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What is Exorcism & How Does it Work (Dark Forces)

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Written by: Dawn Black (Witchipedia)


Reviewed by: Tina Caro

An exorcism is the forcible expulsion of negative energy or unwanted entity from a person or place.

Exorcism is a set of religious practices aimed at driving away alleged demonic or evil entities from individuals, animals, or places. Its origins trace back to ancient times and are present in various religious beliefs.


Exorcism, rooted in various cultures and religions, is a ritualistic practice aimed at banishing malevolent spirits or entities that have taken possession of a person.

Distinguishing between psychiatric pathology and possession is crucial; signs such as speaking in unknown languages, superhuman strength, and aversion to sacred objects often indicate the need for an exorcism.

The exorcism process involves a trained exorcist invoking sacred prayers, holy water, and rituals to confront and expel the possessing entity from the afflicted individual.

Dark Forces, often associated with possession, can include demonic entities or negative energies seeking to control or harm individuals, leading to the need for exorcism.

The origins of exorcism

In some religions, it is believed that supernatural beings can possess natural beings. The possessed individual is not seen as directly responsible for their actions but rather as a medium for the spirits. However, in cases known as indiment, the person willingly seeks out control by spirits and is considered conscious and responsible for their actions. These spirits can be either beneficial or malevolent towards God and humanity.

ReligionExorcism RitualPurpose
ChristianityThe Roman Catholic Church performs exorcism using theTo remove demonic possession and malevolent entities from afflicted individuals.
Rite of Exorcism
IslamRuqyahTo seek protection from evil spirits and jinn, and to heal spiritual ailments.
HinduismBhoota VidyaTo rid individuals of negative energies and malevolent spirits.
BuddhismParittaTo chant protective verses and dispel negative energies and influences.
ShintoismMisogiTo purify and cleanse the spirit, removing impurities and negative energy.
Indigenous BeliefsShamanic PracticesShamans perform rituals to drive out negative energies and malevolent spirits.
Table 1: Exorcism Rituals in Different Religions

The individual who performs exorcisms is called an exorcist and utilizes prayers, pre-established formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, relics, and blessed objects.

How can one distinguish psychiatric pathology from another?

Distinguishing psychiatric pathology from possession is challenging. A competent exorcist collaborates with psychologists and ensures that all medical checks, including visits to psychiatrists, are done before attempting exorcism. If obsessions persist despite treatments, prayers of liberation may be tried before considering exorcism.

A painting by Goya, of Father General, Saint Francis Borgia, SJ performing an exorcism.

The devil rarely leaves immediately, often trying to make people believe they are crazy. Thus, persistence and multiple prayers are necessary.

How does an exorcism work?

An exorcism must be carried out by a priest who has received a mandate from the bishop and must be done free of charge. Charlatans should be avoided. The possessed are believed to be under a curse that may have been inflicted upon them in adulthood or even before birth. While true wizards with connections to evil exist, they are rare.

The exorcism ritual, recited in Latin and lasting about half an hour, involves invoking saints and guiding the possessed person through prayer. The person may lose consciousness during the process due to the influence of the evil entity.

Exorcism Ritual ToolDescription
Holy WaterWater blessed by religious authorities, believed to have purifying properties.
IncenseFragrant smoke used to cleanse the environment and create a sacred atmosphere.
Sacred SymbolsSymbols of protection and divine power, such as crosses, pentagrams, or other religious emblems.
Prayer and ChantsSacred words and verses recited to invoke divine assistance and dispel negative energies.
Ritual ObjectsItems like candles, crystals, and talismans used to enhance the ritual’s efficacy.
Religious Texts and ScripturesSacred texts and scriptures read aloud to invoke divine protection and guidance.
Table 2: Types of Exorcism Ritual Tools

The practice of exorcism has decreased in many religious groups due to improved diagnosis of psychological issues and a shift in Western culture towards rationalism and materialism, which has diminished attention to the supernatural.

Symptoms an exorcism is needed

Symptoms indicating the need for exorcism include a lack of energy, behavioral changes, memory issues, addictions, interpersonal problems, hearing voices, and physical ailments. Non-physical energies can attach themselves to the aura during moments of stress, trauma, or vulnerability, leading to the emergence of these symptoms.

Signs of Negative Energy or PossessionExplanation
Drastic Personality ChangesSudden shifts in behavior or personality without apparent cause.
Unexplained Physical AilmentsPersistent illnesses or pains with no medical explanation.
Intense and Unexplained FearOverwhelming fear or anxiety not related to any known triggers.
Hearing Unusual Voices or SoundsHearing voices or sounds that others don’t perceive.
Loss of Consciousness or MemoryExperiencing blackouts or memory lapses without reason.
Objects Moving or DisappearingItems moving or disappearing without any logical explanation.
Table 3: Signs of Negative Energy or Possession

These attached energies are often souls or soul fragments that haven’t moved on after death. While they might not be harmful, they feed on our vital energy, contributing to the mentioned symptoms. In most cases, these energies can be helped to return to the Light with appropriate techniques, leading to symptom relief and overall well-being.

The Dark Forces behind a possession leading to exorcism

However, there are more concerning cases involving Dark Forces behind possession and exorcism. These entities reject the Light and actively try to invade our energy sphere, influencing emotions, thoughts, and energy levels. They seek to possess souls and cause harm, feeding on negative emotions like fear and pain.

Cathedral of Bayeux (France, Normandy), exorcism by Saint Exupère (painting by Rupalley)

Low energy defenses make individuals vulnerable to these dark entities, and some people unknowingly invite them through certain acquaintances or agreements. These Dark Forces are well-organized and thrive on negative emotions and conflicts present in the world. They try to prevent the spread of Light and aim for global domination, often in partnership with certain individuals driven by power and money.

Even individuals carrying the Light are not immune to these attacks, as these dark entities persistently try to infiltrate their thoughts and minds to divide and conquer. Awareness and understanding of these forces are crucial in protecting oneself and others from their malevolent influence.

How to defend yourself from the Dark Forces?

Defending yourself from the Dark Forces requires more than just basic defense rules; it may involve an “Energetic Exorcism” to eradicate the intrusive intruder. Alongside the Dark Forces, the Forces of Light are present, but their impact is limited if we dwell in low vibrational frequencies.

If we have made mistakes in our soul’s journey, these Forces may take advantage of them. Recovering dispersed energy and practicing self-awareness and positive thinking are essential steps in leading a harmonious and balanced life.

Loving and being true to oneself are key to keeping negativity, darkness, and negative entities at bay.


What is the difference between possession and mental illness?

Possession involves issues caused by negative energies/entities attached to someone, while mental illness has rational roots and requires treatment by a specialist.

Are exorcisms dangerous?

Yes, exorcisms deal with dark entities and forces, making them potentially dangerous.

How effective is exorcism?

Exorcism’s effectiveness depends on the type of entity involved and may require multiple sessions.

Can anyone perform an exorcism?

No, exorcisms should only be conducted by expert exorcists.

Are there alternatives to exorcism for dealing with spiritual disturbances?

For less severe disturbances unrelated to possession, cleansing rituals and protection spells can be effective alternatives.


Exorcism is not just a movie concept; it exists in reality. Paying attention to the forces we attract and cultivating positive energy is vital to prevent dangerous connections with negative entities and embrace the light in both our daily and magical lives.

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