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How to Find a Good Luck Charm? [The Most Powerful Ones]

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Written by: Tina Caro

A good luck charm is a powerful and great tool to help us attract positive energy and keep away negative energy to assist in shaping our vision. The thing is, it is not that easy to approach this complex subject, due to many variables and that is the reason why you might be left be wondering, how to find a good luck charm.


To find a good luck charm, first identify your specific intention, whether it’s related to love, career, or another area.

Research symbols and items traditionally associated with luck, but also consider what holds personal significance to you.

You can create or customize your own charm, incorporating materials that align with your goal, such as gemstones or heirlooms.

Optionally, cleanse and charge the charm to enhance its effectiveness.

Carry or wear it regularly, believe in its power, and periodically recharge it to attract good luck and positive outcomes.

What is a good luck charm? The different types

When we talk about lucky charms in general, we often have doubts about which to choose, how to use it, and how to treat it.

In a nutshell, if for luck we draw to use a Solomonic talisman, in reality, it is very delicate item as it must never be touched by any other people (including family members), you must also avoid dropping it on the ground and getting it wet, these three factors can potentially desecrate the talisman, making it worthless.

ChineseDragonLuck, power, protection, success
IrishShamrockGood luck, representing the Holy Trinity
JapaneseDaruma DollPerseverance, goal-setting, good luck
IndianHamsa HandProtection against evil, blessings, good fortune
Native AmericanDreamcatcherWarding off bad dreams and negative energy, promoting positive dreams
MexicanAztec CalendarLuck, protection, representing the sun and the passage of time
Table 1: Cultural Good Luck Charms

Solomonic Talismans are immensely powerful and effective, but, as I have already explained, they are very delicate. If you choose a Solomonic lucky charm, the advice is to follow what we have said to the letter. The same thing applies to any mineral that someone uses as a lucky charm, which is quartz, aventurine, jade, etc.

They must be kept and carried delicately, avoiding them falling on the ground, and they are never touched by another person. The one thing disputable about the Solomonic talisman is it can come into contact with water, indeed water is very important, as you can use it in order to discharge any negative energy absorbed by the talisman, by passing it for a few minutes under running water every night before going to sleep.

Thai lucky charms instead do not fear any of this. Thai charms can be worn without any of the above concerns of them becoming powerless. Some Thai lucky charms are even equipped with transparent containers with slides, that are made from resin and therefore can break or be damaged. They will not lose their energy relating to their magickal functionality, but they will certainly not be very nice to wear as a necklace with cracks or broken slides.

Where to find a good luck charm

You can buy them online, in a souvenir store or an esoteric shop, but it really depends on what you want from it and how you want to work with that kind of energy. There is no need in buying an expensive good luck charm if you don’t feel a connection with it. Heck, you can actually just find it as well (four-leaf clover).

You can also learn more about most powerful good luck charms here.

But, on the other hand, maybe a small item like a keychain, a coin, a necklace, or a trinket that could give you very nice vibes and become the perfect good luck charm for you. The other question is, which lucky charm to choose?

my elephant lucky charm
That’s mine, but you can get a similar on Amazon US and on Amazon UK

I found one interesting webshop called Moonlight Mysteries, and I’m not in any way affiliated with it. You can find it here.

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How to choose a good amulet?

Is the shape and colors of the amulet important? Yes, it is very important when choosing them. Since any amulet will be with you all the time, or at least the times when you choose to carry it with you.

The ideal amulet in terms of shape is the amulet that we like, and it attracts us. In other words, our connection with our amulet is very important. The emotions that its shape and color awaken in us will generate different feelings in us and it is desirable that these feelings of apprehension, rejection, acceptance, or joy should be considered.

There is no shape or color that is better than another and sometimes an amulet that is considered somewhat crude or ugly to one’s aesthetic idea, but if it is made with the old art it may work.

Sometimes a certain rejection can be generated by some amulets that serve us, despite the emotion that produces in us. This is the case of the famous rabbit’s foot, which can arouse rejection or disgust in some people, but it will still work.

When choosing the shape and color of an amulet, it should also be considered if this amulet is going to be shown in public and what perception people may have of it. This is often an afterthought. When choosing an amulet, knowing if it should be shown or not, so your attraction to the amulet is not reduced to our taste in fashion, so we must contemplate other amulets.

Amulets that actually work

Some amulets have proven effective over time, it is the case of the clover figure that works to ward off bad luck, the amulet called ‘of happiness’ made by Nostradamus is an amulet and talisman that works, also the famous rabbit’s foot, it has a proven performance of good luck.

Four-Leaf CloverLuck, prosperity, protection from evil
HorseshoeGood fortune, protection, warding off negative energies
Lucky Cat (Maneki-neko)Prosperity, wealth, good fortune
Evil EyeProtection against the evil eye, negative energies, and misfortune
AcornProsperity, growth, protection
LadybugGood luck, protection, love, and fulfillment
DreamcatcherWarding off bad dreams and negative energy, promoting positive dreams
Rabbit’s FootLuck, fertility, abundance
KeyUnlocking opportunities, success, protection
ElephantStrength, wisdom, good luck, protection
Jade DragonLuck, prosperity, wisdom, strength
Table 2: Table: Good Luck Charms and Their Meaning

There are Chinese amulets that have proven their effectiveness, as is the case of Chinese coins that are used in Feng Shui. We should also mention the Saint Benedict medal which is an amulet to scare away evil spirits.

chinese coins amulet
You can them on Amazon.

Amulet shapes have also worked over time, such as the red, closed hand that scares away bad luck, the keys that allow all doors to open, and eye and heart shapes that have proven to work.

You should also know that the way the amulet was created is especially important. If it was created by a person with power, the amulet may be immensely powerful.

How to make your own good luck charm?

Things you need:

  • Choose an object that you consider to be lucky or you can use a traditional lucky item such as a horseshoe or an elephant
  • Water with salt in it
  • A white cloth scarf or handkerchief


Take the object you have chosen as your charm and place it in the salted water to soak. It should be noted that you should put this in the sunlight, to add more energy.

After 2 days, remove the item from the water and place it on top of the white cloth scarf/handkerchief for 7 days.

After the 7 days, it is the moment in which you must observe your charm and ask the energies of good to grant the object the force and power so that our amulet will be effective and it can guide us.

After having carried out the processes, the amulet is ready for consecration.


The consecration of a good luck charm can be done, except for amulets that a white witch or wizard makes especially for us. As for all other talismans, amulets, or objects that we use for various personal reasons, we can magnetize them. To do so, we need to proceed as follows.

When we buy a charm we must, put it in saltwater for 2 days, but if due to its material the amulet cannot be put in water, we must put the amulet in sunlight for 7 days. After this, whether it was in the water or in the sun, we must proceed to smoke the element, we know the best energy cleansers are incense, myrrh and sandalwood, either mixed together or use each one separately.


Learn more about the consecration process of talismans and amulets here.

After the cleaning is done, we will proceed to magnetize the luck charm.

This is done by writing on a piece of paper, the function that the amulet will serve. We then place our hands on the object and repeat aloud the slogan that we wrote down on the paper a minimum of seven times. You can also light a candle that represents the color of the purpose that the candle is intended to be used for. Look for my article that talks about the meaning of colors in candles, so you know which candle to light.

The magnetization of amulets and talismans is done by applying energy to the item by placing your hands on the object while saying the words for the purpose of that talisman or amulet. One must always thank the universal order and if one is a believer, make a prayer both at the beginning and at the end of the magnetization.

Of course, this is a basic way of magnetizing an amulet or talisman. However, this basic form when used together with the cleaning carried out previously, it will ensure that the charm works better and that you do not have discomfort or surprises when using them.

Let your feelings guide you

I highly recommend you let your feelings guide you when choosing a good luck charm for yourself. I often use items I already have, ideally something that made me feel safe, at ease, or something that gave me instant positive vibes when I first saw it.

So, it doesn’t matter if it’s not fancy, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look mystical or mysterious.

Just go for it if you sense it is something you would love to rely on and if it’s something that feels special to you.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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