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Crafting a Luck Talisman: A 6-Step Guide

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Written by: Tina Caro

Regardless of whether it represents a lucky charm or not, each talisman has a specific task represented by a decoration. Let’s unveil their power and learn how to make a talisman for luck.

The powerful magic of talismans

Since ancient times, man has always tried to preserve his own safety in the face of aspects of everyday life that seemed dark and inexplicable to him.

Always terrified of the idea of death, a man tried to cling with all his strength to objects and materials that would help him not only to “delay” the moment of his passing, but also to distance himself and his loved ones from any form of disease and malice.

Talismans are objects capable of driving away bad luck in all its forms, and of guaranteeing serenity of soul and peace for their owners. They include gems or simple stones, necklaces, coins, statues, illustrations, pendants, rings, plants, animals… basically any item that sparks safety, joy, and good vibes can become a talisman.

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The first amulets used by primitive men—mostly hunters—were made from the bones, teeth, or horns of animals, and gave the owner a sense of security and confidence in his own destiny.

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Here’s how to make a talisman for luck in 6 steps

Setting intentions

The creation of a talisman takes place after you have already developed clear ideas about what you really want at that precise moment; in fact, it must be specifically designed.

The reasons for wanting to create one can be financial luck as well as love luck, it all depends on the needs that a person can have.

Meditate on the goal while choosing or shaping your talisman!

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Choose the right item

To start with the realization, you must first start looking for an object suitable for the purpose for which it is to be used, especially something that is considered as a lucky charm. This decision, since it varies from person to person, is entirely subjective; in fact, it could also be a common pebble with a particular shape or some jewels, just to give some examples.

Once the object has been carefully identified, we can start working and charging it with the proper energy to bring us luck. The most important thing is to choose something we love to boost the effects and attract even more energy using some lucky charm or luck related items.

A horseshoe or a four-leaf clover-shaped item might be the best option!

Lucky SymbolSymbolic Meaning
Four-Leaf CloverRepresents good luck, fortune, and finding unexpected blessings.
HorseshoeSymbolizes protection, luck, and warding off evil spirits.
AcornSignifies potential, growth, and prosperity.
LadybugBrings good fortune, happiness, and fulfillment of wishes.
ElephantRepresents strength, wisdom, and good luck in many cultures.
Table 1: Symbolic Meanings of Common Lucky Symbols

MaterialLuck Association
JadeKnown for attracting wealth, prosperity, and good luck.
Rabbit’s FootTraditionally believed to bring good luck and fertility.
Tiger’s EyeAssociated with luck, protection, and enhanced intuition.
AmethystBrings spiritual protection, positive energy, and luck in various aspects of life.
Red String or CordConsidered a symbol of protection and luck in many cultures.
Table 2: Materials and Corresponding Luck Associations

Or shape it on your own!

If, however, we want to try to make it with modeling material, such as clay, corn paste, terracotta, or simply with copper plates, rich in positive energy, we just have to find a suitable figure and proceed with the work. In this case, we focus in particular on the copper plate, and precisely what is used to make electronic printed circuits.


This material is ideal for creating a personalized talisman and able to fulfill our desires and expectations.

If we choose a zodiac sign, we can copy it from a book and, using a pen and carbon paper, transfer it to the plate.

zodiac signs correspondence with talismans

Enchant the talisman

Talismans are objects, often stones but not necessarily, that, if enchanted with an intention, can bring benefits or bad luck depending on the intention with which they are given.

Let’s do some practice!

A talisman for luck in a business or project


  • A sheet of paper
  • A green marker
  • A red marker
  • A magnet
  • Three copper coins
  • A small bag of yellow cloth
  • Three golden candles

How to create and charge the talisman:

  1. With the green marker, draw a lucky sigil on the paper. To learn how to create your own, check out this detailed, in-depth guide!
  2. With the red marker, write on the sheet the area in which you wish to be successful.
  3. Fold the sheet in four and insert it in the cloth bag together with the magnet and the three copper coins.
  4. Place the three golden candles around the bag.
  5. Immediately after midnight on a Wednesday, light the three golden candles one by one, saying: “In one form or another I invite luck to make this talisman and its profound content sacred and lucky. My luck. My hope. My becoming. So be it.
  6. Let the candles burn out.
  7. Keep the talisman with you, and bring it with you for a special presentation or event when you need some extra support from luck!

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A talisman for luck with a stone


  • 1 Stone (or an object of your choice to enchant)
  • 3 types of herbs to create incense
  • Candles (or a small fire)
  • Witch fetish (Drop of blood, nail, hair)

How to perform it:

Take a stone and give it a moon bath by exposing it to the light of the Full Moon, then purify it by immersing it in salt for a couple of days. Then clean it with a soft cloth and avoid touching it too much. Then proceed with a prayer of protection and invocation to the Goddess to request her presence and benevolence to the ritual.

This is the only ritual in which the witch’s fetish is needed rather than that of the recipient of the talisman. All you need is a nail, a small strand of hair, or a drop of blood (the elements chosen vary according to the emotional closeness with the recipient of the talisman) to burn together with 2/3 types of herbs. The smoke produced must, therefore, be “blown” onto the stone.

In carrying out this operation, a statement must be pronounced which determines the recipient of the talisman and what is required of it.

In the end, you have to thank the Goddess and clean the place where the rite took place, destroying the candles if they were used or extinguishing the flame that was used to burn the herbs.

The talisman must always be worn, preferably in contact with the skin.

Charging the talisman for luck with our positive energy

We already know at this point how important our energy and mindset are when casting a spell or creating a talisman or any other magickal tool. The law of attraction is a philosophical concept that has always been known as:

“Everything you think, with persistent emotional involvement, will become part of your life”.

Last thoughts

The truth, however, is that this strength is often not enough. When the situation is desperate, when depression pursues us, when difficulties seem too great, it is impossible to concentrate on positive thoughts. It is here that talismans come into play; they are real energy catalysts, which attract good forces to us to allow us to receive luck, health, and new opportunities.

The effect of magic talismans is easily explained and understandable; in fact, if we concentrate well, we can feel their strength, an energetic vibration that accompanies us in individual change. We need to trust magic, trust the energy, and keep a positive, open mindset in order to let the energy flow and attract what we want.

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