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5 Quick Examples of a Success Sigil [+DIY Guide]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Our life is made up of projects, dreams, perspectives, and expectations, but none of these really seem worth it if you feel like a failure the whole time. However, I have a solution! Let’s learn more about a success sigil and how it can help you!

Being successful today is the key to living a peaceful, happy, and satisfying life – a full life that makes us feel good about ourselves.
Imagine being successful in the job.

Having a profitable and positive situation in one’s working sphere brings greater serenity, and this can also be seen in everyday life. But why?

Thanks to success, you are protected from frustration and self-dissatisfaction, very first motivations that lead to a whole series of problems and quarrels both in a couple’s life and in private life in general. Being successful today is essential.


A success sigil is a personalized symbol designed to attract and manifest success in one’s life, such as in career, goals, or personal achievements.

It condenses the intention into a concise statement, transforms it into an abstract symbol by removing duplicate letters and vowels, and charges it with energy through meditation or visualization.

Success sigils are used in various magical and spiritual practices to set and achieve goals, improve career prospects, or enhance overall life achievements.

Their design and complexity may vary, but their primary purpose is to amplify and attract success.

Responsible and ethical use of success sigils is essential when working with such intentions.

But what if you don’t have much confidence in yourself and your projects?

Personally, together with the rituals of the new moon, I use sigils – a lot.

Being very simple to make but simultaneously very effective, I decided to share them here in this article, so success will no longer be something far away but real, concrete, and tangible. You can mix this sigil with good luck sigil to attract your desires even faster.

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What is a success sigil?

A success sigil is a great magical tool that is all about your affirmations and intentions. It works by making a statement, and declaring things you desire out loud and clear.

This sigil will work on your desire and bring all you want and need into your life, creating the vision you’ve always wanted.

How can a success sigil help?

A success sigil can help achieve even the most unimaginable things you have previously only dreamed of.

Especially when it comes to our working life or to a major project like buying a new home, presenting an idea to someone important, even proposing, you might feel a little bit too scared of what’s next, scared of how the universe will answer back to your intentions and wishes.

When would you create a success sigil?

You would create success sigil when you have something in your mind, a specific vision, a desire, a dream, and you want to succeed.

A success sigil is great as a talisman to have nearby before an important meeting, a presentation, a test, and so on.

You can create them whenever you need it but, I highly recommend, to create the success sigil right there when you have a clear vision of what you want to bring in your life, what you want to accomplish and achieve.

One of my desires was to have a personal website… And here we are now!

When exactly should you create one?

In my honest opinion, the perfect moment to create one is when there is a new moon.


A new moon is all about starting something new, creating your own destiny, and shaping your dream life.

Thanks to the energy and the power of a new moon you can have the universe and the energy by your side.

Spend a few moments in contemplation to have a clear vision and meditate visualizing what you want in your life.

An example? If you want a promotion, imagine yourself achieving it. Imagine having it all and sensing that kind of satisfaction, completion, and happiness this dream would bring into your life.

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How to create a success sigil?

Creating a sigil is so easy!

If you are a beginner, don’t be scared of it because it’s so easy you can do it all by yourself, even if this is your first time dealing with sigils and magic in general!

To create one, as I mentioned before, you need to:

  1. Focus on what you really want. Imagine it, visualize it, and then you can continue with the second step
  2. Write a sentence, an affirmation or a mantra down in which you state what you really want.
    Don’t be scared of letting everything go and express yourself at a deeper, higher level.
    Honesty is your number one priority at this point!
  3. Use the sentence to create your sigil deleting the vowels and using the consonants and their traits to create a special symbol.
    Use your imagination for this step and create your own success sigil according to your taste and your fantasy.
    Making the sigil yours is wonderful to create a clear strong powerful message to the Universe.

Loading phase

Loading the sigil is a must as it has to shape your life and work with the energy in many different ways.

To your success sigil, it is important to know a great power that is about to be activated.

When a sigil is loaded, a door opens to the astral world, where all powers are used for good and evil.

To charge sigils, some elements must be used as in a mathematical formula: magic, will, mental power, and imagination.

By combining all these elements, the sigil will be loaded.

What you have in mind at that moment will be the charge that sigil receives, so if you want a positive charge, the thought at that time must be positive. On the contrary, if you want to charge the sigil with a negative charge, imagine something negative will be enough for the charge to be negative.

This is why keeping these details in mind is crucial, as is awareness of the power that sigil will absorb once charged.

Sigils can be used to achieve countless objectives since winning a prize through the lottery and conquering a person can be achieved using sigil, but it is also essential to know that some parameters must be followed for sigil to work effectively.

Despite being magical, sigil needs several elements to put its power into practice.

Closure or cleaning

The sigils also require cleaning since they are loaded with many energies that can weaken them or weaken the user’s mind.

Because of this, it is advisable to let the sigil out of mind as soon as possible after use.

Several mechanisms, such as laughter, allow you a quick closure.

There are other activities as well, such as singing, cleaning the house, tidying the room, or reading. These aren’t the only ones. However, I did find them very effective.

My Favorite success sigils

The sigils I am going to share with you right now are some of the easiest sigils you can create.

Don’t forget one important thing – you should work with the statement you create all by yourself.

Of course, you can use these examples as guidance but bring a little bit of fantasy and creativity to the practice and make it yours!
It’s amazing to see how each sigil is different as it will be linked personally to its creator!

Remember to write positive sentences in the present tense, like “I am successful” and not sentences like “I want to be successful”.

Make things clear and use the power of the law of attraction to attract all you wish for, as it is something you already have within you.

This is mandatory! Another thing to remember is NOT to use negative sentences like no, don’t, not, and so on.

Be positive and help the universe conspire to create your successful life!


I am successful sigil
Sigil: I am successful


I have success sigil
Sigil: I have success


I succeed in everything I want sigil
Sigil: I succeed in everything I want


I have the life I always wanted sigil
Sigil: I have the life I always wanted


I succeed sigil
Sigil: I succeed

Final Thoughts

A success sigil is a right companion to embark on any kind of journey, plan, dream, and project with a brand new attitude that is all about positivity, trust, and satisfaction.

Its mighty power will help you, but you need to work with the energy the right way to do so.

Meditate in your life and your intentions, and don’t forget always to be true to yourself.

Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to your desires. Make a wish and create in your mind a strong, clear vision of you being successful. If you desire more money, then ask for this.

That’s mandatory to start creating an effective sigil.

What if it doesn’t work immediately? Don’t freak out!

Think about it. Think about the things that went wrong the first time. Maybe you weren’t that present or you didn’t trust the energy and the universe. It’s completely fine; this is your chance to make things differently.

Simply burn it down and start a new creative process.

Customize your sigil for success; everything will be exactly as you always wanted.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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