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What are Pendulums Used for in Witchcraft? [My Favorite 8]

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Written by: Tina Caro

The pendulum is used for many different things in witchcraft. Let’s learn more about them so you can enjoy all the incredible properties and powers of a pendulum.


Pendulums are versatile tools used in witchcraft for various purposes.

They can be employed for divination, where they help answer questions or provide guidance by swinging in specific directions or patterns.

Pendulums are also utilized in energy work to detect and balance energy fields, such as chakras or auras.

Some witches use pendulums for dowsing to find hidden objects or resources.

Additionally, pendulums can be employed in rituals and spells to enhance intentions and focus energy.

Overall, pendulums are valuable tools for enhancing intuition, divination, and spiritual practices within witchcraft.

Here’s how I usually use a pendulum

PurposePendulum Type(s)
DivinationClear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Labradorite
Energy HealingClear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite
CommunicationClear Quartz, Amethyst
Spirit WorkClear Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite
Emotional HealingRose Quartz, Black Obsidian
Psychic ProtectionBlack Obsidian, Selenite, Labradorite
GroundingBlack Obsidian, Selenite, Tiger’s Eye
Intuition DevelopmentAmethyst, Labradorite, Selenite
Aura CleansingSelenite, Black Obsidian
Table 1: Table: Pendulum Uses in Witchcraft

To unveil the future

Asking a pendulum about the future is the most common and traditional usage of as it’s used for divinatory purposes. Start asking simple questions and formulating them in different ways, so that you get both “Yes” and “No” to the same question.

For example: “Am I dressed in white? Am I dressed in black?” until the answers are consistent. You don’t have to move the pendulum, but let it swing unaided. If it oscillates vertically it will be affirmative, while horizontally it will be negative.

If it moves in a circle, then it doesn’t know the answer or doesn’t want to or can’t answer. I happened to ask a spirit once why it made the pendulum shake. For him, it meant that he would have liked to add more because a “Yes” or a “No” was not enough for him to answer.

I add that it could very well have been an isolated case. At this point, you are sure that someone is answering your questions. Try to ascertain who you are talking to because you may come across larvae, minor demons, angels, deceptive entities, or others who could pretend to be who they are not.

Now you can ask the questions you want to ask. They must be clear and not misunderstood. Once finished, always say thank you, even if you haven’t gotten your answers. If you feel like you’re getting wrong answers, then check out this guide!

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With the Ouija board

Place the Ouija board on a flat surface and extend your hand with the pendulum above it. Ask the questions and see where the pendulum points with its swings. It will begin to move vertically when it is above the correct letter or number.

To simplify the concept, it will work a bit like a normal planchette. The pendulum can also be used on top of a question written on a sheet of paper, someone’s photo, an object, or on a map. It is also used by dowsers or mediums to find people and check for the presence of negative or positive energies in a place.

It is also useful for finding the most suitable place to put your altar. Always respect those who answer you, do not insist and do not tire them. Nobody would want an angry entity in the house.

To learn about your health

If you think you have some health issues going on, you can use a picture of yourself and ask the question “where is the problem?” and see where the pendulum will direct its energy and its vibrations.

To find something or someone

This is the usage my mother made of her pendulum. Basically, when she was looking for something she considered to be missing, she asked the pendulum where it was and let it guide her throughout the house until she found it!

You can even use the pendulum to find someone using a map. Unroll a map; if you already know the state where this person lives that’s even better. Then use that map to restrict your research and let the pendulum find him/her sooner and in a more accurate way.

Let the pendulum swing on top of the map and see where it swings the most. That’s where the person you are looking for is at that specific moment.


To find the right place to perform a ritual outside

If you want to perform a ritual outside in nature and you don’t know where the perfect spot is, the pendulum is the perfect ally as it is able to connect with the energy. If the pendulum swings harmoniously, that’s the right spot to perform a ritual.

If its movement is a bit frantic, maybe it’s an old burial ground and the spirits want you to leave. Try to sense the energy yourself and, if you feel comfortable, go for it and make it your own place; otherwise, if you feel weird, afraid, and you sense some heaviness on your chest, leave and choose another place.

To unveil your past lives

If you are curious to know something about your past lives, you can work with the pendulum to do it. Write on a sheet of paper a series of dates like 50’-60’-70’ and start from there! Then you can work on more and more dates and references to have more hints about your past lives.

To see if a reading is accurate

If you do tarot readings and you want to know if the reading is accurate, you can use the pendulum. It can give you yes or no answers, but it can also be used to guide you towards the most important cards so you know what aspect of your life you need to focus on to make your dream life manifest.

For guidance for rituals and spells

If you want cast a spell but you are not sure which ingredients to use or when the perfect timing to cast it is, and so on, you can use the pendulum to help you decide which are the best choices from an energetic point of view.

You can place all ingredients on a surface and see where the pendulum goes. For the perfect timing, use a calendar!

Tips for using pendulums in witchcraft

Cleansing and ChargingCleanse and charge your pendulum before use to remove any lingering energies and infuse it with your intention.
Clearing Your MindClear your mind and focus on your intention before using the pendulum to ensure accurate and unbiased responses.
Choosing the Right PendulumChoose a pendulum that resonates with you and feels energetically aligned. Trust your intuition in selecting the right one for your practice.
Asking Clear QuestionsAsk clear and specific questions when using the pendulum for divination or seeking guidance. Be mindful of your wording to receive accurate responses.
Establishing Yes/No ResponsesBefore each session, establish the pendulum’s responses for “yes” and “no” by asking simple, known questions.
Grounding and CenteringGround and center yourself before using the pendulum to enhance your focus, stability, and energetic connection.
Regular CleansingRegularly cleanse your pendulum to maintain its energy and accuracy. You can use various methods such as smoke cleansing, crystal charging, or placing it under moonlight.
Building TrustDevelop a trusting relationship with your pendulum by practicing regularly and learning its unique responses.
Recording and Analyzing ResultsKeep a journal to record your pendulum sessions and analyze the patterns and insights that emerge over time.

Final thoughts

In my opinion, the pendulum remains one of the best tools to seriously engage in divination and witchcraft. You can use it alone, of course; it is not a dangerous method and, if used well, it can give excellent results. (This at the beginning, because the options “Yes” and “No” can be very limiting).

However, it must be used carefully and not ask trivial questions such as: “Do I like that person? or Will the math test be okay? ” Remember that it is not “the universe” that gives the answers, but spirits and entities. Avoid making them angry, which is not the ideal case.

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