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A List of Combinations of Bindrunes for Luck (Tips)

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Written by: Tina Caro

Would you like to be luckier? Bindrunes can help! In this article, I will explain how to bind runes and create your talisman to attract luck.

How to bind these runes?

Below are some examples of bindrunes you can use as a guide when creating your own. Remember to use the runes that you feel will attract what you want most in your life. There is no right or wrong as long as you use two or more runes in sync with the type of reality you need to manifest.

How and why should you decide which runes should be bound for luck?

I decided to use a few different runes for luck so that they can work together and give off more power when synchronized.

Combinations of runes

Dagaz + Naudiz

This bindrune is perfect for finding new solutions and getting luckier in the work areas of your life. It will also help to bring more money into your life.

Dagaz and Naudiz
Copyright: Tina Caro


  • General divination meaning: revelation, joy, growth, inspiration, change for the better
  • Magical use: favors new beginnings, symbolizes the day, favors good luck and the increase of money, helps change attitude and create new opportunities
  • Element: fire
  • Letter: D
  • Plant: honeysuckle, spruce, hemp, primrose, odorous, yarrow
  • Stone: red zircon, chrysolite, fossil wood
  • Number: 1

Naudiz / Nyd

  • General divination meaning: inner strength, motivation, perseverance
  • Magical use: promotes creativity and success, frees one from unwanted ties, empowers love magic, dissipates stress, promotes the development of spiritual and magical power, divination, inspiration
  • Element: fire
  • Letter: N.
  • Plant: crocus, rowan, horsetail
  • Stone: garnet, lapis lazuli, obsidian
  • Number: 7

Ansuz + Algiz

This combination is the one you need if you want to attract luck your way. This openness and receptivity to luck will give the Gods and the universe the chance to grant you with the blessings you deserve!

algiz and algiz
Copyright: Tina Caro


  • General divination meaning: communication, inspiration, intuition, creativity, prophecy, wisdom
  • Magical use: luck, attract divine benevolence, favor success in communication (both written and oral), promotes creativity in art, increases magic power, increases wisdom and intuition
  • Element: air
  • Letter: A
  • Plant: purple convolvulus, ash, sassafras, laurel
  • Stone: eagle eye, emerald, lapis lazuli
  • Number: 4


  • General divination meaning: protection, blessing, connection with the gods, success
  • Magical use: all-encompassing protection, both physical and spiritual, from all evils; draws energies and benevolence from the Gods, increases inner strength, favors luck and communication with other worlds (spiritual, divine)
  • Element: air
  • Letter: Z
  • Plant: aromatic calamus, rowan, rush, sage
  • Stone: heliotrope, amethyst, black tourmaline
  • Number: 9

Algiz and Algiz

Together they will attract luck in business and finances. This bindrune is super easy to create! The double Algiz will double the amount of power the rune has.

algiz and algiz
Copyright: Tina Caro

Other combinations for luck

Bindrune CombinationMeaning
Algiz + SowiloProtection and success
Eihwaz + BerkanaTransformation and growth
Raidho + IngwazJourney and inner harmony
Laguz + JeraIntuition and abundance
Ansuz + UruzCommunication and strength
Table 1: Bindrunes for General Luck

Bindrune CombinationMeaning
Fehu + BerkanaWealth and prosperity
Dagaz + RaidhoBreakthrough and new opportunities
Othala + IngwazInheritance and personal growth
Gebo + JeraGenerosity and abundance
Mannaz + UruzCareer success and personal power
Table 2: Bindrunes for Financial Luck

Bindrune CombinationMeaning
Ehwaz + GeboPartnership and harmony
Kenaz + WunjoPassion and joy in relationships
Raidho + NauthizPositive changes and overcoming obstacles
Othala + PerthroDomestic bliss and luck in love
Dagaz + BerkanaNew beginnings and growth in relationships
Table 3: Bindrunes for Love and Relationship Luck

How to activate the bindrunes?

You can use one or more elements of each rune. For example, crystals, plants and prayers. To enhance the activation, you can trace a circle around the bindrune while visualizing yourself reaping the rewards of your good fortune, while saying aloud: “I AM LUCKY”.

How to use these bindrunes?

You can use them:

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