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A List of Powerful Herbs for Sex Magick [DIY]

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Written by: Tina Caro

Did you know that herbs for sex magick can be the perfect aphrodisiac to bring some spark back into your love life?


Herbs have been used for centuries in sex magick rituals, harnessing their natural energies to enhance desires and passions.

Among the best herbs for sex magick, basil stands out for its association with love and lust, while violet carries a long history of enhancing sensuality and arousal.

Lavender, known for its calming properties, can be utilized in sex magick to create a relaxed and receptive environment for intimacy.

Holly, traditionally linked to protection and fertility, can add a potent element of passion and desire to sex magick spells.

The power of herbs in sex magick

Herbs themselves have little magickal power. To practice true witchcraft with the use of herbs, the herbs must be infused with power by those who will use them, but remember that in everything magickal the mind is the first tool that is used, not an object or energy of a plant or animal, so first, train yourself.

This practice is advanced and requires knowledge of the elements and the ability to empower them. Each herb carries with it, elemental properties that correspond to its medical uses. They can be seen under the domains of each planet. In addition, to truly enhance them, planetary hours must be observed to amplify the effect of each ritual. Different means are used for each magick ritual.

A List of Powerful Herbs for Sex Magick by tina caro magickal spot
Copyright: Tina Caro

For example, the right candles act as a beacon for spirits, and the correct use of colors, images, and herbs can assist in the success of an operation.

Herbs have been used for a long time in magickal works, through the power of perfume, incense, herbal oils used to consecrate items such as candles, seals and talismans, amulets, purifying baths before rituals and in some cases by ingestion (DO NOT CONSUME ALL HERBS, ALWAYS CHECK FIRST IF THEY ARE POISONOUS OR IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO THEM).

Various parts of the flower are used for essences, filling puppets, bags, and cushions, for a bath as an addition to the water, while wooden parts are used to build objects for magickal purposes, the leaves are versatile and are used in ointments, oils, baths, filling puppets, cushions, or drinks such as tea.

Balsams are the fragrant drops that come from some trees or plants. They can be made into ointments and used to massage specific body parts or areas. The purpose of massaging yourself with oil, balms or resins is to obtain the correct mood for the ritual.

For example, plants dominated by Mars have very strong negative properties. When used in oil, conditioner or resin and applied under the nostrils or other sensitive areas of the body, they can incite anger or sometimes revenge or persecution, because they will encourage punishment and misery.

Venus plants (herbs) are often used in love spells, because they stimulate and calm. Plants that have aphrodisiacal properties, which can cause extreme sexual stimulation, are excellent for jobs where you want to incite others lust. The increased excitement is focused on the desired person, with more intense / multiple orgasms, when that energy is properly directed to the desired person, the spell becomes much more powerful.

Herbs correspond to zodiac signs, planets, and elements. Fresh plants contain the highest energy. If you use fresh plants, try to harvest them when the planet they are affected by is strong and growing in terms of strength.

What are the best herbs for sex magick?


my basil plant
My basil plant.

Which with its penetrating aroma helps awaken all the senses, that is why it is known by many as a witch’s herb. The use of this herb in making a love spell enhances its effectiveness.

You can read more about basil’s magical properties here.


Which with a soft perfume is considered one of the most effective aphrodisiacs in the world. In fact, there is a belief that if you pluck the first Violet flower once it blooms, it is thought you will be lucky in love throughout your life. It is amazing to use in preparing a bath spell for love or as a great addition to love potions.


Whose popularity is well known in the use of cleansing. It is also excellent to help us to have better concentration and to calm altered moods. If you are dealing with some inner struggles and you think you are the reason why the couple has lost its spark, Lavender is a wonderful ingredient for love spells but also for magical body lotion to boost your confidence and sex drive.

You can read more about lavender’s magical properties here.


It is well known for its protective effects and is also widely used to make love spells. In the fields, it is widely used by peasants, who plant it around their houses to ward off all bad energy. If there is someone else in your relationship and you want to bring your loved one’s complete attention back to you, again Holly is just the perfect herb for this.


It is widely used for love since its consumption enhances confidence, faith, and determination in the person who consumes it. Great if you want to attract your partner long-term.

You can read more about rosemary’s magical properties here.


Rose Glass Bloom Blossom Water Essential Oils

Which has always been used in love spells as it attracts harmony in your love life, passion and it’s incredible if used in bath spells.

You can read more about rose’s magical properties here.

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Sex magick to boost your desire

Here is an easy to perform a spell of sex magick to boost your desire that will help you with this purpose and which incidentally works very well any time of the year.

This ritual should be performed three days after the full moon and in the evening near midnight.


Midnight has a strong esoteric value and yes, it is the opposite of the South, but in reality, it is the seed from which the day will originate, the dark from which the Light will be born.

You can’t disrespect the lunar phase in this case, because the ritual is important that it is carried out with the energy and tranquility that only the night can give.

As some herbs might be very difficult to find in your country, you can choose to practice magick with essential oils and incenses. It’s easier and it’s actually more effective.

Things you need

How it’s done

Take at least an hour in which you should not be disturbed or distracted by anyone.

Start by meditating and think intensely about making love with the person you want, if you can reach a state of excitement, you can.

Mix the oils in a bowl and light the incense.

Grease the candles with the freshly mixed oils and pronounce the following spell:

Eros, God of passion, love and lust, I ask you to listen to my request to have (name of your loved one) by my side (your name).
Eros, I ask you to be with my beloved and to light a fire between us. Ignite the spark. Let lust and passion drive our story and our relationship”.

Then take the ribbon and join the candles together with your photos, always by candlelight repeat the magick spell again. At the end of the spell, let the candles burn out completely, then call your partner and let the magick begin.

There is a variant of this enchantment that serves to rekindle your sex drive with someone you lost.

The formula then will read:

“Eros, God of passion and love, I ask you to listen to my request to have (name of your loved one) by my (your name) side.
Eros, I ask you to let me return with my beloved and to rekindle the fire between us”.

Sensual seduction sex magick spell

Follow these steps and boost your sensual seduction.

Things you need

How it’s done

Take a sheet of colored paper and the size you want.

Write your name in full.

Below your name, write the name of your loved one.

Write the date of birth of your loved one, followed by yours, below your names.

Around everything, draw a heart.

Rewrite everything three times on the same lines. Put a drop of evo, a pinch of cinnamon on the paper, and add some of the basil leaves as well. Massage the herbs and the oil on the paper.

When finished, fold the paper as many times as possible, and burn it with a red or red-orange candle flame, reducing it to ash.

While the candle burns, recite the following spell three times in a different voice:

“Long love is the burning flame and red fire is the color of desire”.

Repeat the whole process for nine days in a row, at the same time each day, each time is considered a single spell. Afterward, you can repeat it to rekindle the passion.

Don’t miss my article on my favorite sex spells that you can find here.

Remember to always rely on your creativity and try to let your instincts guide you. Use some visualization to really see you and your partner getting back on track in your sex life and give the universe a hand by creating romantic occasions to let the magick happen and ignite the spark with your loved one.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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