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A List of Powerful Moon Magick Herbs [For Each Phase]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Moon magick herbs are the ingredient you need to cast different lunar spells.

Let’s get started!


Moon magick herbs are plants with unique properties that are believed to be influenced by the phases of the moon.

The lunar phases, including New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon, play a significant role in moon magick practices.

During the New Moon, herbs like Sage and Cloves are commonly used for cleansing and setting intentions.

The Waxing Moon phase is associated with growth and abundance, making herbs like Laurel and Lavender ideal for spells and rituals.

The Full Moon is a powerful time for manifestation and spirituality, with Cedar and Cypress being favored herbs for enhancing these energies.

What are moon magick herbs?

Moon magick herbs are herbs that, with their properties and energies, can enhance lunar magic and energy to create a special connection and help you attract and shape the energetic flow more easily and effectively.

Moon magick and lunar phases: the basics

The moon and the sun were called “the eyes of heaven” by the ancients because they watched over everything that is done on earth and in nature. To best perform a magical job, be it a ritual or the creation of a talisman, you need to check that the two objects are in the right position in the sky to draw from them the maximum of positive influences to have success and victory.

The moon rounds the sky every month and enters all the astrological houses. It is often found in conjunction with the sun and the other planets and it is, therefore, necessary to note the exact moment of these entrances and conjunctions to work correctly. In this case, it is useful to consult an updated book of ephemerides.

Performing moon magic at random or during an unsuitable moon phase, can affect our work negatively, making it vain.

phases of the moon
Moon Phases

New Moon

The moon and the sun are in conjunction and the moon is invisible. Its symbol is a black circle and this phase lasts about 7 days. It’s perfect to set new intentions and plans for the month ahead. Its peaks have a duration of 3 days.

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Waxing Moon

This occurs when the moon is illuminated on the right side of the star and its symbol is a sickle with the hump facing to the right. This phase lasts 7 days. A waxing moon is amazing for casting abundance spells and performing rituals and spells all about growth and prosperity. Why? Because during this phase, the moon is visible, and its energy calls for all things in abundance and creation!

Full Moon

It occurs when the moon is in exact opposition to the Sun and it is totally visible to our eyes. Its symbol is a perfect white circle. The duration is approximately 7 days but its peaks are around 3 days. It’s a wonderful phrase to forgive, forget something, and eliminate something that no longer serves you.

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Waning Moon

This occurs when the left side of the moon is illuminated. Its symbol is a sickle with a hump on the left and it lasts about 7 days. The waning moon is all about banishing someone, especially an ex or someone related to your past, and that you want to banish from your life.


So, as you can see, each phase is strictly linked to the others, creating many different options for you to practice your craft. But to perform moon magick you have to use natural elements like plants to connect with the moon’s energy and to create your vision. Let’s see what the best herbs for each lunar phase are!

New Moon herbs


Sage connects to the heart of the Mother Goddess and wild nature. Among the sacred herbs, this promotes a playful vitality and helps you, always with precise, intentional power, to open new doors and create new opportunities.

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Cloves are flowers that have not yet blossomed. They are used to obtain protection, money, and love. When worn, they increase sensitivity and availability towards others. If the intentions you want to set with the power of the new moon are all about communication with others or connecting with someone, this is your herb.

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HerbMagickal Properties
MugwortEnhances psychic abilities, divination, astral projection, and connection to the divine.
JasminePromotes love, sensuality, and spiritual growth.
MoonflowerHeightens intuition, aids in dreamwork, and enhances psychic visions.
YarrowOffers protection, enhances divination, and aids in ritual purification.
Table 1: Herbs for the New Moon Phase

Waxing Moon herbs


Laurel, one of the most used plants in magic for its countless qualities: purification, success, and protection. It is burned before a ritual and pulverized to clean up the sacred space, to drive away the negativity.

It is also used as a talisman against poverty; just take three laurel branches, tie them together, and keep them at home, or take some leaves and put them in a diffuser to burn while thinking about the economic problems you wish to solve.

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Lavender is a very special plant, used for centuries in purification rituals to ward off negativity, bad luck, and the evil eye. Furthermore, it promotes happiness, love, and the achievement of inner peace.

If added together with other herbs, it enhances their effectiveness. Dried in a bunch and hung behind the front door, it protects the inhabitants.

Lavender is used as incense to purify the house, perfume the environment from negative energies, and increase spiritual vibrations.

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HerbMagickal Properties
RosemaryEnhances mental clarity, focus, and memory.
Lemon BalmPromotes happiness, relaxation, and emotional balance.
ChamomileFacilitates relaxation, peace, and soothing energies.
PatchouliEnhances manifestation, grounding, and attracting abundance.
Table 2: Herbs for the Waxing Moon Phase

Full Moon herbs


Among the sacred herbs, cedar is the first that I recommend. Cedar is the perfect option if you want to build a protective shield of energy around you, your loved ones, or even your pets and your home.

When you start the purification by burning it, focus your intentions on what you are trying to protect, creating a mirror-like force field where any attack bounces back to the sender.

In your mind, imagine this force field filled with love and security.

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Evoking the energy of the cypress allows you to seek calm, rooted (even ancient) wisdom, and allows you to enter your space and your being, eradicating negativity and excess energies.

Connecting to this ancestral and ancient wisdom opens the way for psychic work such as divination, astral projection, and lucid dreaming.

If you intend to use the powers of cypress for better dream activity, practice purification just before bedtime.

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HerbMagickal Properties
LavenderPromotes tranquility, healing, and restful sleep.
CalendulaEnhances intuition, divination, and love spells.
MeadowsweetFacilitates spiritual connections, psychic abilities, and love magick.
FrankincenseAmplifies spiritual energy, purification, and connection to higher realms.
Table 3: Herbs for the Full Moon Phase

Waning Moon herbs


Mint is a plant widely used in magic for love, health, attention, and mental lucidity. Mint promotes healing and purification if burned as incense. If added to bathwater, it removes negativity.

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St. John’s wort

This is a powerful herb for protection and purification. It is the one to use in any case when you feel that there is something strange that oppresses you, when everything is falling apart, or when you feel that despite your efforts, things do not change. It can be used in a bath or worn.

HerbMagickal Properties
SageProvides purification, cleansing, and banishing energies.
JuniperOffers protection, banishes negative energies, and aids in exorcism rituals.
MugwortEnhances lucid dreaming, divination, and astral travel during the waning phase.
CedarPromotes grounding, strength, and banishing of negative influences.
Table 4: Herbs for the Waning Moon Phase

How to use moon magick herbs?

You can use moon magick herbs as a talisman or in an extract of essential oils for spells and rituals!

herbs associated with moon magick
Copyright: Tina Caro

New Moon ritual with sage

To perform this ritual, you need:

  • Crystals
  • Candles
  • Sage incense
  • A blank notebook (it is also possible to have a specific notebook to be used for the rituals of each month)

First, take a bath to cleanse your energy with sea salt or Epsom salts. This will help you relax and cleanse yourself of any energy that is fatiguing you but does not belong to you. This bath also works to get rid of negative energies.

Continue the ritual by making incense, Palo Santo, or sage and cleaning the space around you, both around your body and throughout the room where you are.

Put on some music that inspires you and that makes you feel comfortable in this moment, dedicated to concentration to get what you want. Now, take a candle and place the crystals around you to make the environment harmonious.

Write all your intentions in your notebook: what you want to attract in your life in this new cycle.

Meditate on yourself accomplishing what you want.

You can repeat this ritual during the waxing moon, add some lavender essential oil, and meditate and read what you wrote as intentions to receive the blessings of these particular lunar phases.

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Full Moon purifying bath

This purifying bath helps to discharge accumulated negativities and promotes positive energies. Essential oils have hidden healing properties that transcend the physical realm.

They enter your olfactory system and profoundly affect the mind, body, and spirit.

They exert such a fast and immediate action that you immediately feel their healing properties.

Put four drops of cypress essential oil in a bathtub filled with hot water. In the same stores where essential oils are sold, you can buy dispersing agents, which help the oils to mix with water.

Try mixing the oils with about 30 drops of organic vinegar before adding them to the bath.

The oil diluted in vinegar is excellent for the skin. Consider using sea salts for further detoxification. For example, you can add a cup of Celtic, Atlantic, Himalayan, or Dead Sea salts.

Minerals and the force of the sea remove the old energy of your physical and etheric body.

By immersing yourself in a sea salt bath, you can let go of fears and worries. Let go of all the blocks that keep you from moving forward. Make your detoxifying bath more effective by keeping your palms suspended over the water.

Invoke your Angels:

“Angels of Heaven, please send your loving light to my bathroom. I ask to absorb its healing energy. May it bring me calm and tranquility. I gladly eliminate stress and tension from my body. Please resolve everything that prevents me from reaching my maximum good. Thanks.”

Now mix the water with your hands to ensure all the elements are mixed. Immerse yourself in this healing bath for at least 15 minutes, or more if you can. Let your mind wander and daydream.

In this way, your Angels will guide you through the purification process. As thoughts and emotions emerge, let them go through you, and then get rid of them completely.

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Waning moon version:

  • A bathtub full of water.
  • A liter of milk.
  • A bunch of mint leaves.
  • 7 handfuls of coarse salt.
  • Quartz (hyaline to purify and energize, rose quartz to calm and purify).

The first thing to do is shower as you normally do to remove physical dirt. Then use a white towel or bathrobe to dry your body before entering the tub.

Fill the tub with water at the desired temperature and add the ingredients (one liter of milk, mint leaves, a bit of coarse salt, and quartz). Stay immersed for 10 to 15 minutes, while perceiving how you are freeing yourself from any negative feeling.

Imagine feeling the vibrations of the quartz that is working on your energy, rebalancing it!

Invoke your Angels and ask to be purified, then thank them (you can use the same prayer above).

To purify yourself completely and banish what no longer serves you for good, I recommend doing it for three consecutive evenings!

You can repeat it whenever you feel the need.

Last few tips

I highly recommend harvesting some fresh herbs and letting them dry out in order for them to still be rich with their properties and energies.

If you cannot find them, try to order them online or buy them at an herbalist’s shop, choosing raw, organic products over processed ones! Don’t be afraid to switch things if you don’t have those specific herbs; follow your intuition and tastes too!

For example, I use lavender for almost everything! Why? Because it relaxes me and gives me the chance to focus and commit when I cast spells and perform rituals! Do what feels good!

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