illness and other dangers or hung in a nursery window to prevent negative energies from entering the room.

Video about the symbolic meaning of Malachite

Care and Cleansing

Malachite is a soft stone and susceptible to damage if handled roughly. Protect it from getting crushed or scratched and keep it from extremes of temperature, especially avoid sudden temperature changes.

Use Earth cleansing to cleanse and recharge. Cleanse and recharge often as it has a tendency to absorb negativity, especially when used in healing work. It will fade and begin to crack if not completely cleansed often.

You can also cleanse and recharge malachite by laying it on a clear quartz cluster in the sun. Do not use salt as it will mar the surface of the stone. Avoid breathing the dust of raw malachite. Handle with care and wash hands after handling.

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Simple Ways to Use Malachite in Your Daily Practice

Malachite is a beautiful crystal, but one that, due to its toxicity, should only be handled in its polished form, and with care. It’s typically associated with the season of spring – try the simple practices below to bring its powers of transformation and rebirth into your life every day.

Nurturing New Friendships

Malachite is a wonderful stone for alleviating shyness and supporting friendships. Enjoy some soothing candle magick by placing a piece of polished malachite in front of a pink candle and, as you light the wick, feel the energy of the gentle flame and the crystal infuse you.

When you’re ready, radiate out this special light to others around you, both old friends and new.

Once the candle has burned down or you’ve extinguished it, keep the malachite with you in your bag or pocket as you go about your day.

Finding Solutions

If you’ve got a work assignment that you’re struggling with, a pile of bills that’s causing stress, or you’ve hit a creative block, malachite can help.

Place the crystal on top of that stack of bills, your notebook, or your laptop to help cut through the confusion and find a clear route through the confusion.

You may also like to journal your dilemma or worries and leave your crystal within the pages overnight.

Promoting Vitality

In Feng Shui, malachite is aligned with the East sector and the element of wood. Placing this crystal in the east vector of your home or office is an effective means of imbuing the space with energy, and vitality.

It’s a powerful way to promote new beginnings and growth, too, so is an excellent stone to use if you’re mulling over beginning a new project or venture.

Crystal Gazing

With its connection to astral travel and aiding divination, simply relaxing and gazing at the stone’s beautiful whorls and patterns can help intuition come to the surface.

Take some time, at any point during the day when you want to tap into your inner voice, to find a quiet space and sit comfortably holding your crystal.

Let your eyes wander over its bands and clouds, and simply allow images, symbols, messages, and ideas to emerge from your subconscious gently.

Make a Wish

With its ability to support intention setting (more on this below!), malachite can be incorporated into a magickal wish bag, to help bring about your heart’s desires. As long as they serve your highest self, of course.

To make a wish bag, gather together a malachite crystal, and a couple of totems that link to this desire. If you’re seeking inner peace, this could be a photo of a place where you’ve found a strong sense of contentment, a seashell, or an image you’ve drawn that represents peace. Next, on a slip of paper, write down your wish.

Now place all of these items into a small bag, or wrap them in a piece of soft cloth, and your wish bag is ready.

Keep it on your bedside table, or altar, or even bury it in your garden – whatever feels right.

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An Intention-Setting Malachite Ritual

With its potent transformative abilities, malachite is the perfect stone to use for an intention-setting ritual.

Although you can set an intention whenever you’d like, the New Moon is a particularly magickal time to commit to realizing your desires. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Set your intention by writing it down or speaking it aloud.
  2. Hold your malachite crystal, relax, concentrate on your breathing, and ground yourself to the Earth.
  3. While holding the stone, visualize the successful results of your intention. Perhaps this involves seeing yourself in your dream job, walking with a wonderful new partner, or holding the keys to a new home. 
  4. In your mind, see the positive energy of this visualization infuse the malachite crystal, and ask the stone to work with you as you set and seal your intention.
  5. Keep your crystal to hand whenever you state an affirmation connected to your intention, or when you take actionable steps towards reaching your goal. For example, place it next to your laptop when you apply for that new job.

Malachite and the Zodiac

With its links to rebirth and growth, malachite may be particularly helpful for the springtime zodiac sign of Taurus. Those born under the sign of the Bull can use the stone to assist them in stepping outside of their comfort zone and trying something new. Its soothing energy is also great for helping Taureans to cope with change.

The intensity of malachite means that it’s a great match for Scorpio and Capricorn, too. It promotes self-exploration and inner knowledge and boosts the resolve to make positive change.

Crystal Combos

If you’re an empath, then you need the combo of malachite and black tourmaline in your life. This pairing provides powerful protection against energy drains and vampires and can help guard you emotionally, mentally, and physically, against others’ negative vibes.

Wearing or using malachite alongside rose quartz promotes self-love and kindness, so if you’ve had a rough day, or your self-esteem has taken a hit, these are the crystals to combine.

And if you’d like to create a crystal grid, using a mix of malachite and clear quartz is likely to serve you well. This pairing provides balancing and cleansing energy and the stones will work together to shield you from electromagnetic harm.

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Malachite: Stone of Power, Transformation, and New Beginnings

If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, malachite is a powerful ally to have in your corner.

The crystal’s strong grounding abilities, alongside its capacity to heal and support new beginnings, mean it’ll supercharge your resolutions and add rocket fuel to a project you’re thinking of embarking on.

Call on malachite, too, for protection, and to retain focus when working on a task – it’s great for balancing the mind, especially in stressful situations.

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