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Powerful Spells for Sunday [Daily Spellwork]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Sunday is the perfect time to disconnect from the week and recharge for the next one, but it’s also a wonderful time to cast spells and practice magic! If you are curious to know what kind of magic to perform and how to use Sunday’s magic, this is the article for you!


Sunday spells focus on success, vitality, and growth.

Visualize your goals and affirm confidence to attract success.

Use solar energy to enhance health and vitality, visualizing rejuvenation.

Boost self-esteem with positive affirmations about your worth.

Create protective charms for personal security and visualize career success to manifest your goals.

Conduct these spells with positive intentions and respect for the energies involved.

Which are the best spells to cast on a Sunday?

On a Sunday, you can cast spells related to money, desires, favored friendships, obtaining other people’s support, stopping enemies’ hostility, and overcoming obstacles.

Day of the WeekSunday is the first day of the week in many cultures and is traditionally associated with the Sun. It represents light, energy, and vitality.
Planetary InfluenceSunday is influenced by the Sun, which is associated with personal power, success, confidence, and healing. The Sun’s energy is often invoked in Sunday spells.
CorrespondencesIn spellwork, Sunday is often associated with the colors gold and yellow, as well as the gemstones citrine and amber. These correspondences align with the Sun’s energy.
Deities and SpiritsDeities and spirits associated with the Sun, such as solar deities from various mythologies (e.g., Apollo, Ra, or Helios), may be invoked in Sunday spells.
Spell IntentionsSpells performed on Sunday are typically focused on matters related to success, vitality, personal power, healing, growth, and confidence.
Table: Key Attributes of Sunday in Spellcasting

How to use Sunday’s energy?

  • Take a walk outside and soak up the sunlight (even if it’s a cloudy day, go for it! The Sun is still there!)
  • Cast a success spell
  • Create a success sigil
  • Focus on positivity to cleanse the negativity from your life

Which celestial body influences Sunday?

The Sun influences Sunday. The Sun is found in all cultures, but it symbolizes God and his power in Wicca. It’s a cosmic force without which life could not exist.

In the esoteric world, in magic and alchemy, it connects to the mind and intellect, which indicate the completion of the great work, that is, the achievement of inner perfection.

As we have seen in a previous article, each phase of the moon has its vibrations, but there are other methods to absorb its power and make the spells and each of the actions performed in everyday life fruitful.

It is, in fact, possible to absorb certain energies both from the Sun and from the various hours of the day; similarly, spells need lunar energy at times and solar energy at others to succeed.

A spell for love, for example, done when you are in the appropriate moon period, on the day consecrated to Venus, in the morning when the sun just rises, or in the evening when the Moon rises, will certainly have a much better chance of success.

Dawn, also called the Young Lord, is the right time for purification spells, to propitiate new projects and changes, new loves, new directions of life. From the energy of the Young Lord, one can create the right auspices to renew hopes and successes and propitiate the health and healing of a broken heart.

The phases of the Sun identify the life of God himself and therefore are also used to increase the effects of the spells we are going to cast and show how to honor him.

Morning, or Teenager, is the time when the Sun’s force is strong, active, and conducive to magical activities that involve building, growing, or expanding.

This energy is perfect for developing the positive aspects of life, for resolving a situation where courage is required, or for operations aimed at achieving harmony in relationships and in the home.

It is also used to improve economic situations and harness plants’ power.

Noon, or Horned God or the Hunter, is the time when the power of the Sun is at its peak.

The magic of the Sun becomes strong at this time for activities that have to do with mental ability, physical health, and spiritual energy. It is the right time to charge crystals and stones or metal ritual tools such as censers, bowls, and athames.

The afternoon, or the Father, is the time of his descent and the Sun’s energy becomes more receptive in nature. It is used for magic works aimed at professionalism or commercial matters, communication, and wisdom. It is the right time for what concerns travel, exploration, or discovery.

The sunset, or Elder or even the Hour of Vespers, is a good time to work on anything that requires reduction or mitigation. This energy removes stress, anxieties, confusion, suffering, and depression, reveals deceptions, dispels the negative, and helps at the beginning of a diet.

My favorite spells for Sunday

Sunday Green Magick Spell

Sunday Green Magick Spell

To request the benevolence of the Sun and to honor God.

“Great Father Elios, sparkling with gifts and joy,
strong and wise,
of my devoted song
I pay homage to you.”

The burning powders are easy to prepare.

In the seasons indicated, go to pick or buy leaves, flowers, and what you will need to use.

In the mortar, go to chop them and they must be dried in the sun.

Later they are reduced to powder or chopped for later use.

Then the created dust is eventually charged with thought by reciting:

“Now take the powder in pinches,
just a little, too bad
and burn on the charcoals lit with your thoughts included.”

Purifying Sunday Bath

Purifying Sunday Bath

This recipe is perfect for the wintertime, when taking a nice warm bath always feels amazing.

In a liter of water, boil a handful of flowers of angelica, St. John’s wort, lavender, and rosemary, leaving them to infuse for about ten minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool.

After that, filter the decoction and add it to the bathwater. Immerse yourself and stay in the water as long as possible, visualizing the liquid that purifies you of any negativity that weighs you down.

Repeat this bath every day for a week whenever you feel stressed or burdened due to events or the negative influence of people close to you.

Sunday Positivity Spell

Sunday Positivity Spell

This is a simple spell specially designed to attract luck into our life.


  • A coin minted in the year of your birth
  • A cabbage leaf
  • String
  • Natural fiber fabric (linen, cotton)

Once you have recovered a coin with the year of your birth imprinted, wrap the latter in a cabbage leaf (a food notoriously linked to good luck) and tie everything with a piece of string.

Let the leaf dry in the sunlight (this usually takes 2 to 3 days) and then wrap it in a piece of natural fabric.

This spell to make a talisman to attract good luck can be repeated each Sunday if you feel like it!


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Tina Caro

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