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Questions About Divination

A List of Divination Tools for Your Witchy Craft [Best Ones]

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Written by: Tina Caro

There is nothing more exciting than diving into divination. But, what was the first thing that came to mind when reading the title? You may have thought of tarot cards or a pendulum, but there are so many other divination tools to use that are lesser-known. Let’s see together what the best divination tools are, where they come from, and how they are used.

What is divination?

What does the term divination actually mean? The dictionary speaks of ‘interpretation of natural phenomena, dreams, etc. as indications of the future’, and ‘the art of predicting the future through external signs of divine origin’.

As for the origins of divination, according to various sources it was already widespread in prehistory. Over time it continued to be practiced and before science took over, it was practically indistinguishable from the latter.

Today, with the term divination, we refer to different forecasting methods of the non-empirical type, therefore not demonstrable according to scientific procedures. The different methods have been classified over time.

Let’s start with the classic subdivision into inductive and intuitive divination.

  • Inductive divination consists of the interpretation of signs or events through the art practiced by a fortune teller.
  • Intuitive divination brings into play supernatural entities that reveal, through an intermediary (for example a shaman), some truth.

Other divinatory forms are Cleromancy, divination drawing lots, widespread in Africa, and inspired divination in which the fortune teller manages to interpret certain signs or receive a revelation. Then there are the spells, or the prediction of the future by drawing lots of twigs, stones, and other objects, Auguri, divination evaluates a series of possibilities, which also includes dowsing and ancient haruspices (examination of the livers of animals).

Also, artificial divination, which uses symbols made by the fortune teller, natural divination, based on the analysis of natural signs, occasional divination, based on the interpretation of accidental events.

The list goes on, Alomancy (divination with salt), Aeromancy (divination of weather conditions), Astrology, Bibliomancy (divination with books), Caffeomancy (divination with coffee grounds), Crystallomancy (divination with crystals), I Ching (divination through the Taoist holy book), Myomancy (divination with mice), Numerology, Oneiromancy (divination with dreams) and so on. Ultimately, divination can be done with nearly anything.

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Pros and cons of divination

Linear time is man’s invention, those who deal with spirituality know the present, past, and future are as one. Divination would otherwise not work, in fact, despite general skepticism, it guesses more than we are willing to admit. The most fitting and effective example concerns premonitory dreams. In a logical linear conception, they could not exist.

Having said that, divination can predict future events, but this does not mean that it is infallible since none of us are able to anticipate the future with absolute certainty. Luckily.

I am also convinced that predicting future events for any consultant, is a very delicate matter and as such, to be handled with great care. It makes no sense to alarm a person by revealing impending tragedies or unpleasant facts.

This is because such a revelation would induce them to focus on the negative aspects, preventing them from grasping the positive lesson of transits, phases, particularly hard moments. Although it is difficult to believe, good is hidden even behind the most bitter lessons of life.

Often the more we resist and the more we focus on negativity, the harder we get out of it. So, let’s dive into divination with an open attitude, considering that we still have our free will and the tool we are using is simply showing us one possibility and we have the power to change that.


Now that we know more about divination, let’s take a look at my favorite divination tools.

The best 11 divination tools

Tarot Cards

Rider Waite tarot deck

A Tarot Card deck of 52 cards, is divided into Major Arcana cards and Minor Arcana cards. There are different types of decks, but the meanings of the cards and the referenced archetypes remain the same (in the package there is usually a booklet with the meanings), but the designs and shapes may vary depending on the author.

Deck NameDescription
Rider-Waite TarotA classic tarot deck with rich symbolism and imagery
Thoth TarotCreated by Aleister Crowley, known for its esoteric themes
Wild Unknown TarotIllustrated with minimalist, nature-inspired artwork
Marseille TarotTraditional tarot deck with simple, vibrant designs
Shadowscapes TarotFeatures ethereal and fantasy-inspired illustrations
Table 1: Tarot Card Decks

According to tradition, Tarot Cards should be given away but they can also be purchased and purified before using them. Are you willing in giving Tarot Card reading a try?

Check our professional Tarot Card reading service here.



Pendulums are a hard stone attached to a metal chain. The movements of the pendulum give simple answers such as “YES” – “NO” – “MAYBE” – “BE CAREFUL”. On the market, there are also books with pre-printed tables on which you would swing the pendulum.

Given the simplicity compared to other divination tools, we can ask questions ourselves. I remember my mother using a pendulum not only to have answers but also to find missing items around our home. How amazing is that? And if you are wondering, yes, she found everything with the help of the pendulum.

You can find a lot of pendulums on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


thurisaz rune
Thurisaz rune

Runes are engraved on stones or on wood, this method of divination refers to the Scandinavian Futhark alphabet. There are 24 symbols, plus a white symbols stone that represents the unexpected.

Rune SetDescription
Elder Futhark RunesAncient Germanic runic alphabet with 24 symbols
Anglo-Saxon FuthorcVariant of the Elder Futhark with additional symbols
Younger Futhark RunesSimplified version of the Elder Futhark with 16 symbols
Northumbrian RunesUsed by the Anglo-Saxons in the Northumbria region
Celtic OghamDivination system based on the Celtic tree alphabet
Table 2: Rune Sets

You can read more about runes and their meanings here.

Sibilla deck

sibilla deck

The Sibilla deck consists of 52 cards. Each card is characterized by an evocative illustration that depicts life scenes or everyday objects, in addition, there is also a title called “sentence” which suggests how to interpret the card.

You can actually find this deck on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Crystal balls

black crystal ball

The classic glass ball that the sorceress uses to see the future. The sphere can be crystal, glass, rose quartz, or other semitransparent stones.

The idea is to let the mind flow, by focusing on one point. In the absence of a magick sphere, a basin full of water can also be used.

You can find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK, however, if you’re lucky enough to have a witchy store near you, then try to buy one there.

Scrying mirror

scrying mirror

The scrying mirror is a powerful instrument of divination and evocation, with it we can evoke spirits or demons, as divination is the practice of obtaining information, thanks to supernatural forces, from spirits or demons.

It is a mediumistic communication channel with other worlds, it can be used to see past lives, to help us in our astral travel, and to make spells.

To see past lives, you would look at your reflection in the mirror and our face could change and therefore see our previous life.

You can read my article that explains how to make your own scrying mirror here.

Ouija board

ouija board

The Ouija board consists of a top, usually made of wood or plastic, on which the letters of the alphabet are marked, the numbers from 0 to 9, a “yes” and a “no”, an entrance and an exit, and sometimes other symbols.

Each Ouija board is equipped with an indicator, which moves when, in spirit sessions, the hands of the applicant (while all the other participants, meanwhile, are arranged around) rest on it.

Thus, between letters and numbers, the spirit answers questions, formulating a word or phrase of complete meaning, dictated by the evoked spirit, a deceased person, or a demon. In short, the applicant as part of the group of people who are preparing to do the spirit session, asks the spirit a question and the Ouija board answers, through the indicator.

There are several variations of this divinatory tool, but all have the same ultimate goal, to introduce people, like the experts, into the spirit world.

Cowrie shells

cowrie shells
By Chief Yagber Awolowo Onilu

In Brazil, this type of divination is called Jogo de Obori or Jogo de Alafià and is performed through four clear buzios (shells).

The oracle of consultation uses these to understand how to restore balance to the energies of a subject and although there are also negative combinations, they represent the advice, and a window to find harmony.


i ching

Also called “Book of Changes”. This divination tool has its origins in ancient Chinese culture. Consisting of 64 hexagrams that represent a change in the future, this divination tool uses 3 coins perforated in the center, from whose combination of continuous or broken lines are obtained.

The questions posed to this oracle must be as clear as possible and not limited to simple YES-NO answers to facilitate its interpretation.

The book of answers

Carol Bolt

Are you having doubts about love? Not sure whether to accept a new job or not? You don’t have a job and you don’t know how to get one? A friend no longer calls you and you don’t know why? You can find the answer to any question that is tormenting you by using this precious book that has sold millions of copies worldwide. Just focus and open it. You will find your answer.

Here is how you will find the answers to all your questions about life:

  1. Keep the book closed in your hand
  2. Ask a specific question
  3. Let the pages flow between your fingers
  4. When you “feel” that it is the right time, open the book and your answer will be right there.

I personally have the Carol Bolt’s Book of Answers and I love it. You can find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Tea grounds

tea grounds form a shape

Unlike other divination tools, such as Tarot Cards with predetermined symbols, the tea ground shapes are observed, and an idea is derived from the patterns of them. However, there are guidelines that can be adopted in this practice.

After consuming your drink, turn the cup slowly until the tea grounds form a shape you can interpret to see your future. Obviously, you have to use the tea leaves, a tea bag is notoriously less talkative.

I remember an old aunt of mine reading coffee grounds and that was absolutely fascinating as well.

Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

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