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Why does my Pendulum Give Wrong Answers? [Explained]

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Written by: Tina Caro

It is possible that when practicing with your Pendulum it gives you wrong answers even to the most basic questions. Why does my Pendulum give wrong answers? How can this happen?

I would like to shed some light on this topic, because some people I know used to throw their Pendulum away because this tool was giving them wrong answers telling me things like “my Pendulum is broken and doesn’t work”, or similar responses.

Well, today I want to answer this question and tell you all you need to know about your Pendulum, and why it might be giving you wrong answers.


A pendulum may provide incorrect answers for several reasons, including external influences, personal biases, or improper use.

External factors like electromagnetic interference or environmental energies can affect its movement.

Personal biases or expectations may unconsciously influence the pendulum’s responses.

Additionally, using the pendulum without a clear and focused question, or failing to cleanse and attune it properly, can lead to inaccurate answers.

To improve accuracy, ensure a calm, focused state, ask precise questions, and regularly cleanse and program your pendulum for optimal divination results.

Why does my Pendulum give wrong?

It could be possible that you are not using it properly or that you are not yet ready to use this divination tool.

To let it give you the correct questions you should do the following.

Predicting with the Pendulum is one of the easiest divination arts to learn.

Here are some tips to make use of this precious ally. It can be a faithful friend to ask questions and get answers on the present and the future.

Personal EnergyYour own energy and state of mind can affect the pendulum’s responses.
External InterferenceEnvironmental factors like electromagnetic fields or noise can impact the pendulum’s movement.
Unclear or Biased QuestionsAsking vague or leading questions may result in inaccurate answers.
Lack of Focus or ConcentrationBeing distracted or unfocused during the pendulum session can affect the accuracy of responses.
Pendulum CalibrationPendulum calibration issues can cause inconsistent or incorrect answers.
Table 1: Possible Factors Influencing Pendulum Accuracy

A Pendulum is an intimate object, with which you will develop a special relationship, so don’t let anyone other than yourself touch it, clean it after every use and make or buy a small bag to put it in from its first use onward.

Choose your Pendulum wisely and let yourself be guided by your intuition. There are many different types of Pendulums on the market, for all tastes and budgets. The Pendulum can be made of brass, copper, silver, or gold. There are the ring Pendulums, also there are ones in glass or crystal with a faceted tip. One of the easiest to use is the spiral Pendulum. This type of Pendulum is very light, therefore it guarantees faster response times.

For DIY lovers, a holey stone hanging on a thread can also be used.

Using it properly

When using the Pendulum, it is best to stay indoors with your windows closed, otherwise, the wind will swing the object erratically. The meanings of possible movements must be established first. Usually, a rotation movement to the left is interpreted as a “no”, and if it rotates to the right, as a “yes”.

When the Pendulum stops or has linear oscillating movements it means, that it refuses to give an answer, or the situation is uncertain and unclear. The Pendulum is used in various ways.

Firstly, you must sit with your feet resting on the ground without crossing your legs, to let the energy flow.


To avoid tiredness or your hand shaking, have your right elbow resting on the table, and it must be kept there. The left hand must be clenched into a fist, without tightening it and take the thread or chain of the Pendulum between your thumb and forefinger.

Grounding and CenteringGrounding techniques can help you establish a clear and balanced energy before using the pendulum.
Clearing and CleansingRegularly cleanse and clear your pendulum to remove any residual energies or influences.
Asking Clear and Neutral QuestionsFrame your questions in a clear and neutral manner to avoid bias or confusion in responses.
Practice and ExperienceDeveloping your intuition and practicing with the pendulum can enhance accuracy over time.
Trusting Your IntuitionCultivate trust in your own intuition and inner guidance when interpreting pendulum responses.
Table 2: Tips for Improving Pendulum Accuracy

If the thread is too long, the excess must be kept within the hand, it must not hang down loosely, otherwise, it can disturb the natural movement of the Pendulum. The optimal length between the tip of the Pendulum and the table should be approximately 3 cm / 1.2” – 4 cm / 1.8”.

When is the best time to consult your Pendulum?

The ideal time for a consultation with your Pendulum is at sunrise or sunset. Spread a sheet of white paper on a table, release the Pendulum from your hand accordingly, and swing the Pendulum over it, waiting for the answer.

Each question establishes its own dialogue with the Pendulum. To compare the questions previously asked in the future, write both the questions and answers in a journal. Yet another use for mine.

Asking the right questions

Every question you ask must be straightforward, the precise question, you will receive very decisive and truthful answers. Clear your mind of any other thoughts, and you will see that the Pendulum will begin to swing by itself.

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Special tip to have your Pendulum to continue to give you the right answers

Never let anyone else touch the pendulum, we must only use it ourselves. (After every use, put your pendulum under the running water and then placed it in a dark bag).

When we verify that any answer is not correct, we must ask ourselves how the question was asked, and then try again. We must try to understand the reason for the wrong answer, if the reasons for the request were honest, it may depend on our physical state, perhaps we were tired or distracted?

Did we somehow influence the response? Maybe it is better to try again when we are in a position to do so.

The first step of beginning with the right mood and an open mind is essential. Negative skeptical people are refractory and will adversely affect success. Any tension before any pendulum movement will come from the shoulder, let any vibrations pass, and wait for the response by looking at the pendulum.

The dialogue with the pendulum is very personal, it is necessary to establish a personal relationship with the Pendulum and it will allow you to interpret rotations or linear movements as negative or positive responses – clockwise, anticlockwise left, transverse and longitudinal.

Then you will proceed always following that code.

To do this we must ask the pendulum itself to indicate the positive, the negative, and the uncertainty answers. It is especially useful to keep a journal, where all the questions and answers obtained will be noted, to compare them in the future.

To communicate with Pendulum and to obtain satisfactory results, you must learn to ask the pendulum the right questions. Never ask questions that can have multiple answers or that can leave doubts, never ask two questions in a single sentence (Will there be sun or rain tomorrow?). Even in the use of verbs itself, attention must be paid to what is expressed in the question.

Learn to trust the Pendulum, once the code is established, we must ask it questions that we know the answer or questions that we can verify the answer accurately in the future.

Creating a deep connection with your Pendulum

The first question to ask the pendulum is:

Can I ask you a question? …

– A rotation clockwise

– A rotation counterclockwise

– If the Pendulum swings

The wider the movement of the pendulum, the more accurate the response.

Now ask a question with possible answers “yes” or “no”. Watch what the pendulum does.

Remember that the pendulum is to be considered a respectable divination method, therefore it must be respected as such. So do not ask misleading questions or ignore that the Pendulum could “LIE” or “NOT ANSWER”.

It is important to download and recharge the Pendulum often and do not to pass it from hand to hand, as this will alter its energy.

Instead, it is advisable to have one pendulum for divination, a different one for choosing a stone or crystal for crystal therapy, etc.

To find a missing item

Start in a room asking the Pendulum, for example, Is the letter here in this room?

If the answer is yes keep going and see how it directs you.
If the answer is no leave that room and go to a different room, asking the same questions and so on.

For a wider connection, if you think you lost something in another place you can use a map to let it show you the place where you need to search.

How to charge (load) and cleans the pendulum

Firstly, the Pendulum must be cleansed as soon as you get it because, it is logical to think that several hands have touched the same Pendulum before you have purchased it, to cleanse it, this one is “forced” so turn the Pendulum counterclockwise while keeping it under running water for at least 3 minutes.

Then turn it clockwise to “RECHARGE” it, once it has dried, put it on a coffee saucer or on a wooden shelf, and cover it with coarse salt.

Leave it overnight. The following day clean off the salt and baptize your pendulum before using it.

Yes, that’s right, give your Pendulum a name, it will strengthen your bond with it. Give it a name and, now the most important phase, hold the Pendulum in one hand and focus to give it your energy and take the opportunity to “talk to it”.

Now put the Pendulum in a bag and keep it away from prying hands. As it happens for all other divinatory tools, spend time with it to connect and make it yours. That is the best way to have accurate answers and a strong and powerful connection with your Pendulum.

Tina Caro

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