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The Most Powerful Voodoo Talisman [Gris Gris]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The world of talismans is full of these fantastic tools that all witches love to create and use to protect themselves and those around them.

Today, I want to share a little bit more about voodoo talismans, learn about the most potent voodoo talisman and get to know all the other talismans we can create for different uses.

What is a voodoo talisman?

A voodoo talisman is an object created, consecrated, and used for a specific purpose and for a specific person.

To clarify this definition, just think of a talisman as an object created by an individual for themself or for a person who has requested it, even if it is better to always make them for yourself, perhaps with the assistance of a more experienced guide, if you are not familiar with some of the steps.

The Talisman is, therefore, an object used to obtain something, it can be various types of objects, both with engravings and without incisions, the important thing is that it is loaded with a specific purpose.

protection talisman of mine

Talismans are mainly used by those interested in esotericism, which are the magic squares in which letters of magic alphabets, numbers or symbols representing what you want to get, or sheets of parchment with inscriptions representing (usually in ancient languages such as Hebrew, Greek, and Latin) what you want to achieve.

For example, if someone wants to find love, they can translate their desire into an ancient language, being as specific as possible and write it on a parchment or stone or on wood, etc.

The talisman must always be packaged respecting hourly and planetary correspondences, or depending on the theme of the talisman, there is always a specific day to build and consecrate it.

The best days for building and consecrating talismans:

  • Monday: Talismans related to travel, messages, reconciliation, love and the development of intuitions
  • Tuesday: Talismans related to military actions, causing ruin to an enemy, wounding and in ancient times, also related to killing
  • Wednesday: Talismans related to intelligence, concentration in study, scientific knowledge and in ancient times, talismans related to theft and cheating, especially in business
  • Thursday: Talismans for wealth, health and friendships
  • Friday: Talismans related to friendship and love
  • Saturday: Talismans related to business success and to sow discord
  • Sunday: Talismans related to resolutions of quarrels between friends or talismans related to earnings.

So, as you can see, depending on the type of talisman you want to build you have to choose the best day for your charm.

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Once the talisman is created, it must be consecrated by resonating with your psychic energy. To consecrate an item, you would hold it in your hands, focus on the item, memorizing all the details of it, and then, with your eyes closed, you visualize it with the mind’s eye as a luminous symbol enters you.

Once this is done it will be charged and ready to use.

Remember that a talisman is an object built for a specific purpose and for a specific person. Therefore, a talisman that has affected you, will for another person, only be an object without power, so do not lend it to anyone, but at best, help them to make a specific talisman for themselves and their situation.

The most powerful voodoo talisman: The Gris Gris

The Gris Gris are talismans from Africa, which can be found at any market in the Ivory Coast, Congo and many other countries on the African continent. They also have an American tradition that derives from the culture of African Americans, descendants of the Yurubbas tribes, that can be found predominately in Louisiana and in southern parts of the United States with the name of mojo.

However, regardless of their name, they can be made without difficulty and are inexpensive. It is a large bag to attract or dispel influences.

Traditionally bags are made of flannel or cotton. However, leather and silk are used in some cultures depending on whether it is an African Gris Gris, a mojo or a Native American medicine bag.


You can carry it as an amulet around your neck or waist, hang it from a belt, and keep it in your pocket or bag.

voodoo talisman
An example of a Gris Gris.

The important thing is that the Gris Gris is on hand or near your body. The Gris Gris must contain only stones and herbs in harmony with your request. For example, a Gris Gris that attracts love must contain stones and herbs that correspond to the vibrations of love.

To personalize your Gris Gris, add a strand of hair or a piece of nail to the bag, if you prepare the Gris Gris for another person, ask them to give you a strand of hair.

Consecrating the Gris Gris

Remember that they must always be consecrated on your altar and by saying the following words:

“I consecrate this talisman to the four elements,
Now it is a magical tool
Who will honestly serve the bearer.”

Light your incense, pass your talisman three times through the smoke, then face East and repeat the following chant:

“O ancient gods of the air,
To all of you creatures of the elements and all of the spirits from the East,
I ask you to load this Gris Gris with the air’s mystical energy and your divine light.”

Now light your candle, make the sack do three laps around the flame, then face South and say:

“O ancient gods of fire,
To all of you creatures of the elements and all of the spirits from the South,
I ask you to load this Gris Gris with the sacred flame’s energy and
your divine light.”

Next place your Gris Gris on the altar, pour three drops of water on it, then face West and say:

“O ancient gods of water,
To all of you creatures of the elements and you all of the spirits of the West,
I ask you to load this Gris Gris with the vital energy of the source of life and
with your divine light.”

Now put your bag in a cup containing the salt, then face North and say:

“O ancient gods of the earth,
And you all creatures of the elements and you all of the spirits of the North,
I ask you to load this Gris Gris
With the vital energy of the earth and with your divine light.”

Hold your Gris Gris with both hands, then raise it above your head and repeat three times:

“So be it.”

You can learn how to consecrate other talismans here.

Gris Gris to attract love

In a bag of red or pink fabric, put a piece of pink or red coral, a strand of your hair, and a piece of mandrake or iris root.

Gris Gris to get a job

In a green flannel bag, put a strand of your hair, a 2-3 sage leaves, a natural magnet, and a leaflet with a description of the type of job you want to attain.

Gris Gris to ensure your protection

In a black bag put a few leaves of basil, three cloves of garlic, and a triangle of white paper on which you will have written your name. Then three drops of blood from your right thumb are on the paper’s edge. When you consecrate the Gris Gris, add to the end of the spell the following sentence:

“I ask for your protection from any non-beneficial influence whatever the source is, So be it.”

You can learn more about how to make other protection talismans here. And if you’re a Wiccan, you can also check my favorite Wiccan protection amulets here.

The best thing about talismans is that you can easily choose and customize them as a perfect tool for you to help attract specific energy and accomplish goals. Which talisman would be the perfect one for you?

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