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The Luck of the Horseshoe: Exploring Its Symbolic Meaning

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Written by: Tina Caro

Horseshoes have always been considered lucky charms and this belief is valid not only in the western world but it is widespread all over the world and in every place the reasons are different. Let’s see what horseshoe symbolizes and why it is considered a talisman to protect yourself from negativity, illness, and bad luck.


The horseshoe is a symbol associated with luck and protection across cultures.

It represents good fortune and is believed to ward off bad luck when hung in homes or worn as jewelry.

Horseshoes are also seen as protective talismans and symbols of strength and endurance, often connected to the power of horses.

They have a long history of being made from iron, which is believed to protect against evil spirits.

Different cultural variations exist regarding the horseshoe’s orientation for luck, but it remains a widely recognized symbol of good luck and positive energy.

Horseshoe – origins and legends

The horseshoe has always been considered a symbol of good luck. For example, the Chinese see the resemblance to the curved body of Nagendra, the sacred snake, in the horseshoe, while for the Turks, it recalls the crescent, a symbol of Isis and their country.

In Roman times, the belief has a military origin. The troops marched on foot, but only the officers went on horseback and the loss of iron from the hoof caused a stop, which meant rest for the troops. Finding horseshoes had thus become a game among the soldiers; whoever found the most was the winner and the luckiest.

In medieval times the peasants in their wretched mansions saw armored knights dart, wrapped in their splendid cloaks. The farmer admired them from afar, but if the knight’s horse lost an iron, he was forced to stop and the farmer could give him a hand and get some coins in return.

Culture/RegionSymbolic Meaning
Western EuropeGood luck, protection against evil, and blessings
North AmericaWards off misfortune, attracts good fortune
Ancient GreeceAssociated with the god Poseidon and sea protection
Middle EastSymbol of fertility, prosperity, and warding off evil
IrelandBrings good luck and prevents fairies from mischief
ChinaLucky charm for attracting wealth and prosperity
IndiaProtection against the evil eye and negative energies
Table 1: Cultural Symbolism of the Horseshoe

Although there are many different traditions that explain its beneficial effect, all require that the horseshoe must be found by chance to be effective.

I want to tell you about this legend that comes from England:

A famous legend is that of Saint Dustin, an elderly farrier, which spread between 909 and 988 AD. One day, this poor craftsman met with Satan, who asked him to shoe his horse’s hooves.

Instead, Dustin ironed those on his feet, causing him enormous pain. To ease his pain, the devil promised the craftsman that he would never enter a house with a horseshoe hanging on the front door. He was released only after promised never to enter a place protected by a horseshoe on the door again.

Saint Dunstan and the Devil.

Another belief about the powers of the horseshoe, wants the evil eye force to come from the shape similar to the female genital system. In ancient times there was a widespread idea that symbols related to female sexuality could divert evil spirits. The proof is found on some doors of the Churches built in the Middle Ages, on which there were bas-reliefs representing the genital organ of a woman so that demons would get distracted and would not have entered inside.

The Irish Horseshoe

In Ireland, it is the classic good luck of the peasant world. On the occasion of the wedding ceremony, it is so small, so it can be sewn inside the wedding dress, hidden in the “bouchet” or as a pendant to be worn … obviously with the U facing upwards to attract luck!

Iron is the earth’s blood and has always had a magical meaning for the Celts.

Metal brings luck because the strength of iron could counteract the spirits who want to harm them; the power of the iron or its magic was that it was able to destroy evil or ward off spirits, making them return to their world. Iron has thus become a powerful talisman that protects the house by not allowing the forces of evil or the people of the fairies to enter.

With the conversion to Christianity, faith in the power of iron spread over the spirits of the dead, demons, and devils.

To prevent the envy of the fairy or dark world, which could also lead to the kidnapping of the bride’s promise at the moment of the wedding, it is, therefore, sufficient to wear a horseshoe.

What does a horseshoe symbolize?

Iron is considered symbolically inferior to other metals but also a symbol of robustness and stubbornness. It is both an instrument of good and an instrument of evil.

Horseshoe ColorSymbolic Representation
SilverPurity, reflection, and magical properties
GoldWealth, prosperity, and abundance
BlackProtection, warding off evil, and repelling negative energies
RedVitality, energy, and strength
GreenLuck, growth, and renewal
BlueSerenity, tranquility, and spiritual protection
PinkLove, romance, and emotional well-being
Table 2: Symbolic Meanings of Horseshoe Colors

It can protect against harmful influences, because of this magical quality, rings and amulets were forged and it was often recommended to bring nails with it. But at the same time, it is associated as a weapon and consequently associated with war and death.


It is connected to Mars, the God of war. The red color of its rust reminds that of blood.

god mars

In ancient China, it was considered a symbol of strength and iron figures were often placed on the banks of the rivers, because they thought that it would remove sea dragons, which they feared them.

Iron is the protector of crops and a symbol of fertility, among the Wachaga or Chaga, an ethnic group from Tanzania living on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes. Women use to wear iron necklaces and bracelets because they promote fertility and heal sick children.

How do you hang it? And why does it bring luck?

Its crescent moon shape and its magnet function attract luck, and also its bond with the horse, an animal with a magical charge, and a symbol of strength and vitality. It is also sacred because it is the product of the forge. The horseshoe that hangs on the doors removes the evil eye and annihilates the negative aura of visitors who cross the threshold.

Placement LocationSuperstition
Upright, Open EndCollects and holds good luck and blessings
Upright, Downward PointingAllows luck to pour onto the space below
U-Shaped, HangingAttracts and captures good fortune and positive energy
Inverted, Open EndSymbolizes pouring out good luck and spreading blessings
SidewaysRepresents the transition from past to present, change, and luck
Table 3: Horseshoe Placement Superstitions

Its points must be rigorously turned upwards, thus becoming antennas that absorb cosmic energy. Sometimes it is placed horizontally to form a C, the C of Christ, as a protection in the religious field. However, the points at the bottom should never be put on, because the flows are reversed and the dark forces are attracted.

Sailors often used to nail a horseshoe on the main mast of their boat, because they believed it is a talisman that protects them against storms. It is due to the thought that the horse’s iron and hoof become one with mother earth, making the horse and the rider stable.

In this way, the sailors believe that even the boat can become more solid and safe than the sea, which is often rough and full of pitfalls.

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