What does a Spirit Guide do? [9 Types of Spirit Guides]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Spirit guides are beings of light whose job is to assist us on our life path. These entities have had many incarnations on Earth and, having reached a very high spiritual awareness, they then became guides for our souls in our physical bodies.

Their main role is to help us in our spiritual evolution, and they are at our disposal whenever we ask for their cooperation. They are true mentors, and we can consider them our best friends or confidants.


  • Spirit guides can do so many things: they guide us, teach us, heal us, bring us joy and fun, send messages, protect us, instill us with useful energies and much more.

They have a very loving, compassionate energy and support us in all our decisions, but they can only help us if we invoke their help. Normally, the spirit guides do not offer advice or directives, unless we explicitly ask for them; however, if there is an urgent message and we care, they will do everything they can to get it to us.

Furthermore, these extraordinary beings are devoid of judgment and never impose a decision or a way of seeing reality on us, so we are free not to accept their advice without fear of being punished or scolded! In reality, the spirit guides never tire of helping us, even if we repeat the same mistake several times in a row!

So, what does a spirit guide do? Let’s find out!

What does a spirit guide do?

A spirit guide can do so many different things according to what you need at the moment. There are different types of spirit guides and each one of them has a special task, a special mission, and can help us some way.

To date, we know 9 types of spirit guides that do different things:

They lead our destiny

The primary spirit guide (who directs all other spirit guides), also called the Master, has access to our personal Akashic records. He basically can check our fate and keep us on track when needed.

They teach us

The Teacher is a spirit guide who comes to our aid when we have to learn a specific skill (such as learning to ride a bike, drive a car, read tarot cards, and so on).

They heal us

The Healer is a spirit guide whose function is to monitor our health and the balance of all our bodies (physical and energic). This spirit signals in some way that there is something wrong with our body and can direct us to traditional or holistic therapists. Furthermore, it can regulate the pineal gland’s function to assist us in opening the psychic senses.

They bring us joy and fun

The spirit guide of joy functions to lighten our workload by inspiring us to take breaks and play more. If we are workaholics, this guide will send us body sensations that instigate us to
leave work alone for a while.

They send messages

The messenger spirit guide’s function is to direct our personal requests to the entities of competence. It is an entity that moves very quickly; an example is the figure of the god Mercury in Roman mythology.

They protect us

The ancestral spirit guide involves ancestors we have or have not known during this physical incarnation. These guides convey a sense of love and protection to us.

They instill useful energies and features

The guide animal is a spirit particularly dear to indigenous and shamanic traditions. Not everyone has this type of guide, and its function is to transmit attributes of an animal (for example, the courage of the lion, the cunning of the fox, etc…) to instruct and protect us.

It can be mammals but also reptiles, insects, and marine creatures.

You can read more about spirit animals here.

They assist us

The guardian guiding spirit’s function is to assist us in multidimensional journeys, for example, when we enter a meditative state or are following a course to become psychics. This guide is with us to protect us when we astral travel. For example, those who study to become mediums automatically attract a guardian spirit to themselves.

They help us

The external or temporary spirit guide comes to our aid only once, when we are engaged in a new activity that can, for example, take up only one afternoon. Or, it can help us when we are going through a certain stage in life.


How do spirit guides appear to us? And can we see them with physical eyes?

In the first decades of the 1900s (specifically the 30s and 40s), spirit guides were viewed as exotic beings and as such they spoke with a strong foreign accent. In the contemporary world, the spirit guides can assume all kinds of physical and character conformations.

As beings who have incarnated several times on the physical plane, they are free to choose the aspect they prefer or that can make us feel more comfortable. For example, a spirit guide may appear to us as an Indian or Asian sage, a house painter or worker, a 1950s housewife, a businessman, an animal (including reptiles), a puppy, a small child, or an elemental.

Guiding spirits are generally NEVER visible to the naked eye, however, there are times of day and night (when we wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night) when they appear to us in the form of white lights and black silhouettes or presences close to us.

Are spirit guides angels?

No. This is a frequently asked question and I want to clear things a bit once and for all for you! The main difference between spirit guides and angels is that the latter have NEVER incarnated as human beings.

The spirit guides are closer to earthly frequencies and are perfectly aware of all the tribulations and difficulties of being embodied on a physical plane.

While the angels are the carriers of positive energies to the great mass of humans on this planet, spirit guides are here to help us carry out the actions that our higher selves wished to carry out before incarnation in the physical body.

The function of angels (and especially guardian angels) is to bring comfort in times of trouble, such as the loss of a loved one or financial failure.

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