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What Does The Dagaz Rune Mean? [Upright & Uses]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The Dagaz rune is definitely a rune to know. It has a lot to teach us and knowing everything about it can be useful in our divinatory practice but also during spell castings and rituals. If you want to know the history, the meaning, and the message of the Dagaz rune, keep reading this article!

What does the Dagaz rune mean?

The Dagaz rune means dawn, metamorphosis, and advancement. The message that this rune sends is very important: only if you know how to be honest with yourself in dealing with your actions, will you be able to change your mind when necessary, or to defend your beliefs and carry them forward with every effort until you achieve their purpose.

Truth and light must be the guide of one’s life.

Custom Dagaz rune by MagickalSpot
My homemade Dagaz rune.

It is a very positive rune, associated with the broad symbolic value of light (spirituality, wisdom, and energy).

Dagaz remembers that life is continuous learning that leads from the darkness of infantile instincts to the wise harmony of maturity.

Seen in this way, life takes the form of an exciting challenge in which, if you commit yourself fully, you can overcome difficulties and fears and solve the many doubts that cause anguish, until you live in peace with your spirit, without the influences of the judgments of strangers.

The appearance of Dagaz reminds us of this.

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We are growing and we are tormented by restlessness and insecurities. The rune suggests, however, to continue without hesitation because you are on the right path.

We must not fear anything and accept as a gift what life offers.

However, we must understand that these “gifts” (friends, family, relationships, sometimes even an illness) are occasions from which one can learn to be better.

Dagr, the Norse god of the day, has the task of riding his own steed and illuminating the Earth every day; the Dagaz rune is just that, illumination and liberation from suffering. This rune heralds a new beginning, a new era globally, it is the day after the night, after the darkness; after the pain and the loss, it is rebirth and hope, it is the joy of life.

Dagr riding Skinfaxi. By:
Peter Nicolai Arbo

The planet and mankind are currently experiencing a disastrous period of self-destruction, which will end with a rebirth because this has always been the case. Everything has an end and a beginning, everything takes place cyclically.

We are all waiting for what many call the Age of Aquarius, when the Earth enters the astrological sign of Aquarius and leaves behind that of Pisces, a return to a widespread, spontaneous spiritual, material, sexual. and thought freedom, a world free from labels and cataloging, a world that is not always on the run, always in a hurry, but that loves life and small pleasures.

A world open to all philosophies, to nature, relationships, communication, ecology, the environment, recycling, and the elimination of barriers.


Dagaz meaning if upright

Dagaz symbolizes daylight, clarity, transformation, and metamorphosis, a new beginning, health, prosperity, and balance. It is the rune of light that stands out over darkness, the triumph of good over evil, it is hope and relief.

If this rune is pulled, it means that there is a change taking place and you are moving towards a positive transformation, the act is already in progress: the abandonment of bad habits, end of a harmful relationship, winning a legal action, a new job, a new home, or a new life!

TransformationThe Dagaz rune represents a transformative energy, symbolizing the transition from darkness to light.
AwakeningIt signifies a spiritual awakening, bringing clarity, enlightenment, and a new perspective.
BalanceThe Dagaz rune represents the balance between opposing forces, harmonizing and integrating energies.
CompletionIt signifies the completion of a cycle or a phase, indicating a new beginning or fresh opportunities.
Table 1: Upright Interpretation of Dagaz Rune

Dagaz is a joyful rune, of life and hope, which teaches that to achieve one’s goals it is not necessary to strain, tire, or undergo rigid ascetic practices such as fasting and deprivation.

This rune teaches you to live with serenity, love, and tranquility; if you have a problem, and there is a solution, there is no need to go mad; if there is no solution, it’s the same; if you are sick, you accept that you can be healed and will heal, developing the powers of self-healing.

A simple lifestyle contributes to a life of well-being; learning not to spend money impulsively and foolishly is important; with a conscience, one follows one’s ideals. There isn’t a reversed Dagaz so each time you see it it’s in its upright position with this very same message for you.

Dagaz meaning in love, work, and health

Love: a period of happiness is expected alongside the loved one.

If you are not living a couple relationship, however, you will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

Dagaz suggests knowing how to dare and not to be held back by fears and insecurities… a couple relationship can be very rewarding.

Work: this rune recommends cultivating interests of a cultural or artistic nature. It is not necessary to take specialized courses or lessons: you can also learn a lot from careful reading or simply by listening to the advice of an expert.

Health: varying your diet, getting used to eating healthier foods (especially with less fat and more vegetables and fruits) and doing moderate exercise will make you feel better, and this will help you live this positive moment of your life with greater intensity.

How to work with the energy of the Dagaz rune?

The special message from Dagaz rune to you

  • Reaching the mystical moment through penetrating the secret of paradox or non-duality
  • Reception of mystical inspiration—the gift of Odin
  • The disappearance and the act of becoming the invisible
  • Invisibility as an organizational principle of the Higher Consciousness
  • Synthesis of left-right brain dynamics
  • Transformation of one thing into its opposite
  • Integration of women and men to be complete
Dagaz rune from my collection

Dagaz rune magical uses

  • Help in new beginnings and new projects
  • Accelerate physical and spiritual renewal and healing
  • Empower meditation, promote change
  • Makes it easy to let go of what is no longer needed
Rituals and SpellsThe Dagaz rune can be incorporated into rituals and spells related to transformation and enlightenment.
MeditationMeditating with the Dagaz rune can help bring clarity, promote self-discovery, and facilitate growth.
DivinationIt can be used in divination practices to gain insight into the balance and changes in one’s life.
Personal DevelopmentThe Dagaz rune can be used as a symbol of personal growth and development, aiding in self-transformation.
Table 2: Uses of the Dagaz Rune
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