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Raising Your Vibration to Connect with Your Spirit: A Guide

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Written by: Tina Caro

Raising vibrations to connect with your spirit might be our number one priority: especially nowadays! The modern world is asking us to face many different hard challenges and we often find ourselves absolutely stuck and with a sense of emptiness, apathy, and sadness.

Daily life puts us to the test by being absolutely demanding and wanting us to be focused on the material world, leaving us with very little time to connect with our spirit and honor our soul.

Today I want to guide you to find a great approach towards your inner higher self with some easy, useful, and practical tips to learn how to raise your vibration to connect with your spirit.


Engaging in high vibration activities, such as meditation, spending time in nature, and practicing gratitude, can help raise your vibrational frequency.

Personal experiences and anecdotes reveal how individuals have successfully raised their vibrations to connect with their spirits, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and positivity.

Recognizing the impact of posture, words, and affirmations on your vibration level, one can actively choose to improve these aspects to enhance their spiritual connection.

Avoiding low vibration activities, such as dwelling on negative thoughts or holding grudges, is essential for maintaining a higher vibrational frequency and fostering a deeper spiritual connection in the realm of witchcraft.

Proof that you vibrate at low frequencies

I will give you some examples for you to identify if you currently vibrate with a low frequency and need to raise your vibrations:

  • You constantly complain
  • You always feel tired
  • You have no illusion about anything
  • Parts of your body constantly hurt
  • You feel like crying often
  • You seem unable to manifest your dream life
  • You feel sad all the time
  • You can’t feel in tune with yourself
  • You feel reactive and easily angry
  • You tend to make judgments about other people

On the contrary, if you are an active, motivated, cheerful, and compassionate person with a strong immune system, you will probably vibrate at a higher frequency.

High vibration activities

MeditationEngaging in regular meditation practices helps calm the mind, increase awareness, and raise your vibrational frequency.
Gratitude PracticePracticing gratitude cultivates positive emotions and shifts your focus to appreciation, raising your vibrational energy.
Energy ClearingClearing negative energy from your environment, such as through smudging or energetic cleansing techniques, helps raise your vibration and create a more harmonious space.
Mindful MovementEngaging in mindful movement practices like yoga, tai chi, or qigong helps align the mind, body, and spirit, promoting a higher vibrational state.
Creative ExpressionEngaging in creative activities such as painting, writing, or playing music can uplift your spirit and raise your vibrational frequency.

How I raised my vibration to connect with my spirit?

I have to admit I was in a very dark place and a friend of mine handed me the book Regenerate Your Cells by Lumira, a Russian shaman who is all about spiritual awareness and growth.

That book helped me a lot to practice more self-love and to really be present with some easy practices.

Mrs. Lumira

Below are the things, I used to raise the vibration that I found out from the book. I, unfortunately, couldn’t find an English version for it, as I read the Italian version.

Positive AffirmationsRepeating positive affirmations helps reprogram your subconscious mind, shift negative thought patterns, and raise your vibrational energy.
Self-Care RitualsPrioritizing self-care activities like taking relaxing baths, practicing self-love, or engaging in nurturing practices enhances your overall vibration.
Nature ConnectionSpending time in nature, such as hiking, gardening, or simply being outdoors, allows you to connect with the Earth’s natural energy and raise your vibration.
Sacred Space CreationCreating a sacred space in your home, such as an altar or a designated meditation area, helps you cultivate a high vibrational environment for spiritual connection.
Energy HealingEngaging in energy healing practices like Reiki, sound healing, or crystal healing can assist in clearing blockages and raising your vibrational frequency.
Table 3: Practices for Raising Your Vibration

Be honest with yourself

Observe yourself and your world, both internally and externally. Confess to yourself how you are, what you feel, how you live, and how you act. What do you think of yourself, your peers, and the world? Look at yourself naked and without makeup.

Recognize yourself. And then accept yourself as you are now, with all the additions and all the connections. With all the experiences and all your past, because you are the product of all this. Now ask yourself how you would like to be. What would you like to feel, think, do? Write this vision of yourself point by point. Think, speak, and act as if your vision was already a reality.

Whenever you don’t like something or something that makes you feel good, honestly admit to yourself the way things are: “I recognize my state of mind and accept it with gratitude, without problems, and with joy!”

Your posture is important

Have your back as straight as possible, but also relaxed. Relax your face and smile. The posture and expression of the face reveal our inner appearance.

The modifications you make to the exterior appearance are also affected by your interiority. A smile on your face signals throughout your body system that you are well, thus attracting suitable events in your energy field.

Use only positive words and affirmations

All that we say create emotions that activate connections with past experiences on an unconscious level, creating corresponding vibrations.

Instead of saying: “Today I feel worn out,” use the expression: “Today I don’t feel myself.” Instead of, “Not bad!” Say, “I’m fine!” Send your creative attention only to things that arouse feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, and love.

Your emotions awaken the creative potential of the mind, with which you can realize your desires and your purposes. Never focus on negative thoughts because negativity thrives on strength and concentration, weakening you and blocking the fulfillment of your desires.

Look for something positive in each situation and in each person

Always say, “Every not particularly positive experience brings with it many good things!” Don’t get stuck with things that hurt you, go further, and find something that makes you happy.

If you don’t particularly like someone, find in him or her at least five positive characteristics and put them in writing. Every time you meet or think about this person, focus on their positive sides.


Be thankful for everything

Thank yourself for everything wonderful in your life and also for the less good things. Thank yourself for the good things you multiply. When you thank yourself for things not particularly good, you raise the base vibrations and remove the negative things.

Think creatively

When you see something ugly, for example, trash on the street, create an image where the street is clean and you are happy and make it real. Or, if you see a sick person who doesn’t look good, imagine them beautiful and healthy. As you do so, also focus on the emotions and thoughts the image arouses in you.

Speak well of others

Think about other people and talk about them as if they could feel your thoughts and words. And think of others and talk about them as you would like them to think and talk about you.

Express yourself

When you want something, explain why you want to have it. You can visualize it and speak to it as if you already have it. Inwardly enter this state and perceive how you feel possessing what you want. Always formulate your wishes in the present.

I am in charge sigil
Sigil: I am in charge

Talk about your present and the things you want to get

Don’t talk about your past, because every time you do, you lose energy. The long testimonies of your childhood, school days, and similar stories extract your energy, especially the negative episodes. Close what has already been, be happy for what is, and be available for what will come!

Forgive your enemies and those who have done you wrong

In this way, you raise your vibrations before anything else and also send this person positive energy that will help them change for the better. You can do this during a full moon phase when you can forgive, forget, and get rid of what no longer serves you.

The prayer could be more or less like this: “I wish you with all my heart to discover your truth and fill yourself with universal love. I want you to be happy and satisfied, and to follow your path of life. So be it!”

Be aware of the fact that your lifestyle always affects the whole. Always act in love. Become a healthy and upright being.

Do what sparks joy

This is so important. Always being so busy doing things in society, at work, and what others want us to do, we often forgot to do what sparks joy, what makes us feel alive. This can be anything you like, from going shopping to having a massage, to gardening, reading a good book or dancing. You can try something as small as taking a warm bath to plan a trip.

Let your mind wander!

Honor your vision

If you have a dream or a plan, honor it, celebrate it, share it with friends, and try to stay positive while focusing on it and thinking about it! If, for example, you want to cast a spell to make your dreams come true, you have to honor your vision, believing in it and in magic, and doing things like creating a vision board, staying positive while manifestation time approaches, and doing things that make you think about your dream, not in an obsessive way but from a place of patience and trust.

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Low vibration activities to avoid

Negative ThinkingEngaging in negative thinking patterns, such as self-criticism or dwelling on problems, lowers your vibrational frequency.
ComplainingConstant complaining or focusing on what’s wrong amplifies negative energy and lowers your overall vibration.
Unhealthy HabitsEngaging in unhealthy habits like excessive drinking, smoking, or consuming processed foods can lower your energy and vibration.
Energy DrainsSpending time with energy-draining people or engaging in toxic relationships can deplete your energy and lower your vibration.
Cluttered SpaceLiving or working in a cluttered environment can disrupt the flow of energy and contribute to a lower vibrational state.


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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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