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What do Witches Carry with Them? [+ A Picture of My Bag]

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Written by: Tina Caro

We are used to considering witches in front of an altar, in the comfort of their home, casting spells and performing rituals but, as I always said to many of you that reached out to me online via chat or email, witches are normal people who just happen to be witches!

So, these people often go out and live a normal life of running errands, going to work, going to school, and so on. So how can they bring their witchy craft with them? They have all the items needed in their bags! Are you curious to know what’s in my bag? Let me show you what’s inside!


Witches carry essential tools and items to enhance their daily practice and connection to the spiritual world.

A mini book of shadows or notebook, along with a pen, serves as a crucial tool for recording spells, rituals, and experiences in their magical journey.

Mini satchels are commonly carried by witches, holding various herbs, crystals, and charms that assist in spellwork and protection.

Small scissors, symbolizing the act of cutting ties and releasing negative energy, are a staple in a witch’s toolkit.

Amulets play a significant role, serving as protective talismans or symbols of their magical path.

Crystals, chosen for their unique energies, are carried to aid in grounding, protection, and amplifying magical intentions.

Why do witches need to carry things with them?

You never know when inspiration might come or what kind of herb, plant, or flower might show up when coming home from work or from the grocery store, right? That’s the reason why, as a witch, I bring with me some special items to help me experience my magic at its best!

As I often say, witchcraft is not just practice and nothing else. Witchcraft is a lifestyle! Make it yours in every part of your life and you will become a true witch in a short amount of time.

What do witches carry with them
Straight from my witchy bag.

What do I, as a witch, carry with me daily?

A mini book of shadows/notebook and a pen

This the most important item for me! I have a mini book of shadows I use as a notebook to take note of things that happen to me, like some weird event I want to focus on once I come back home to see if it’s a sign from my spirit guide, a manifestation sign from one of my spells, or something else.

Another reason why I bring a mini book of shadows/notebook with me is to take note of the herbs I find, of a location that might be the perfect spot to bury some remains from a spell, or the right spot to perform an outdoor ritual.

You might have been thinking: why not take a picture of these things, Tina? Well, I try not to use my electronic devices when dealing with witchcraft to truly connect with nature and with myself from a different, more intimate level and yes, in an old-fashioned way!

A mini satchel

A satchel is another important item to carry with you if you are a witch! There you can store special things you find like herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, stones, and even small objects that seem to call you and that you feel naturally driven by.

I highly suggest using a natural fabric satchel and to avoid plastic. Why? Natural fabric is more in tune with nature and will help the ingredients you find to stay charged with their energy and not to lose their properties while bringing them home.


So, if you find something you want to bring home, you have to harvest it and put it into this mini satchel. Close it and take them out as soon as you get home and store them properly in special boxes or on your altar. Do what feels best!

A pair of small scissors

I have some rounded scissors I use to harvest plants and flowers when going out. I don’t recommend bringing athames with you outside as, in Italy, it is considered a crime to have such an object in a purse! Use a pair of small scissors, after blessing them, and don’t forget to give thanks to nature when harvesting!

An amulet

This is an optional item but I highly recommend for you to have a special amulet or a talisman with you! If you are working on some magic to attract a specific thing in your life like money, love, better health, and so on, you can put this amulet in your bag.

If otherwise, you have a special item like a lucky charm you feel you need in order to protect yourself from other’s negativity and it makes you feel safe, bring it with you!

I have a small pentacle coin my husband gave to me and for me, it’s the most powerful talisman, even against the evil eye and bad luck! Choose your own and bring it with you!

wiccan pentacle

A small bottle of essential oil

This is a must for me! I am all about lavender and it is t like a mandatory item to carry with me to relieve stress, focus, and to meditate when I go outside.

Because, when I have the chance to stop by a river, a lake, or a forest, I usually sit there and meditate to connect with nature and recharge from all the negative frantic energy of city life.

I spread a few drops of lavender essential oil and I feel absolutely in tune with myself and with nature, relaxed and open to receive Mother Nature’s energy and guidance!

Of course, you can choose your own essential oil to bring with you!

A crystal

I always bring an amethyst with me as it’s my favorite crystal and it’s the perfect crystal for protection. You can choose your own crystal or, if crystals are not your thing, just skip this and focus on some other item that can make you feel protected and in tune with your craft!

A tarot card

This is another optional object. Many witches bring a tarot card with them and yes, I am one of those witches. I pick a card first thing in the morning and, if the card has a special message for me for that specific day, I will bring it with me as a reminder of what I need to focus on to have a good day!

Last thoughts

Do you have a witchy bag too? Let me know! Share your pictures with me and tag me on Instagram on @Magickalspot! I cannot wait to see your pics! Of course, the items above are just for inspiration and you can create your own bag, putting inside of it what you think might be useful and helpful for you and your craft while outside!

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Tina Caro

Tina Caro is a witch with more than 10 years of experience, a yogi, an astrologer, and a passionate supporter of all things holistic! She’s also an owner of the website Magickal Spot where she discusses a variety of her favorite topics.

Magickal Spot has helped thousands of readers worldwide, and she’s personally worked with hundreds of clients and helped them manifest desires to have a happier and more abundant life.

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