Difference Between Evoking and Invoking [Spirits]

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Written by: Tina Caro

In the world of magic, there are many practices that, although they seem similar to us, are actually very different. Over the years, I have often come across evocations and invocations, and when we talk about these two magical practices, we often think they are synonymous. And that’s wrong! Let’s find out what the difference between evoking and invoking is.

Why Should You Know The Difference Between Them?

Many are not aware of the correct meaning of the two words, even though it’s critical to know the difference, especially for those who practice white, black, or green magic.

First of all, it’s so crucial that you know exactly who you are Invoking or Evoking, paying attention to what kind of energy you are moving, to avoid any potential risks.


Because working on energetic forces is amazing, powerful, and rewarding but, if you don’t do it right with proper mindset and education you can find yourself dealing with energies and forces you don’t know how to manage.

The result? Bad things can happen.

So What’s The Difference Between Evoking and Invoking?

I have noticed that many confuse the two things – to evoke and invoke.

To evoke means “to call out” – therefore, it concerns all those techniques external or out of the body. The best example is visualization because you see and feel the Demon or entity.

To invoke means “to call inside” – therefore, it concerns all those techniques that are internal – in our body. The best example is if the Demon or some other spirit speaks to us in our minds.

What is Evocation?

The evocation is a spiritual activity in which you call out an entity, whether it is benign or malignant, always occurs outside the practitioner’s body, in the form of energy.

In fact, with an evocation, there is never a direct connection with the spirit that is summoned, and it will never come into contact with our body, but we could only see or perceive the entity.

With an evocation, we summon forces and entities without giving them permission to get in touch with us, and basically, they can’t manipulate us or take advantage of our body and vital force.

An evocation is an easier and safer way of connecting with the spiritual realm.

What is Invocation?


The invocation brings things to the other level. This process is very different and much more complicated.

With an invocation, the entity that is called enters directly in contact with our body and with our soul becomes part of us and literally enters within us.

The spirit uses our voice to communicate. When this happens, the voice can (and probably will) change, as it will become darker or lower. Spirits may also use our bodies to move.

The practitioner, nevertheless, always remains conscious and alert but must have a strong enough energy not to collapse after the entity leaves the body.

Methods for Invoking and Evoking

There are many ways to invoke or evoke spirits. The most used methods are automatic writing, visualization, pendulum, ouija boards, and dreams.

ouija board

Final Thoughts

As you might have noticed, these two practices are very different from one another, and, especially when it comes to invocation, the most important thing is to be very careful and get in touch with spirits and energies in a respectful way.

When you decided to contact an entity that it is maybe a Demon or a spirit, it is important to choose the method that we have mastered.

Over time, meditating with perseverance, we can develop skills that allow us to use both methods, which is impossible for us at the beginning.

Tina Caro

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